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Ajax Alpha is here, now you won’t waste time digging in rough spots.
Detect gold and other metals with remote sensing technology and two long-range detection systems.

Product highlights:
â—Ź Depth: 50 meters / Front Range: 2250 meters
â—Ź Frequency: From 500 Hz up to 20 kHz
â—Ź Manual & Automatic mode


Ajax Detection Alpha Metal Detector

Alpha Metal Detector has two integrated systems that feature long-distance detection and techniques to identify and detect gold, treasure, and metals.

Alpha is the world’s first long-distance detection device. This title has been given to the product after passing the necessary tests carried out by the most famous treasure hunters of America, Europe, Africa, and Asia after demonstrating its effectiveness in identifying depths targets of up to 50 meters and distance up to 2250 meters the device has modern features, intelligent systems, and functional detection.

This device provides integrated interface search that visualizes the right path to move the device, intelligent balance systems, and the arrival point, making it the best device without rivals.

 Product features

  • This device has a special search interface that displays the search results on the search screen and fully coordinates the direction of travel to target, can display the arrival point in detail, and can use two long-range search features.
  • The unique modern design that provides the power and confidence to complete your discoveries with ease provides comfort during detection, is lightweight, and easy to use.
  • This device and all parts and components are manufactured and designed by the Ajax factory for detection techniques, no external parts were used. This ensures that the device has high performance, reliability, and quality.
  • Quality design gives you use in difficult conditions and is resistant to the voices around you.
  • The 5-inch color screen displaying results and settings allows the user to control the settings of the entire device and view the results and search properties.
  • The ideal interfaces and programs give you precise control and easy use of the device during the search.
  • The main battery in the device has a transport frame, which can be opened and closed; this allows the battery to be replaced without opening the main housing of the device if the battery is damaged.
  • The main power allows the device to operate continuously at maximum volume and continuous backlighting for 5 hours.
  • The headphone output allows you to clearly hear and easily distinguish the search results; the sound results can be controlled in various ways, such as MP3 or WAVE.
  • The charging output allows the battery to be charged quickly and smoothly for high performance.
  • You can choose the system you want to work with thanks to the input connector for systems containing multiple search tasks; it contains a mechanical mechanism for effortless and time-consuming removal and installation of the search sensor.
  • Contains control key interface, impact indicator, and moisture indicator fabrics that give you complete control of the program and device settings.

This device has two detection systems:

1. Long Range Detection System (Manual)

  • Distance: 2250 meters.
  • Depth: 50 meters.

2. Long Range Detection System (Automatic)

  • Distance: 2850 meters.
  • Depth: 50 meters.


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Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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54 reviews for Ajax Detection Alpha Metal Detector

  1. B. Hansen (verified owner)


     bought it at greatly lower price than others were selling it for. The seller was very helpful with question I had and was quick to respond. 5 stars from me.

  2. Adam T. (verified owner)

    This Is Truly Amazing!

    I bought this item for my son who is restricted to a Wheel Chair most days and he has told me that it’s PERFECT! He says it’s light in weight and he is capable to using this Metal Detector easily

  3. Brad Bogue (verified owner)

    Quality And Comfort

    First of all, i am not even close to calling myself a pro. I am still learning, but it is fun and interesting. Super light weight and fully accurate. Love the features and performance.

  4. Marky Nark (verified owner)

    Great Quality

    New to metal detecting. Myself, so I am really excited to get going with this awesome detector. for the money you can’t beat it. As far as depth and all the different functions.

  5. Brian Fortin (verified owner)

    Great In Use

    Very good detector. I am a member of a south central Arizona gold hunters club, and showed up for today’s dig with this unit. The long term members gave it their nod of approval and it is worthy of their respect. Love it

  6. Marc Spector (verified owner)


    Easy to understand, me and my kids have had more fun digging around in the yard than I could have ever thought I would strongly suggest this for any level of hunter.its extremely light so hours of fun won’t wear you out

  7. Chris Lynn (verified owner)

    Great To Use And You Will Love It

    I bought this for me son so he could relic hunt with me and its seems to do as well as any other higher end metal detector. It is lighter and it is really accurate.

  8. Alison A. Carr-chellman (verified owner)

    Happy To Buy

    Awesome seller, metal detector arrived yesterday ahead of time. I’m new to metal detecting but was very happy with this detector. Highly recommended

  9. Mrs. Robertson (verified owner)


    Bought this metal detector to take to the treasure coast of Florida. It worked well. I’m a novice so ease of use is a plus. It will locate even very small objects.

  10. Rhoda Galgiani (verified owner)


    I have been working with metal detectors for over 20 years and this metal detector is one of the best, I love this metal detector

  11. NGUYEN, KENNY (verified owner)

    Amazingly Excited!

    I am amazed and very happy..perfect service and wonderful material and amazing build and accuracy.. this is very well arrived and the quality was good I will order again

  12. Kristen A. (verified owner)

    Love It

    Amazing quality , specifications and great accuracy, exactly as described and I’m happy with the order and looking forward to order more in future.

  13. Stephen Baker (verified owner)

    Good Value

    Fantastic metal detector! I’ve been using this detector for about three weeks now, on the beach and in local parks, and I’ve been very impressed. 

  14. P. MacLearn (verified owner)

    Awesome Buy And Quality

    Purchased for hobby use. Wanted to look around old homestead area in country for old stuff. Item was easy to set up and works fine, So far very happy with item. Arrived in timely manner.

  15. Raisin Ryan (verified owner)

    This Is The Best One Ever!!!

    Have not used yet except in my yard but works as advertised. Actually found two coins next the road from the 50’s (lucky find). The detector works fine.

  16. Jayesh Raval (verified owner)

    Happy! Thank You

    Impressed by the quality and also very happy with their price. Thank you so much. Everything was so good. Will surely buy more in the future.

  17. Hark Hut (verified owner)

    Good Product.

    Great detector and very easy to use. Preset for coins is very accurate. This detector is far better than many other I had. Its also much easier to use

  18. K.Christine (verified owner)

    Great Quality

    Works great and already used to recover lost bolt in the yard from mower. Awesome detector for this price! 100% recommended if you are in a metal-detect middle level

  19. Tesa Fisher (verified owner)

    Great Quality For The Price!

    It arrived early, and works fine.  Light weight. Easy to use. Easy to understand how to setup. Excellent for coin hunting and relic hunting. Thumbs up

  20. Lara Davis (verified owner)


    I purchased this item for my husband for an early Christmas gift. He was thrilled and has been looking for items in our yard ever since. He also can’t wait to use it in other place once the weather warms up again.

  21. Dorje Drollod (verified owner)

    Great Value And Durable!!

    This detector is relatively easy to use and does a great job finding objects.  I would definitely ordering from this seller again. The shipping arrived ahead of schedule too!! I’m thrilled with this purchase. Thank you!

  22. Ana Amarti (verified owner)


    Amazing quality for the price ! Will definitely be purchasing again ! quality and delivery are as expected, the entire process was professional.

  23. Scott Williams (verified owner)

    5 Star Especially For The Price !

    The detector arrived in excellent condition. Well the detector is super light weight. It does what it says it does in a very good way. It finds treasure. It really does. You wont be disappointed in buying this detector at a very good price.

  24. Rita W. (verified owner)

    Great Product!

    This is a good tool. I have no problems with it. I locate all sorts of buried and lost stuff other than treasure. Property corners, power lines, lost tools, bolts and such.

  25. Robert J. Hall (verified owner)

    It'S Good To Start With

    My son had this unpacked and was using it within the hour. He is technically inclined, and this is a nice detector for the money. Getting good exercise and find lots of metal!

  26. Kevin C. (verified owner)

    Fun, Great Buy.

    Received order on time and arrived in great condition. Have used it a few times and comfortable experience with excellent quality. One of the best I have ever used. Would love to recommend

  27. Relle Conner (verified owner)


    Amazing metal detector. Really inexpensive for this quality! I was so hesitant to ever order online after receiving one that was with terrible quality. This changed my mind. This is a great.

  28. Gilly Max (verified owner)

    My New Favourite!!

    Get this one! If you want more features for less money,get this one. You can find the same thing on other detectors but you have to pay more than this for the same thing.

  29. Patricia A. Giles (verified owner)

    Great Purchase

    Amazing. Absolutely love it. This detector is really accurate…I’m thrilled. I want to buy more and more devices from this amazing seller.

  30. Jackline DJ (verified owner)

    So So So Happy With This Purchase!

    OMG, OMG, amazing detector, It’s not too big or too small. Light weight. Durable. I’ve had it for a few weeks and it hasn’t given out. Beautiful design. I highly recommend this.

  31. Tom Galieo (verified owner)

    Great Design

    Phenomenal bang for the buck, If you are looking for a competent detector that will last you a while while you advance your skills look no further. Now I just have to wait for the ground to thaw again so I can get out with it .

  32. Patricia Jurman (verified owner)

    Durable And High Quality

    This metal detector works well. I still need more practice but I have been able to find many things with it. It is very light and easy to use. Accurate

  33. Mrs. Beasley (verified owner)

    Quality Was Great

    Easy to use and has all the features you need. The seller has many more useful and accurate devices, which you can buy.. Powerful little machine!

  34. Mimi Nobe (verified owner)

    Amazing Quality

    We bought this for our daughters for Christmas. My dad is huge into metal hunting and we are going out West to spend some time bonding with the grandparents and this was top on our list.

  35. Jeff S (verified owner)

    It Is As Advertised.

    I just started using the metal detector and it seems to be working as advertised.I have located several iron and copper objects in my back yard. This is much better than my old one.

  36. Claudia Waters (verified owner)

    All Around Great

    You will never be wrong with this detector. Worth the price, extremely accurate and very light. Love this metal detector! Works great!

  37. Okie girl (verified owner)

    Surprised By Material.

    I am going to test this detector out more…being its likely me that’s not understanding how to work the machine correctly and I’m still trying to understand… So far it seems to be doing great…very light weight and easy to use.

  38. Kitty B. (verified owner)

    Totally Worth Buying

    This detector has many of the features that more expensive big boys have. It is extremely light and durable so you can swing it all day without getting tired.

  39. Veronica R (verified owner)


    good and quick shipping as promised. quality is top tier, 5 stars. one of the best I ever had. Totally worthy experience. Would love to recommend it

  40. Tricia Jones (verified owner)

    Seriously Happy With This Purchase.

    This is an excellent metal detector! There are many features that are found on detectors that are twice the price. I couldn’t be happier! I feel like a expert now

  41. Desiree B. (verified owner)

    Take A Chance On It.

    I love it. wonderful. The quality is outstanding!! Shipping was faster than expected. best purchase in recent times. Easy to use. What a blessing it is.

  42. Alborz Zafari (verified owner)

    Excellent Quality

    Works great was able to find the ring my wife lost in yard. Had looked and looked but once I got this. I was able to find it in a very short time. Love it. Now if I can just find some hidden gold or something I’ll be on top of the world.

  43. Ann Davis-Schultz (verified owner)

    Well Defined And Bright Images

    This metal detector is easy to use and it is pretty sensitive in locating items under ground My grandson loves it. I ordered one for him and one for my husband so they could do this together. Great purchase

  44. Allan Border (verified owner)

    Good Quality

    This is the first time i’ve used a mid range metal detector. I checked the ratings for a while and searched for something that would give me the most for my money. This is quite good metal detector. Great bang for the bucks.

  45. Terri Eva (verified owner)

    Stylish, Great Price Point!

    My wife and I bought this together. We’ve been having a great time with it. Exactly as described and I’m happy with the order and looking forward to order more in future. Arrived within given time and arrived well with protection.

  46. kyla bear (verified owner)

    Great Purchase

    Awesome metal detector for the pricen and you cannot go wrong, this is my backup metal detector and I am very satisfied with this metal detector!

  47. Donna Carrillo (verified owner)

    This Is A Surprisingly Great

    Holly Mollt! Design, accuracy and specifications all are up to mark. Just what I was looking for. Quality is literally amazing . Would love to recommend

  48. Urbain Makavo

    I love my Ajax Alpha detector thank you Peter you’re so excellent and wonderful your service is very face.

  49. Jeffrey Z.

    More than happy with the purchase of this detector, Ajax Alpha, it is the second long range detector I have bought and it is by far the best, thanks Detector Power for recommending it to me.

  50. C. Kuhn

    It is a comfortable detector, light, easy to use, it is of great quality, I love that the battery charge lasts a long time and it charges very quickly. It is the perfect long distance detector for everyone, with a depth of up to 50 meters and 2250 meters away, it is the ideal.

  51. Scott K.

    As always excellent customer service, this Ajax Alpha is very easy to use, excellent product, excellent price and great quality

  52. Yamil H.

    The Ajax Alpha is a detector with an incredible distance range of 2850 meters and has a very good depth, is simple to use and has excellent features, I am delighted with my detector !!

  53. Yamal B.

    I owned other long range locators and now could say 100% this is the best one, modern and accurate, like Ajax modern technology. Also thanks to Luis for help me.

  54. Ernest Cooper

    I bought this Ajax Alpha metal detector a few months ago and I am more than satisfied with my purchase, I have found numerous gold and precious metal coins and other objects, it is quite easy to identify your objective with this detector, I would recommend this detector to anyone who wants a Good reliable metal detector, thanks Power Detector for your attention.

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