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BR SYSTEMS 700 PRO Underground Water Detector

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Easily find and distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water. This sophisticated underground water finder uses SRB technology that shows all the details you need in a modern LCD screen.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 700 meters / Front Range: 1000 square meters
● 12-hour battery
● Easy-to-use


BR SYSTEMS 700 PRO Underground Water Detector

BR 700 PRO can distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water and in the case of the discovery of water immediately shows the water type on the screen if fresh or salty or mineral water, The new underground water detector and waterfinder geophysical device and new SRB technology in the field of groundwater and underground artesian wells revealed.

For all farmers, and workers in the field of water exploration, and exploration companies who search for water underground in the world We offer you today, the latest water detection techniques. The modern and newest device between all devices that detect underground water BR 700 PRO device is made and developed during the 10 years of research and experiments in BR System American factory This product is made to be the first device in the world and the best between all other devices.

It was made in a professional ways and high quality and unique specifications which make it a sophisticated detector for underground water detecting. Through this device the user can navigate and locate water places in the area that we want to scan ,and we can identify the most powerful points in that area.

It has been provided with feature to know the depth of water in exact number, and appear on the screen and we can get knowledge about waterpower in details, BR 700 PRO can distinguish between fresh, salt, and mineral water and in the case of the discovery of water immediately shows the water type on the screen if fresh or salty or mineral water.

BR 700 Pro Specifications

  • The device has a modern LCD screen provided with operating program (Software) that is modern and easy to use.
  • BR 700-Pro can detects to 700m as depth underground (From 1 cm up to 700 meters underground).
  • Specifies the location of the water completely and identify strongest point of water within an area of up to 1000m.
  • Working to determine the waterpower which allowing the user to see if the discovered water is shallow water or heavy water.
  • The device appears on the screen automatically and immediately type of discovered water fresh water -salt water -mineral water.
  • Accurate and current property offers new positive service to many of the ranchers who own salt water in their farms, but they are looking to fresh water.
  • Anyone can use this device with ease. Unlike many other devices that are difficult for some prospectors working on them easily.
  • Provides the user a lot of effort and time and fatigue during the search can provide a full survey of the land to be scanned within a few minutes.
  • Signals and accuracy of the device isn’t affected at all by the rocky soil or sand or mud.
  • The device is equipped with a fully electronic system to work without using any additional accessory.
  • This machine is capable of working at temperatures ranging from 20 degrees below zero to 55 degrees Celsius.
  • Works on 12-volt battery and operate for 12 hours.
  • Light weight and ergonomic device.
  • The device is made from high-quality and durability electronic plastics.
  • Device’s languages: English, French.

BR 700 Pro working program

The device works in SRB modern system that has been developed in America. And upgraded and updated idea with soil resistance measurement system which is working on sending waves and electric shocks in the ground, which measure all frequencies and soil resistance and analyze readings which appear finally on the LCD screen.

The main processor of the device is equipped with electronic probe based on the detected frequency measurement, which in turn works on the verification of the discovered water quality and salinity and show the result on the screen.

1. Automatic Search

The device is contain a main unit and the electrodes (4 metal probes) and cables connected to the signal, All detected signals appear on the screen installed on the main unit of the device First, we set probes in the soil surrounding four corners of the place to be anointed and connected in wires to main unit. After that we turn on the device and select type of search, The automatic search will make full scan of the area between four probes and we choose this option at the beginning of search to scan a large area we looking for water in them.

Then the device searches for water between all of these electrodes (probes) and after complete the research it shows the readings automatically on screen.

  • Example: between the probe 1 to 2 There is water – water type: fresh – the depth is150 meters.
  • Example: between the probe 2 to 3 There is water- water type: fresh- the depth is 150 meters.
  • Example: between the probe 3 to 4 there is no water.
  • Example: between the probe 1 to 4 there is no water.

After results of search are appear we go to the place that has been confirmed water in it. And we do a manual search between two probes, only without the need for a full search for the four probes, and we make inventory through approximation of the probes to each other until the inventory of water will inside a smaller space and this small area is the best place to start digging and which has the strongest point of water.

2. Manual Search

Manual search is different from automatic search through the way of search For example: to start with manual search no need to use all probes and all you need is two probes to scan only small area .The manual search provides the ability to search only between two probes (for example).

  • Search between probe 1 and probe 2 only.
  • Search between probe 2 and probe 3 only.
  • Search between probe 4 and probe 1 only.

Dear explorer and water wells finder : This device is the most appropriate and the best choice for you to have accurate and guaranteed results for the detection of underground water and artesian wells.

BR 700 PRO Box contents:

  • BR 700 PRO Main Unit.
  • Probes (4 metal probes .
  • Cables to connect between probes.
  • Clips to connect cable.
  • Battery.
  • Charger.



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Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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47 reviews for BR SYSTEMS 700 PRO Underground Water Detector

  1. Kyle Doyle (verified owner)

    Damaged Pack…..Giving 5

    I received my products but want to complain one thing that the package was bit damaged. The functioning is perfect therefore,giving it five stars.

  2. Joseph Wong (verified owner)

    I Like It

    its realy easy to use product….in a perfect deal. I like it. It worths the money.

  3. Hugo Price (verified owner)

    It Worked

    This works and does it’s job. It comes in a very beautiful electronic plastic case. Its very easy to carry and use this product especially in the field conditions.

  4. Clark Townsend (verified owner)

    Four Stars

    The product is good but giving four stars just for damaged parcel and I don’t know why it was damaged I think during delivery something may happen.

  5. Tommie Barrett (verified owner)

    Delayed Shipment

    I like the product but a little bit disappointed by delayed delivery. Please do something about this.

  6. Salvador Walker (verified owner)

    Cute And Affordable!

    Better looking in person! Can’t go wrong. Its very durable and easy to use product by detector power.

  7. Marshall Mendez (verified owner)

    Why----Late Delivery

    Product is excellent but I am little bit disappointed about the shipment. The product functions properly and a really five star product.

  8. Nicholas Ellis (verified owner)

    Amazing System

    Great system. The probes are very helpful in the searching or detecting water. I don’t know why are giving 4 stars this product should be 6 stars…hahahaha. Those people who are complaining about functioning, are absolutely wrong.

  9. Grady Green (verified owner)


    Excellent product. Outstanding working and easy to use……Thank you.

  10. Erik Franklin (verified owner)


    No complains or claim, the product is good.

  11. Cary Ballard (verified owner)

    Does The Work That Needs To Do

    This is perfect for formers and water boaring workers. I am currently using this for tubing water for my field at farm level. Thanks to its dual language approach.

  12. Ricardo Ramos (verified owner)

    It Works Good But Will Take Some Learning.

    Bottom line is it works. Take a few times to learn how to adjust the signal strength but once you get a better understanding, it gets easier.

  13. Frederick Collins (verified owner)

    Good Quality For The Price.

    Looks good.fits perfect………good quality great. According to me, its salt and fresh water detection system is better than others.

  14. Domingo Boyd (verified owner)

    Good Buy

    this is really good thing to buy I am giving five just due to the reason that there is not 6 star option.

  15. Doug Cole (verified owner)

    You Get What You Pay For

    This is not the product that you will ever regret about purchase. It will always admire you about spending money on the right thing.

  16. Dean Holt (verified owner)

    So Helpful

    Being a field man it very important to save you energy and money. This detection system provides protection from any loss. Its very helpful even in the sandy or muddy lands. Thanks.

  17. Joe Richardson (verified owner)

    Specific At Work

    its very interesting and problem solving product in the market for the very first time. Its lates system can find the fresh water pin point with the range of 1000m. All thanks to my sister who sourced this product for me.

  18. Craig Parks (verified owner)

    It Works As Expected

    The directions were straight forward and when I tested it out, it worked as I had hoped for. I can’t believe that it took me so long to look up this sort of item.

  19. Lloyd Vargas (verified owner)

    Performs As Expected

    Overall this is nice detector. Pairing and configuring was fairly straight forward without any problems. Its singal transmission and probe system are very efficient in functions.

  20. Terrell Fernandez (verified owner)


    Awesome product that is made of strong plastic with probe detection system. Its very light weight product with the no time taking processing system.

  21. Barry Jimenez (verified owner)

    Practically Works

    I love this! It was a little long, so I altered it to make it a little shorter. But I would definitely buy this item again. Very happy with the purchase. It really works practically.

  22. Ronnie Salazar (verified owner)

    So Many Things To Say

    I have received my parcel and writing after 10 days of usage. There are so many things one can say about it but I love its 12 volts battery capacity for about 10 hours. It can even work in the hot climate and both options are available like you can set it as automatic search or manual search. Thanks detector power.

  23. Robin Taylor (verified owner)

    Nothing To Say

    Nothing to say about it. it’s a proper hot selling product that demands five stars.

  24. Owen Mcbride (verified owner)

    Worth The Money

    I ordered this blindly but seriously it worths the money you will never regret.Thanks

  25. Calvin Cobb (verified owner)

    Professional And Courteous Support

     Not only was I very surprised by the active sales support. They will have professionals helping us use this device too. Very worth the money.

  26. Sherman Sanders (verified owner)

    Will Be Ordering Again.

    My friend joe used this product and recommend it to me. Now I’m thanking him here for his precious advice. Thanks joe.

  27. Salvatore Cooper (verified owner)

    Highly Recommend

    after first pack usage I would highly recommend this product…. It saves money and energy in search of sweet water.

  28. Roger Hunt (verified owner)

    Easy To Use

    Our friend gifted this to us during drought season. We used this for deserted land and finally came uo with the fruitful results. Its very easy to use and learn.

  29. Vincent Parsons (verified owner)

    Very Compact And Sturdy

    This is the second set of these I have bought and definitely recommend them. They have lasted for much longer than some other similar product I bought. This perfect for formers due to efficient SRB Technology.

  30. Jonathon Mills (verified owner)

    Easy To Learn, Easy Set Up!!!

    Being the low amount of reviews I was a little skeptical but bought it anyways. Glad I did! Took a bit to learn, about 3 hours, start to finish. Once you learnt you can do all the procedure within minutes. Definitely recommend it and will buy it again soon.

  31. Clifton Williams (verified owner)

    Best Purchase Ever.

    I wanted to write a review because this detection system inspired me a lot… I think. We took a chance on this product (we were indecisive because of the lack of desired reviews) because we needed it for work. Overall, the price is high but it has paid itself off already with the jobs we’re able to get now because of this equipment. Highly recommended.

  32. Philip Baldwin (verified owner)


    Great product poor service…….but once you used this pro model than you have to give it five stars because it has impressive working ability.

  33. Matt Tucker (verified owner)


    Its just amazing. I would suggest you should try this at least once.

  34. Seth Burke (verified owner)


    Bought for someone else. Works well. I don’t know the exact function but he knows therefore he asked me to order this. Here I want to mention is that they have great deal of such a wonderful products like metal detection and water detection. This model is really pro model of such type of devices and hope so the only product in the world for detection of marine and fresh water.

  35. Willie Waters (verified owner)

    Very User-Friendly

     Make sure to get this system for boaring in the backyard. This is very user friendly product by detection power. Its range is very impressive.

  36. Ernesto Guerrero (verified owner)

    Does The Work That Is Supposed To Do

    not much to say about it but it does the work that needs to be done.. One thing that I would like to add is that its not an ordinary type of water detector jut give it a try and then make a decision. For me its higly paying back product.

  37. Stuart Joseph (verified owner)

    You Get Exactly What You Order And Get It Quickly

    Received exactly what I wanted in timely manner. I’m using this product for a brand project and I’m very pleased with it. It very handy and durable. Moreover, it has dual language option you can either select english or french.

  38. Courtney Mullins (verified owner)

    No Complain

    No complaints about functioning of the product but service should be improved.

  39. Clay Cook (verified owner)


    Simple product with so many outstanding features. The best thing is that it has automatic sesrching system with range of 1000m. Believe me once you used this you will never want to loss it.

  40. Bill Lamb (verified owner)


    its amazing product having very attractive display system with easily understandable software. I have been using this product from one month and my friends always lend this for work.

  41. Grant Gutierrez (verified owner)

    Looking Forward To Using It.

    Only used it once. It is very sensitive. Will need to use it a few times to figure out what settings to use but it looks great and light-weight. Nice protective case and professional appearance.

  42. Garry Wolfe (verified owner)

    Good Deal

    Bought them for field work and it works great for the price. It latest LCD system with built in software makes it the only product of its own type.

  43. Rolando Hoffman (verified owner)

    These Are Really Nice.

    These are really nice. Even the police officer that came to investigate our house said we had a great set up. He also take their store link.

  44. Delbert Powers (verified owner)

    Works Well.

    Works more effectively than one I bought previously! That’s why higly recommend it.

  45. Geoffrey Hogan (verified owner)


    wooow… marvelous product like its singal transmission is not affected by the rocky soil or mud. You can have a full ground scan with few minutes of working. Definatley recommend it.

  46. Cornelius Barber (verified owner)

    Just What I Needed

    thanks to detector power for this pro model of underwater detection system. They always come with the problem solving product. I am much satisfied with the battery life and its range. It works well. Thank you.

  47. Angel Schmidt (verified owner)

    They Get The Job Done

    This is well built and works exactly the way it should, haven’t had any issue with them and they really are of great value for the money.

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