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How much does a metal detector cost?

How much does a metal detector cost?

Surely you have seen a lot about metal detectors and you are wondering how much does a metal detector cost? What is the cost of a metal detector? You probably think that value is high, but it differs from reality.

Metal detectors, depending on the technical specifications you have, can be very economical. In addition, in Detector Power we have excellent payment plans which allow you to have the metal detector you want and pay comfortable fees.

If you want to know which is the most economical and functional metal detector on the market, you should read this complete article, because we will talk about economic metal detectors as opposed to those that are high cost. So take note and take advantage of acquiring the metal detector that best suits your needs.

 How much does a metal detector cost?


There is a range of metal detectors that have a fairly affordable price that can range from 200 to 500 dollars. Depending on the function you have, the final price varies. These detectors are inexpensive, but that does not imply that their functions are not optimal – on the contrary – they are excellent devices that can start you in the world of metal detection. They are aimed at beginners and those who do not do great explorations.

Among the most economical metal detectors are those of the Garrett line, then we show you three types of detectors that are quite interesting:

Garrett ACE 200

With a cost of $199,95 is one of the great machines, ideal for hunting for relics or for those who want to find coin jewelry. It is a detector that is trained to be on beaches and freshwater.

 The Garrett ACE 200 detector is a faithful companion in every adventure. It is that, with only a kilo of weight, approximately, you can take it wherever you want and with magnificent functions such as the automatic adjustment of the mineralization of the soil or the currency depth indicator, it helps anyone to achieve a successful finding.

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How much does a metal detector cost?


This metal detector has a price $254,96 is an excellent detector that includes 5 search modes that are ranging from coins to relics.

 This device is equipped with a 7×10” Proformance search coil which allows for excellent search quality as well as having a frequency of 8 kHz. In addition, it has four discrimination segments that allow you to find everything you want even has high conductivity to detect silver objects.

Garrett metal detectors are preferred for those who are starting, this detector is ideal for those who already have a minimum of experience or for those who want to take risks and go find a little more.

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How much does a metal detector cost?


There are other metal detectors that cost approximately $ 400 to $ 600, and have great conditions to do a search for various types of metals. Among those are the Garrett Ace 400 and the AT Pro.


With a cost of $339,96 is a powerful metal detector that includes a lot of features that allow you to enter the adventure and find treasures that are at a great depth. It has a frequency of 10 kHz and includes a digital target ID that is capable of displaying at a scale of 0 to 99.

Among the outstanding functions of this detector is the discrimination control that is capable of modifying the search patterns, being able to discard what you do not want to find. At the same time it includes an iron audio function that allows discarding false signals and this is only a fragment of the five modes of discrimination.

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Garrett AT Pro Waterproof Metal detector

It costs $552,46  and is an excellent machine that can be tested in any environment, since it resists almost any environment. And the housing resists up to 3 meters deep, allowing you to use it in wet terrain and even in swamps.

It has a frequency of 15 kHz, and one lcd screen among its most outstanding features is the versatility of all terrain and high-resolution iron discriminations with a professional type of audio, which will allow a search with higher chances of finding an excellent find.

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How much does a metal detector cost?


 There are also many metal detectors that are high-end and therefore high-cost, have characteristics that cover the military characteristics of metal and gold detection. Although its cost is usually a little higher, compared to the other costs, it is also easily acquired, especially with various payment plans. Among the high-end metal detectors that stand out is the Garrett AT Max Waterproof Metal Detector.

 Garrett AT Max Deepseeker Metal Detector

 This metal detector has a cost of $ 722.45. It is considered the all-terrain monster that all Garrett users have always wanted to have.

Among its most outstanding features is the built-in Z-lynk transmission technology. It also highlights its automatic ground balance that includes 175 resolution points.

The Garrett Max metal detector contains endless features such as its maximum depth and the frequency at which it operates.

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How much does a metal detector cost?

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How much does a metal detector cost?

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 No matter the price with which you decide to start the purchase of your metal detector, the important thing is that you start the adventure and find great treasures or relics. It is that metal detection is a hobby and in Detector Power we guide you to make this dream come true. 

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