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After 3 Years Of Hard Testing We Have The Most Advanced Gold Detector

After 3 Years Of Hard Testing We Have The Most Advanced Gold Detector

Do you like detecting treasures? Then you're gonna like this story.

Although we have a wide variety of products on the market, there is a particular desire that every day attracts a large number of customers: everyone wants to find gold pieces.

Gold is the metal that most captures their attention and leads them to investigate different aspects, some of them: what is the simplest way to detect gold, what is my ideal detector and why, what should I pay attention to when choosing a model.

After getting to know our clients' concerns in depth, observing in detail the needs of the market and clinging to the mission of (always) innovating, we decided that it would be necessary to bet on creating a gold detector that would be even more advanced than what we had already achieved. That's how the MWF Gold Line Geolocator Metal Detector was born, a model that after three years is already available in the market, ready to become the best treasure hunter.

In addition to high levels of security and quality, and certificates from the Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI) and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), the MWF Gold Line Geolocator has attributes that make it stand out from other models in the marketplace. Read on!

Innovation and effectiveness in the same system

The user who acquires this device one will find an important advantage: he will be able to have more than one result thanks to the technology of the model. Among the most important aspects, it stands out:

  • LED technology that facilitates the search and metal signal, and consists of nine levels.
  • It has an interactive LED indicator that alerts the user when it is near the metal.
  • High quality and performance, created from the best electronic components and circuits of international standards.
  • Ion sensor unit and 3-year warranty.

And it's so intuitive that anyone can use it, from the most experienced to the newest.

With all the features described above, the MWF Gold Line Geolocator offers you a quick response, even faster than you would receive with other devices on the market, while its great capacity in the electronic focus, the location of the object found, and the guide offered to the user who uses it, make it device an excellent choice if you are looking to become a real metal hunter.

Purchase this device today quickly and securely. Make your purchase online and you will receive the product right where you want it, without additional shipping costs.

Do you need to ask questions? On our website, we offer you online chat with attention in English and Spanish. Write to us! A question can be the first step in finding your next great treasure.

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