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OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal Detector + Windows Tablet PC and Visualizer 3D Software

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The Evolution NTX 3D OKM metal detector and earth scanner can be used by treasure hunters, gold diggers and archaeologists looking for buried objects, hidden artifacts or other lost and found objects


OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal Detector + Windows Tablet PC and Visualizer 3D Software

Stop searching with regular metal detectors – Start searching with OKM Evolution NTX 3D

The Evolution NTX 3D OKM metal detector and earth scanner can be used by treasure hunters, gold diggers and archaeologists looking for buried objects, hidden artifacts or other lost and found objects, such as:

  • Lost and found valuables (rings, coins, jewelry, wedding rings).
  • Treasures and artifacts buried.
  • Antique boxes, chests, chambers, and sepulchers.

Unlike other metal detectors, the OKM Evolution NTX can process 3D graphic images of underground treasures and detected anomalies. Therefore, you can determine the size and depth of potential finds before you dig. The capacity of deep penetration is 10-12 meters.

Based on our experiences and the suggestions of many users of OKM, this new model has been improved and optimized in several aspects:

  • New, long-lasting, rechargeable batteries.
  • Color touch screen with higher resolution.
  • Bluetooth headset integration.
  • More compact and robust design.
  • Improved sensor and coil technology.

In addition to these enhancements, the OKM Evolution NTX includes the following known features of the previous Evolution model:

  • Telescopic probe with search coil.
  • LED light to search in dark environments.
  • Full-color display with touch screen.
  • Live sound mode with VLF metal detector.
  • 3D scanning mode with GST / EMSR scanner.
  • Multilingual user interface.
  • Graphical scan analysis with Visualizer 3D software.
  • Due to these features and improvements, the OKM¬†Evolution NTX metal detector is a very useful tool for all treasure hunters, archaeologists, gold prospectors, and historians.

Ground scanning and metal detection with OKM Evolution NTX

The OKM Evolution NTX 3D ground scanner supports two modes of operation to investigate underground soils for hidden objects and structures. The length of the detector can be individually adjusted according to the height of your own body. This way you can make this metal detector his metal detector.

Live Sound

This mode of operation activates the VLF metal detector to find shallow metal objects such as coins, rings, and other jewelry. Along with an acoustic output, you can also see a simple graphical indication of the signals.

The¬†Tablet PC¬†is equipped with a Windows operating system as well as OKM’s application software.

The most important features of the Windows Tablet PC are:

  • Windows operating system.
  • Multi-touch screen (1920 x 1200 pixels).
  • Long lasting battery of about 8 hours.
  • Weight of approx. 700 grams.
  • Pre-configured with¬†Visualizer 3D¬†software.

All compatible metal detectors by OKM are transferring measured scan data to the Windows Tablet PC without any data loss. After that, the software Visualizer 3D displays a colored 3D representation of your underground objects like gold or silver treasures as well as artifacts, underground cavities, caves, tunnels or treasure chests. Using the 3D software you will find the estimated positions, depths and dimensions of your hidden treasures.

Functions of Visualizer 3D

Visualizer 3D is equipped with several functions no professional treasure hunter should miss. Besides the visualization of detected treasure finds in 3D graphics and the measurement of depth, position and size Visualizer 3D includes the following features:

  • Representation as 2D and 3D graphic.
  • Depth measurement.
  • Determination of objects position.
  • Manual correction of error signals.
  • Printout, Image export for subsequent processing.
  • Variable wireframe representation.
  • Automatic measurement completion in case of missing signals.
  • Automatic correction of error signals.
  • Features to improve the graphics (e.g. interpolation, color filters).
  • Free scalable and movable graphics as well as rotatable ground scans by 360¬į.


OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal Detector Operation Video


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14 reviews for OKM Evolution NTX 3D Scanner Metal Detector + Windows Tablet PC and Visualizer 3D Software

  1. S. Dicker

    I am very satisfied with my purchase. The quality is excellent. The locate function is especially useful and the included accessories allow you to start your treasure hunt right away. Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone interested in metal detecting.

  2. Roger M.

    The Evolution NTX is the most complete detector that I have used and the one with the most complete and surprising functions, it shows you 3D images of treasures that are underground, it has the ability to detect up to 12 meters below the ground, highly recommended.

  3. M. Welsh

    One of the most advanced metal detectors on the market. It is a professional detector with great depth, it has a 3D image, its configuration is relatively easy and the good thing that the tablet includes.

  4. Roy H.

    The best metal detector and 3D scanner not doubt, lightweight and very easy to use, gives you the option to operate on 2 modes, live sound where you can look to detect very small metal objects a very low frequency, it works with 5 sensitivity levels, so far using this device I’ve learned with the highest sensitivity the higher the sensibility the smaller or deeper objects will detect. But the best mode is the 3D scan where it shows you a graphical measurement of the area with very accurate results. I highly recommend a good combo a metal detector and 3D scanner in 1.

  5. Jamie H.

    This metal detector is the best I have ever seen, it is a complete detector with a high quality system. I have used high-end machines and I can say that OKM is the best, this machine is perfect for everyone.

  6. Isacc Alumi

    Powerful metal detector from OKM, I love German technology and this machine is pretty straight forward to use but the most important feature is the 3D image that you can see easily on the tablet. I just wish that the package come with a manual in Romanian because will be easier for me to understand because my english is not too good.

  7. Kendrick F.

    Fantastic machine from the first moment you use them, I have been impressed, I have been a treasure hunter for more than 10 years, but this OKM Evolution is the best I have seen and tested, highly recommended.

  8. Aaron Parker

    I was impressed with how easy it is to operate with my Okm Evolution. This machine is just what I need to find hidden treasures. It is a very complete detector and of incredible quality!

  9. Mario

    Preciso, liviano. Muy buen aparato

  10. Joaquin

    Precision y confiable!

  11. Peter Macay

    I own some deep seeking 3D units, and can say this is better and superior even than the nokta invenio, lightweight and great design, very easy to understand with the windows tablet. Perfect machine for gold and buried treasures.

  12. Ernest L.

    OKM is a high quality brand, the Evolution ntx 3D is an incredible detector, with the Visualizer 3D graphic scan analysis it is phenomenal since it details the graphics of objects and underground structures, in a super complete detector, to detect from coins, rings to old boxes.

  13. Adam Robinson

    My shopping experience with Detector Power has always been a success, the only online detector business in which I have 100% confidence. It is honestly the best and their detectors are the best in quality. I am delighted with the OKM Evolution that I bought recently, it is super accurate when it comes to detecting metals.

  14. John Zamora

    I didn’t know about OKM devices and then one friend recommend this model, he told me is the best 3D model that you’ve ever seen, then of course I did my research on the internet and wow, this brand is top pf the art, now the high prices make sense to me for the technology that they use and the quality of their products. After that I talked with a Detector Power representative and he was very helpful to answer my questions and I decided to purchase. After three moths I could said was my best choice ūüôā I found a big treasure full of gold coins and other relics, so my investment is back to me and more. Thanks OKM for your great products.

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