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What is the best metal detector for 2021?

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

If you want to know the best metal detectors on the market, we have prepared a list for you with various detectors ranging from equipment to treasure hunting, find relics hunting, or find gold nuggets.

In 2021 you will be able to explore all the hidden treasures waiting for you to find them, but first, you must have the best detector of the year.

Remember that every metal detector is designed with an exact purpose, and the same equipment will not work to find objects of all sizes or all compositions. You must choose the right detector for your goals, and if you have questions, you can write to us on the online chat, and we will gladly assist you.

But first, dive into this post in which we tell you about the 7 best detectors for 2021.

7 Best metal detectors

You will find a great variety of detectors that are highly used in various types of explorations. There are beginner metal detectors and for experienced hunters. At Detector Power, we have all the necessary equipment for whatever you want to find, from detectors to accessories, including a wide variety of coil sizes, smartwatches, and other accessories.

Minelab Gold Monster 1000

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

This detector is intended for beginners, is very easy to use, and has a high performance that professionals love. This metal detector is specialized to find gold. In several modes, they include the option to reject iron or deep towards all metals. This device has VLF technology that uses continuous transmission of a sine wave at a single frequency, which allows it to create a magnetic field that goes to the ground and will enable it to detect up to a meter deep.

 The Minelab Gold Monster enables superior gold-finding performance and withstands saltwater conductors allowing you to find your gold almost anywhere. The Gold Monster even includes a gold probability indicator that helps you identify the target before digging.

In this video, you will see how it works

 Minelab Equinox 800

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

The Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector is all you need to get off to a good start next year. This device features Multi-IQ technology that allows you to redefine multipurpose detection. It is powerful equipment that can be used by beginners.

The quality metal detector can be seen from the possibility of detecting all types of metal. It has a metal detecting option that allows you even to find gold in any terrain. So you can find gold nuggets.

Its reasonably lightweight build allows you several hours of adventure, and with the option to change non-ferrous tones and volumes, you can quickly hear when you are within a wide range of finding an object. With the Minelab Equinox 800, you can even find coins and jewelry easily.

GER Detect Gold Seeker

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

The Ger Detect Gold seeker is another of the detectors that you cannot miss in 2021. If your thing is to look for gold, this is the ideal one since it is one of the most modern devices that detect gold, coins, and jewels even underground. One of the most powerful features is that you have the option of detecting precious and non-precious metals, thanks to the two included systems.

 This device’s other characteristic is the exclusive ability to calibrate with the ground. It is not affected by any signal regardless of the type of soil, whether it is wet or highly mineralized. This device can find objects up to 3.5 meters deep.

If this is your year of adventures, the Ger Detect Gold Seeker is your best option because you can explore any soil at different detection depths and find precious objects. Don’t wait any longer and buy this device now.

GER Detect Gold Hunter

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

It is a long-range metal geolocator with which you can also search for gold and other valuable metals.

 With this device, you can search in caves, ancient tombs, or in any soil. And your search objective can be significantly broadened; for example, you can find gold nuggets, gems, precious stones, or diamonds.

And all this is possible because the receiver locates the target you have selected and will guide you to the exact location no matter how far it is because it can search 35 meters deep and up to 2000 square meters away.

The Ger Detect Geolocator is your best option if you want to search for valuable treasures

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

Garrett AT Max Waterproof + Garrett Pro-Pointer

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

The Garrett AT Max with the pinpoint mode is an off-road device. That is why Garrett’s devices have always been the most requested. This detector can detect all types of metals with a unique precision that allows you to find relics and small objects.

Select the digital target id and start the search for your treasure. The best of all is that you do not have to use cables to listen to your detector’s transmissions because it works directly with Bluetooth, which allows you to eliminate interference from other devices.

This equipment can also work on any soil, including salted water conductive soils or highly mineralized soils.


What is the best metal detector for 2021?

This is one of the best metal detectors out there today. This device has an intelligent detection system with 3D images that know the shape, depth, and dimensions of everything under the ground.

The Nokta Makro Invenio Pro is multi-frequency powered with 3 DD search coils, which is waterproof. You can find your treasures up to 12 meters deep. This is the first metal detector that has successfully developed the world’s early intelligent detection and imaging system. This is a great reason to be able to have the most advanced technology device.

Its use is relatively easy, and the best thing is that in Detector Power, we have it available for you.

Minelab Vanquish 440

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

Minelab Vanquish 440 It is a metal detector with multi-IQ that presents excellent precision in search of objects, allowing you to find coins and relics, among other treasures. The most impressive thing about this metal detector is that no matter what you are looking for, it will always help you find it.

All thanks to its four search modes. Besides, you can search anywhere, such as the beach, the field, or the park. One of the significant advantages of this device is that it dominates the search in salty water and wet sand.

Another essential element is that it has search coils that allow you to search up to a meter deep, totally waterproof, and versatile.

The Minelab Vanquish 440 is easy to use. Therefore, it is ideal if you have little experience. This detector is also one of the favorites of experts worldwide because it includes several languages you can configure to your liking.

 Now that you know the results, the best metal detectors are taking advantage of buying a complete kit to start the year full of adventures and discoveries.

What is the best metal detector for 2021?

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