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The many uses of a metal detector

The many uses of a metal detector

As the name implies, metal detectors are made to find different metals, often buried deep underground. By transmitting an electromagnetic field from the search coil into the ground, metal detectors energize any metal objects within their field, uncovering their location.

However, you could be surprised if we told you that metal detectors could be used for varied purposes and by different types of users.

So, what is a metal detector used for?


Detecting as a hobby

Metal detection is a fascinating hobby. Detectorists are a growing community that enjoys exploring different locations with a detector in hand. There are many types of hobby activities that can be practiced with a detector.

Prospecting, coin shooting, beachcombing, and recovering lost items are just one of the most common uses hobbyists give their equipment. 

Prospecting, for instance, is when the detectorist is looking for valuable metals in their natural forms, such as gold nuggets or silver flakes. If you’re gold-struck and want to find precious metals, find our list of Gold and Metal Long Range Detectors here

On the other hand, coin shooting is a search that specifically targets coins. In this case, the detectorist (or coin shooter) may conduct historical research to locate collectible coins.

As many metal detectors can be used underwater, beachcombing is a widespread practice. The search can be performed on land by looking for treasure under the dry sand and the sea. Discover what the water hides with our selection of Waterproof Detectors.

Underwater Detecting

And, of course, with great power comes great responsibility. This is why some detectorists use their equipment to help find lost items like jewelry or valuable devices such as mobile phones, cameras, or others, thanks to detector technology.

Giving their power a different purpose, some practice general metal detecting in search of any historical artifact. Some of the things relic hunters are on the look for include bullets, bottles, buckles, coins, ax heads, buttons, and many others, to preserve their historical value.

Around the world, hobbyists join metal detecting clubs to share their experiences and finds from their hunts and learn from others about magnetic fields and detector technology. Want to join? Find all types of Hobby Metal Detectors here.


Metal detecting is done professionally

Metal Detecting

Apart from offering fun and enjoyable experiences, metal detectors can be used professionally to help in different work fields.

Historically, army soldiers have been known to use heavy-duty and military-grade metal detectors to look for objects like weapons, ammunition, or war artifacts.

Metal detectors are also a standard tool used in Archaeology. Archaeologists employ their metal detection equipment to look for treasure and conduct a detailed survey of its surroundings and significance. The use of metal detectors in archaeological research dates to the late 1950s and continues today.

To preserve an artifact when found by a hobbyist or relic hunter, the object should be directed to a professional or institute to carry the relevant research.

Detecting to the limit

No matter the use you give it, a metal detector will most likely become your best companion. Either as a hobby or as a professional practice, metal detection can help you connect with your surroundings and their past, allowing you to get closer to nature and with the mind and customs of humanity from past decades or centuries.

Grab your metal detector, and let’s discover the world around us! And enjoy unique detector technology, take a look at our catalog. We carry several brands and the best devices. 



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