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BLU3 Crash Course: How to Set Up Blue 3 Nomad like a Pro

BLU3 Crash Course: How to Set Up Blue 3 Nomad like a Pro

For enjoying a unique scuba diving experience, you need to learn first the basic setup and safety measures of your equipment.

 In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about setting up your Nomad.
  1. Laying out the equipment
  • Start by laying out your gear on a clean, wide surface. Blue3 recommends using a redundant air source (like spare air) when scuba diving, so remember to pack it up. 
  • When you pull out the Nomad, you will notice the air hose and the harness already coiled up and the battery will be installed as well but not connected
  • Lay out the dry bag float, the snorkel tube, dive flag, bungee ball ties, the battery charger, and all the secondary items and gadgets you’ll need for the dive.
  1. Setting up the Nomad
  • Remove the battery, plug in the charger, and let it charge. The red light indicates charge in the process; the green light that is ready to use. Once it is charged, press the LED gauge on the battery to test that the four LED light up.
  • Unpack the air hose and set it aside in a safe place far from sharp objects that could damage its coating.
  • The most crucial step from this phase is to remove the Intake Plug before connecting the battery to Nomad.
  • The dive flag should be installed on the upper half of the snorkel tube with the drip cap on top. Plug the snorkel tube into the intake of the Nomad
  • Now, connect the battery. Push down on the connector tab as you insert it into the Nomad battery completely. The musical beep will let you know that it is powered on.
BLU3 Nomad with backpack
  1. Preparing the Dry Bag Float
  • The float adds additional buoyancy for Nomad and for you. Plus, it provides visibility to surrounding boat traffic. You can pack dry items inside of it.
  • Inflate on each side equally by opening the valve and blowing. Tighten the valves completely when you are done filling on each side.
  • Use a 4-inch bungee ball tie to fasten the dry bag float to the air hose in front of Nomad. The forward position connects through the attachment hanger; the rear position should wrap the hose protector and stay close to the Nomad.
  1. Adjust your harness
  • The hose attachment rests behind your neck, leaving the smart on your right-hand side. 
  • Then, pull the main strap under your right arm, behind your back, and through your left arm. Buckle it, and tighten it up. The chest strap should remain horizontal and proportional.
  • The smart reg turns on by rotating the knob clockwise. Breath a few times to test if Nomad is working adequately.
  • Attach your redundant air source. It will hang next to the air hose on the right side of the chest strap.
  • You are ready to start exploring the ocean!

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BLU3 Crash Course: How to Set Up Blue 3 Nomad like a Pro
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