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What BR Systems experts recommend you when looking for gold & metals

What BR Systems experts recommend you when looking for gold & metals

We are lucky to witness the best era in metal detection history. The metal detection industry evolved drastically since 1881 when Alexander Graham Bell invented an instrument to find the bullet lodged in President James Garfield.

However, innovation can overwhelm. The number of gadgets and equipment available can confuse even the veteran detectorists. 

We partnered with BR Systems and created this practical guide for you to improve your digging, scraping, or detecting and enjoy your adventures the most!

Visit different hotspots!

Whether you are a professional or hobbyist metal and gold hunter looking for a great time, you want to follow a motto: always search in places where people have congregated recently or in the past.

Beaches offer both land and underwater hotspots for detectorists. But if you don’t have the sea nearby, you can visit places such as old military bases or fairgrounds that are either current or long forgotten. Ghost towns, old farms, abandoned sports grounds, old house foundations in rural areas, and old parks in city centers and fabrics attract many detectorists looking for metals and gold. 

Another rule of thumb is to leave historic sites undisturbed. Start in your backyard or public areas by your house. 

Try also outdoors if you are looking for gold nuggets, for example. Caves, rivers, lakes, dunes, creeks, and mountains are some places you’d like to visit. Always check your detector’s settings since moisture content in the soil can and will affect the signal depth, stability, and more.

It is just a matter of patience. The hobby is growing all over the world due to the thousands of documented buried “major treasures” in the United States yet to be found, just from the 1800s alone.

Know your Limits

It is crucial to know the boundaries of our explorations. For example, in Britain, detectorists require a formal permit. 

Try to find ordinary public places where you can hunt for gold & metal. Bear in mind some spaces will let you use a metal detector but will not allow you to dig for gold.

If you want to search for gold, you will need to do some legal research first. 

In the United States, federal parks and monuments do not allow metal detector adventures. At state parks, detectorists may require special permission.

BR: The Paramount of Metal Detection

Stop wasting your time by detecting debris like tinfoil or canslaw. Find gold bullions, precious metals, and underground treasures with BR Systems.

When it comes to picking your next locator system, consider a few tips:

· If you are looking for gold nuggets, you would like to invest in the ionic tracking system that tracks gold ions.

· Another feature to consider when looking for diamonds and metals is the 3D Ground Scan system. These detectors analyze the earth layers’ hidden objects and show a 3D graph for these objects.

· Other breakthrough features include magneto scan systems, long-range systems (to scan up to 2,000 meters), and live scanning, for example.

BR Systems is the first to make radical changes to the sensor and acoustic long-range detection systems that include all these features. 3D Ground Scan System, Ionic Search System, Live Scan System, Long Range Locator System, and Magneto Scan System.

Detector NameGold Step Pro MaxBR 100 ProBR 50 Target MaxBR 20 ProRoyal Analyzer Pro
Metal detection
Gold Detection
Diamond Detector
Cavity Detector
Gold Nugget Detector

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