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GER Detect RIVER-F Plus Underground Water Locator

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For explorers of wells & underground water, a long-range device that helps you put less effort into searching and finding water with advanced technology & high accuracy.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 1200 meters / Front Range: 3000 square meters
● 12-hour battery
● For all circumstances & terrains


GER Detect RIVER-F Plus Underground Water Locator

The RIVER-F Plus provides you with the latest technological and technical specifications of high resolution and discrimination.

GER Detect places high technology in this device to be the first in the search and exploration of water.


The RIVER – F Water Detector is a device for detecting groundwater wells and artisanal wells, it device has many features among which are:

  • Freshwater search system.
  • Natural water search system.
  • Saltwater search system.

The RIVER – F Water Locator allows users to operate two systems: the touch system and the keypad system.

This version is also characterized by several functions:

  • It operates in six different languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish and Arabic).
  • The user can choose the type of soil desired in the search area: (natural – clayey – rocky – sandy – mixed, and mineral). This feature is designed to give the user more accurate results.
  • It works with lengths of up to 3000 square meters and 1200 meters deep.
  • The device allows the user to select the appropriate length of the search area to cover (500 – 1000 – 1500 – 2000 – 2500 – 3000) square meters.
  • It has a digital compass to help the user establish the north and south directions.
  • Has a settings menu (sound adjustment – brightness adjustment and device information).

Geolocator River-F Plus Technical Specifications:

  • Small size and easy to use.
  • Touch screen to display full search data.
  • The maximum depth of the device is up to 1200 meters.
  • Possibility of identifying objects at depth.
  • Length up to 3000 meters square with the possibility of determining the desired length.
  • Determine the one target to look for.
  • The user can choose the type of soil desired in the search area.
  • It operates in six different languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish and Arabic).
  • Certificate of origin and guarantee for two years from the date of purchase. Device first-class German industry.
  • Total weight of the device with accessories (6 kg).
  • The device adjusts to all circumstances and different terrains.

Parts & Components:

  • Safe-deposit box.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Signal receiver.
  • River-F-plus-sensor.
  • 2 antennas.
  • Battery.
  • Charger.


GER Detect RIVER-F Plus Underground Water Locator Operation Video


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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can do not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

Additional information

Weight 14 lbs


River F

Distance (meters)


Distance (miles)


Depth (meters)


Depth (feet)


53 reviews for GER Detect RIVER-F Plus Underground Water Locator

  1. Spencer Ryan (verified owner)

    Quality Product

    These are great for a number of reasons. The range, battery, and signal quality is more than adequate. The fact that they can locate water source is due to their probing system. If you talk about its climate dependency than I can say that I have worked with it in 45 celsius.

  2. Richard Russell (verified owner)

    Very Dependable

    This is not like the other simple water detector system but it’s the product on which someone will depend for the life. We searched water twice till now with the help of this device and can say never depend on anyone except this underwater locator for boaring.

  3. Christopher Gray (verified owner)

    Great Performance At A Price You Can Afford

    Quality and precision , What you would expect from a rigid tool. So far I found that it has been accurate to within 1′ of sender transmitter. Good investment

  4. Chris Patterson (verified owner)

    Great Tool, Works Great.

    Works great. I have to buy this sort of thing but Thank GOD I have ordered this from detector power. Its cheaper than physical store.
    Money well spent .

  5. Thomas Gonzales (verified owner)

    Thanks To Detector Power

    I like the product but a little bit disappointed by delayed delivery. Please do something about this but as for product is concern it is very good. Thanks to detector power.

  6. Gerald Morris (verified owner)

    Good Buy

    this is really good thing to buy I am giving five just due to the reason that there is not 6 star option.

  7. Conrad Larson (verified owner)


    This is wonderful little detection system for underneath water. Once set-up they are easy to use. Their range is better than expected, even when transmitting from a low or partially marshy location. Highly, highly recommend this…..

  8. Aaron Ward (verified owner)

    Works Ok

    Works alright for finding water leaks underneath the ground. It works just ok.

  9. Henry Watson (verified owner)

    Easy To Use

    it has feature that allows you to detect water that gets automatic updates with your location, even if you loose your GPRs. It is very easy to manage.

  10. Kevin Williams (verified owner)


    I’m a professional and this is a professional tool.
    Works great but price seems a little high

  11. Dennis Bennett (verified owner)

    Needed In Case Of Disaster

    These days it’s a good idea to be prepared for any conceivable disaster. being a farmer i should be prepared for disaster in term of water shortage. therefore, i ordered this to avoid such circumstances.

  12. Terry Cook (verified owner)

    Best Product Around!

    I am here to order it again because the last one was stolen. Now I am going to order one pair of product one for my personal use and the second one for my brother. He lives in the canada and holding small land . I hope he would love it.

  13. Patrick Lewis (verified owner)


    Excellent product. Outstanding working and easy to use……Thank you.

  14. Kenneth Howard (verified owner)

    Nice To Have It

    Nice for beginners. My grandson used with ease. I asked for my plumber’s assistance during work in the yard for the pipe line mark up.

  15. John Mitchell (verified owner)

    Love These……..

    I love this underwater locator due to its portability and long battery life.

  16. Harry Carter (verified owner)

    Performs As Well As Can Be Expected

    Overall these are nice . Pairing and configuring was fairly straight forward without any problems.

  17. Stephen Young (verified owner)


    Excellent tool for underground water detection. I would like to add an extra star in the rating bar…..hahahahah

  18. Lewis Graves (verified owner)

    Don’T Listen To The Bad Reviews And Be Realistic. Great For The Price!

    AWESOME PRODUCT! For the price. I’ll just say, I don’t know how anyone left a bad review on this. I’ve taken this out all over Texas. The hill country, big bend, you name it. They’ve been great when we lose water sourcing. The range obviously isn’t more than simple underground water detector. I’d say you get underwater signal in all types of conditions which works perfect for me. Battery life exceeded my expectations. This thing is great!

  19. Harold Smith (verified owner)

    Plumbing Tool

    I’m going to start my business haven’t used it but I’m happy with it.

  20. Bobby Campbell (verified owner)


    This product is even perfect for hiker. During hiking you always need water source time to time. Therefore, my son “jimmy” suggested the idea of buying this product. We didn’t use it yet as we didn’t go out for hiking but soon we will go and definately use this.

  21. Philip Alexander (verified owner)

    Works Amazing!

    This thing has worked very well! It has given me the exact location and depth of the sonde! Saves a lot of time!

  22. Benjamin Perez (verified owner)

    Old Faithful

    One of my favorite tools- Every plumber or drain cleaner should have a camera and locator. The Scout is rugged and dependable

  23. Timmy Brewer (verified owner)

    Amazing Range And Quality!

    OMG!!!! I never expected them to work that well!

    They come with an excellent probing system. No need to take the batteries out, or deal with wires / plugs. Just place them in hand and start searching for site of drilling. They are also pretty solid with the great range in addition to great range they also added 3d imaging in the system.
    I am much satisfied with this GER underwater locator. thanks to detector power.

  24. Ryan Rodriguez (verified owner)

    Great Unit

    The company purchased this unit, compared to the older system we use to use this is far superior and faster, locates are accurate and you have a short learning curve

  25. Adam Anderson (verified owner)

    Cheap Detection.

    Leak detector works great! Cheap detector that I have found in the online store..

  26. Martin Clark (verified owner)

    The Best At The Best Price

    i used one of these at a former work place so there was never a question about it’s ability . i know it can do a lot more than that, but that’s what i use it for. it makes my job so much easier and with the price, it just can’t be beat. every tech. should have one.

  27. Charles Thomas (verified owner)

    It Good Look And It Good Work To Find Air Leak.

    It looks good! I like it. I tested it, I play to blowing it to see how it’s sensitive reaction. It works good to find leak. Good shipping arrival.

  28. Paul Coleman (verified owner)

    Worth The Money

    I ordered this blindly but seriously it worths the money you will never regret.Thanks

  29. Judith Peterson (verified owner)


    My husband is a plumber and had a big under ground job. This was exactly what he needed to get the job done.
    It comes with an instruction dvd that was easy to understand.

  30. Donald Henderson (verified owner)

    Best Range Available

    We camp and fish a lot, so I wanted to get a product that was both versitle and functional in every capacity. Midland has been around for years and has been a great product. This will be useful when we will need to search for the new sorce of fresh water for fishing. I really like the the ability to detect water source within the range of 2000m. Thanks to detector power.

  31. Johnny Nelson (verified owner)

    It Works On All Gases!

    Works great, easy to figure out. Finds vacuum and pressure leaks which is pretty useful. Also picks up certain bearing/ bushing squealing noises. Pretty cool!

  32. Fred Diaz (verified owner)

    A Little Expensive For The Battery Life

    This is little bit expensive because there is no such products in the market. They provide the product with such excellent battery life.

  33. Earl Reed (verified owner)

    Quality Product

    I’ve had mine for about 3yrs, never a problem works far better than the other junk out there. I keep considering buying a second one as a “back up” just in case it fails, but 3yrs and no issues. Have a great ridgid service guy about 2hrs from me that always gets my sewer cameras repaired quickly and correctly. I use this stuff every day.

  34. Jimmy Barnes (verified owner)

    As Advertised

    It found 2 leaks for me,, but you had to really really listen, unless it was a gross leak.
    I’ll keep it in my van, it certainly has its uses.

  35. Edward Morgan (verified owner)

    Delayed Shipment

    I like the product but a little bit disappointed by delayed delivery. Please do something about this.

  36. David Stevenson (verified owner)

    Winning Products!

    I love this winning product by detector power. They provide new detectors with variety of ranges for the detection of underground water. This model is extra fast in scanning and having excellent battery life.

  37. Carl Roberts (verified owner)

    Lost Without It!

    This locator has been invaluable in our business! Not only are we able to complete an extra service for our customers by locating where and how their pipes run but it is a great help when we are stuck in certain situations. We are a sewer and drain business and our jobs have been so much easier since we purchased this locator. We use Ridgid brand equipment exclusively because of the quality and workmanship. You will not be sorry if you purchase this!

  38. Steven Lee (verified owner)

    Good Results. Needs Some Experience For The Correct Diagnosis.

    Good results. Needs some experience for the correct diagnosis.

  39. Shawn Scott (verified owner)

    Super Recommended

    I am mechanical engineer at the dam site. My supervisor asked me to order one for him and I am very much satisfied after the reading such positive review of product.

  40. Victor Hill (verified owner)


    Love this for finding very small leaks in the underground water lines . Great accuracy when used with proper settings

  41. Steve Rivera (verified owner)

    Awesome To Have This Tool To Make My Job Easier

    Awesome to have this tool to make my job easier. I put the sonde on the end of my cable and the locator took me right there!

  42. Willie Richardson (verified owner)

    Great Tool 

    This product was very easy to use and put together worked excellently

  43. Ralph Jones (verified owner)

    You Get What You Pay For

    This is not the product that you will ever regret about purchase. It will always admire you about spending money on the right thing.

  44. Frank Powell (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    This tool is amazing for locating underground lines……five stars

  45. Samuel Thompson (verified owner)


    We purchased this to find property markers. Much cheaper than paying a surveyor for finding those official property markers! It has 100 % accuracy rate.

  46. Mark Rogers (verified owner)


    Simple product with so many outstanding features. The best thing is that it has automatic sesrching system with range. Believe me once you used this you will never want to loss it.

  47. David Parker (verified owner)

    Not That Great

    I couldn’t find a leak in my back yard. But found with this device. In that way its very helpful to me. Otherwise I am not sure about the exact functioning of this device.

  48. Ben Crawford (verified owner)

    3D Imaging Is Excellent

    its very interesting and problem solving product in the market for the very first time. Its lates system can find the fresh water pin point with the great range and provide 8 inch 3D display.

  49. D. Rodgers

    River F is perfect for detecting groundwater, you can choose the type of soil, this results in more accurate results, it has a depth of up to 1200 meters depth, it is the best detector for this type of work, I have been delighted with this Ger Detect, a professional detector that will not fail.

  50. A. Cook

    An incredible detector to find groundwater, best of all, there is no detector like the G River for this type of work.

  51. Jack Pences

    The River G is the best and accurate underground water detector, give me many details of the presence of water on 3D image as well as it show me a range of water analysis results, type of water and depth in meters. Very pleasant with my purchase on Detector Power.

  52. Michael C.

    I have had many brands of detectors to detect underground water wells, but this River F has been by far the best water detector I have found on the market, here at Detector Power they have very good brands, but Ger Detect is the best. I am very happy with the work done by the River F.

  53. Bruce Baker

    This is the second metal detector that I bought in Power Detector and I have always received quality detectors. This Ger Detect River G is impressive, the 3D system that contributes to give a three-dimensional image and thus give a result of the water analysis is the perfect detector to detect water wells in the ground, reaches a depth of 1500 meters below the land. It really is the best detector for this type of use.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A
    With river f plus you can find water below the earth. The screen shows you how deep the water is.
  2. A Buen día, Raul:

    Nuestros precios son dólares americanos.
  3. A Hi Marcos:

    GER Detect River-F Plus can only detect water. For gemstones we recommend the followings:
    1. GER Detect Titan 1000
    2. GER Detect Titan 500
    3. GER Detect Diamond Hunter
    4. MWF 1500 Smart

    Thanks for asking.