REAL GOLD AKS Multi Long Range Metal Detector

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This is the leading long-distance detecting system for a variety of field searches, mostly silver, buried gold, and RM.
Avoid counterfeit with the anti-fraud check included with the device!

Product highlights:
● Depth: 75 meters / Front Range: 5000 square meters
● Case included
● 6 Antennas

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REAL GOLD AKS Multi Long Range Metal Detector

We created this metal detector to respond to searches targets such as silver, gold, and MRI. We are sure that the high price of this device is the best priority for our customers who do not want to concentrate solely on gold. But this is a very essential device for buried gold. Especially his options.

This detector is our primary choice for long-distance detectors. The main features of this device place the device in the highest position in the world. We are confident that you will enjoy the AKS MULTI with market-leading capabilities.

Included from the factory

  • Main unit.
  • Control unit.
  • Wall charger.
  • 6 antennas.
  • User manual.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • Military Style Protective Case.
  • Anti-Fraud Control.
  • Depth measurement button.


Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer responsability.

Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs



Distance (meters)


Distance (miles)


Depth (meters)


Depth (feet)


53 reviews for REAL GOLD AKS Multi Long Range Metal Detector

  1. Louis Stevens (verified owner)


    I use this at the beach next to my house and this is an amazing metal detector, It is perfect for beginners and professionals.

  2. Louie Armstrong (verified owner)

    Low Error

    This device is made for the great explorers.The accuracy of this device is amazing it reduce the error level to find a treasure at point 0.

  3. Bryant Lucas (verified owner)

    Great Bag

    The bag of this device is made up of great material and it is very broad.You can place all the instrument of this detector in it easily.

  4. Asa Vaughn (verified owner)


    Great and does what it says it does. I experimented with it and I got a few hits off of it. Easy and fun to use. Glad I bought it.

  5. Ewan Black (verified owner)

    Great Job

    It really does work. There is no issue with the quality of this detector. Arrived on time. Great job! Thank you.

  6. Bryant Chase (verified owner)


    Best detector I have ever used. Easy to use you can easily handle this machine it is absolutely amazing.I love this detector.

  7. Caleb Ryan (verified owner)

    Finding Gold

    This detector has a capability to hunt gold and silver.This detector has a ability to locate the everything is made of gold and great treasure.

  8. Roger Hampton (verified owner)

    Smooth Result

    This product has 6 annetas which give the guranntee of accurate result .It catches signal very quickly with the help of these antennas and give smooth result.

  9. Matthias Cantu (verified owner)


    Love the tone on this machine.

  10. Bryant Clemons (verified owner)


    Real Gold AKS metal detector is great.It has six antennas which find the Buired gold with great accuracy. This product help me very much.

  11. Reece Robertson (verified owner)


    Real gold detector is a super detector machine.This detector has a feature of anti-fraud control which is not available in other Detector of it class.

  12. Messiah Watts (verified owner)


    Real gold detector has a bag which keep all it accerssories in it.This is very good addition in a such type of detector.

  13. Kane Bean (verified owner)


    lightweight and easy to operate.Great.

  14. Jayden John (verified owner)


    This is an amazing product.This product work great for me.I would recommend it to all gold detectors.

  15. Jackson Fisher (verified owner)

    Easy To Operate

    I am using this product this is very easy to operate.This is light weight product we can easily hold it and searching with it smoothly.This is an incredilble product.

  16. Ben Roberts (verified owner)


    Real gold detector adjust itselt by its own no matter what is the type of terrain.This is an incrediblre product.

  17. Phillip Whitley (verified owner)


    Easy assembly, easy to use and adjust

  18. Maxton Pittman (verified owner)


    So pleased with this purchase.This is a an amazing product work well.My whole team like this detector very much.This device works!!

  19. Tyler White (verified owner)


    I love this product very much and my patners too.This device is made for all circumstances. This device is a great piece of science.

  20. Matthew Chambers (verified owner)


    This was a gift for my patner he is professional detector. He was thrilled. He is very happy by using this because he hits the great amount of gold.

  21. Jacob Fraser (verified owner)

    Hit Well

    This product have great feature of acoustic which help the user to find the central point of the target.As per description.

  22. Esteban O’brien (verified owner)


    Real Gold detector is an amazing detector of this era.It works great it predicts the gold from very long distance which make it great.

  23. Jamar Osborne (verified owner)


    This product is made to meet the international standard. This product give the high quality result with great accuracy.

  24. Riley Jones (verified owner)


    Real Gold is great type of detector.It is capabale to detect the buired gold from very long distance.It also detect the silver.

  25. Devon Sims (verified owner)

    For Professionals

    This is the incredible product for the professionals.It works very great in any weather condition.This is a super product.

  26. Gael Mann (verified owner)


    I bought this device and I am very happy with my purchase. This is the wonderful accurate device which is built on scientific method.This is an amazing product.

  27. Oliver Grant (verified owner)


    Real gold detector is built on superior seeking technologies.This hunt the target at very long range.This is an incredible product.

  28. Coleman Hall (verified owner)

    Work Well

    I have many detectors but this detector is wonderful from those.This is what I was expected.This device work great for my achievements.

  29. Jaylin Solis (verified owner)


    This is a better buy.Iam happy with this.

  30. Cody Nicholson (verified owner)


    Solidly made, not flimsy. Easy to use. I received it as a gift and found several pieces immediately. I am very pleased and excited.

  31. Carter Roach (verified owner)


    This device make the work very easy for professional to finding gold.I am a professional detector and I am using this device I would recommend it.

  32. Peter Bradley (verified owner)

    Great Feature

    This device is known in the world due to its great work and great features.This device can detect the gold from very long distance.

  33. Maddox Albert (verified owner)

    4 Star

    Overall better product.I gave it to 4 stars.

  34. Landon Wiggins (verified owner)


    This is the best detector.This detector predict the buired gold with too much accuracy and give the very fine result.

  35. Zak Wells (verified owner)

    Long Distance

    This detector is best to detect the raw gold from very long distance.This feature make this machine different from other detector of its class.

  36. Mathias Lloyd (verified owner)


    This device is made for different environments and different type of soils. I am using this product and this device work great for me.This is a great device.

  37. Justice Holmes (verified owner)


    This device contains electric circuits and components of great standard. The material of the product is wonderful.I recommend it.

  38. Tyrell Glenn (verified owner)


    This machine is a great detector of the century.The millitary style bag is made of great material which protects the whole instrument of the detector.

  39. Leon White (verified owner)

    Long Range

    This is a great buy for a professionals easy to use and great accuracy.This device has a very long distance range which is incredible.

  40. Blake Richardson (verified owner)

    Up Level

    Real Gold AKS has ability to work at great level.I am using this in my company and I will ensure you that this detector has a market leading ability.

  41. Nathan Bailey (verified owner)


    This machine have ability to detect product from very high depth its about 75 meters.This is a wonderful product which I buy.

  42. Vicente Strong (verified owner)


    This machine have a great instruments which are made up of very fine material.The wall charger for this product is awesome.

  43. Otto Webb (verified owner)


    Real Gold AKS is a super quality detector.It main option is to find buired gold under the great depth.It detect the larger amount of gold.

  44. River Mccullough (verified owner)


    This product detect not only the gold but it also detect the silver and MRI.This product help me very much in my work.

  45. Luca Baker (verified owner)


    Amazing product.It help me very much during my work.With the help of this detector I found too much treasure. This is a great product.

  46. Ethan Lee (verified owner)

    For All Environments

    I needed this type of metal detector and I found it.This metal detector is great. It works great in all environment

  47. Charlie Holland (verified owner)


    This is for professional this machine detect the gold as well as the silver too with great accuraccy.I am very happy to having this detector.

  48. A. Flint

    It is ideal for new users and advanced users too. This is an excellent metal detector for the price and product quality, I am very satisfied with my Gold Aks Multi.

  49. Davidson

    With this detector you can find any valuable metal at an unbelievable depth and distance, just give it a try and you will know is the right machine. Thanks for the fast shipment and well package guys!

  50. Tommy J.

    I love this detector. Best machine I have owned by far! Very light which is great for me and goes very deep which is another plus! My wife bought it as a gift for me and I starting digging the goodies right away. I highly recommend it to everyone!! Thanks Gold AKS!!!!

  51. Mosanah

    This real gold AKS Multi is on my opinion the most complete long range detector, first it detect all valuable metals and second is very capable on distance and depth. I will suggest to have manual on multiples languages including arabic and then will be a 5 starts product because take me time to understand how to use but now I have very impressive finds, really happy with this machine.

  52. Jael Rum

    I just got my AKS multi 2 weeks ago, now am learning how to use it but very impressed with the presentation and quality of the device, you really know is a top of the art piece. Many fake devices on the market with this brand, I am really happy to found Detector Power, these guys help me a lot with my questions and sent me the manufacturer warranty to certificate my aks multi.

  53. Ricardo Calix

    Hace mucho tiempo buscaba un equipo de la marca AKS y ahora lo pude encontrar en Detector Power, los cuales me ayudaron a seleccionar el mejor equipo segun mis requerimientos. Ya habia escuchado muy buenos comentarios de esta marca AKS ya que son equipos hechos en Israel y la verdad despues de 2 meses de usos los resultados han sido sorprendentes, he podido encontrar en mi país Ecuador varios objetos de oro de gran valor historico que me llenan de mucho orgullo.

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