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Top 5 Underwater Detectors in 2021 + bonus equipment!

Top 5 Underwater Detectors in 2021 + bonus equipment!

Are you looking to expand your metal detecting or scuba diving experience? A waterproof or underwater metal detector is just what you need to go for those with exciting treasures waiting to be found!

Today we will guide you through the best waterproof (and affordable!) metal detectors on the market. Read till the end to find extra pieces of equipment that will make your diving experience even better!

The best waterproof / underwater metal detectors

This is an amphibious machine that is as helpful underwater as it is out of it! For USD 1,499.00, take Minelab's unique Broad Band Spectrum (BBS) technology with you on your adventure. This, combined with superior ground rejecting technology, puts the Minelab Excalibur II at the top of our list. Use it seamlessly from underwater depths of up to 200ft to the land, beach, and wet sand conditions.

Minelab-Excalibur II

Garrett has created a great addition to their metal detector family. Thanks to Ace APEX's Multi-Flex technology, this machine becomes one of the most versatile waterproof detectors in its price range (USD 497.21).

This detector introduces a new look to the Garrett range while maintaining easy-to-use screen functions.

Garrett Ace APEX

This is a lightweight, handheld detector that won't weigh you down. Go treasure hunting for hours at a time, thanks to the Scuba's Li-poly battery. This easy-to-use tool can go with you to the ocean's depth, as it can be submerged up to 197 feet deep.

This detector is a good option if underwater-detecting is not your main focus, as it is cheap (USD 179.99) and not the most long-lasting underwater detector in the market.

Quest XPointer Scuba Tector

Explore up to a depth of 100ft with this self-calibrating PinPointer. This tool offers a unique way to control it, with no buttons and a tilt-on/tilt-off design.

Choose this machine if you wish to take it traveling with you, as its compact size makes it easy to carry.

For only USD 199.95, the Vibra-Tector 740 incorporates Pulse Induction (PI) detecting technologies that make it perfect for any environment, including grass, mud, dirt, sand, and fresh or saltwater.

Treasure Products Vibra-Tector 740 PI Waterproof PinPointer

For only USD 160.65, Nokta Makro's Scuba Tector offers a 2-in-1 tool that is the perfect addition to your detecting gear. Using Pulse Induction technology, this transforming device allows a very stable operation in saltwater and any soil. It is compatible with the brand's wireless headphones and also includes a vibrating only indicator. Use its built-in LED flashlight to see your target at night or underwater easily.

And if you drop it, trust its Lost Alarm to emit an audible alarm and to flash its LED lights to help you find it.

Remember to keep reading to find our bonus picks to join you on this underwater expedition!

Nokta - Makro Scuba Tector & Pointer 2 In 1 Waterproof Metal Detector

What are the different types of underwater metal detectors?

Underwater detectors aren't just waterproof; these metal detectors work differently from others to detect all types of metal through water, wet sand, and different textured ground.

We could divide them into Pulse Induction technology and the Very Low-Frequency (VLF) detectors.

PI detectors work by sending rapid electronic pulses that detect metals without being affected by water and wet minerals.

On the contrary, VLF metal detectors can be more affected by mineralized ground. These are extremely sensitive to coins and jewelry but won't work for small pieces of lesser metal.

Additionally, Minelab introduced their Broad Band Spectrum detectors, which work with their patented multi-frequency technology. BBS detectors become more aware of their surrounding environment and target thanks to this broad range of frequencies.

underwater metal detecting technology

Having learned about the different types of underwater metal detecting technology, use the list of our top 5 picks to choose your next companion in your underwater adventure!

And now, get ready for the promised extra pieces of equipment that will make your diving experience much more accessible and enjoyable.

Making underwater detecting easier

Gear up! Take a watch-style dive computer right on your wrist. Garmin's Descent Mk2 and Descent Mk2i let you choose from multiple dive modes to enhance your underwater adventure. And when you leave the water, continue measuring your performance and tracking your stats. On top of that, the battery is unmatched by any other smartwatches!

Garmin's Descent™ Mk2 and Descent™ Mk2i

Do you want to go even further? Maybe you need more time underwater to explore the deep without going out for air. If so, go diving with Blu3's Nemo tankless diving system!

BLU3 Nemo Dive System Basic With Backpack - 1 Battery

Stay underwater for 60-90 minutes or more, thanks to this lightweight and ultra-portable diving tool with interchangeable batteries.

Click here to read more about all you can do with Nemo!

And of course, we can't forget about carrying bags. What's even better about Blu3 Nemo is that you can choose to purchase it with a convenient and comfortable backpack. This bag has enough space to take everything you need to make your diving gear work, as well as additional space for other items, like finds, different search coils, or detectors.

Are you ready to expand your horizon and go open-water diving with your new metal detector and diving equipment? We have everything you need to extend your metal detecting collection and help you have a limitless adventure!

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