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GER Detect Golden Way VLF Metal Detector

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Go straight to the point with this fully automatic operation (VLF) system. Start searching immediately without setting up.
It has two discrimination systems to distinguish between precious and non-precious metals with ease.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 3 meters
● High efficiency
● Easy-to-use


GER Detect Golden Way VLF Metal Detector

GER Detect Golden Way device integrates an advanced automatic (VLF) system with high accuracy in identifying metals, up to a depth of 3 meters underground.

The fastest and easiest system to detect gold nuggets, raw gold, underground gold, bronze, and silver coins.

This device provides gold prospectors with high efficiency, low cost, and ease of use.

You can start searching immediately without wasting time programming the device.

GER Detect Golden Way device proved high efficiency through an extensive practical experience all over the world.

GER Detect Golden Way device has several advantages that will turn beginners into professionals in prospecting and obtaining the best results.

VLF System in Golden Way Device

GER Detect Golden Way device is featured by a fully automatic operation system that is not affected by soil types: humid, or rich in mineral salts or mineral rocks.

The Golden Way device works with two discrimination systems:

The Golden Way device works with two discrimination systems:

1. The system of distinguishing and searching for precious metals:

This system rejects signals from iron or non-precious targets, allowing you to search for precious metals only (such as gold, silver, bronze, and coins).

2. General search system, i.e., searching for precious and non-precious metals: this system searches for all types of metals with high accuracy in addition to distinguishing between precious and non-precious metals.

Accessories Included from Factory

  1. Protective bag.
  2. Main unit.
  3. Shaft.
  4. Armrest.
  5. Search coil 30cmsX30cms (12″X12″).
  6. Search coil 15cmsX15cms (6″X6″).
  7. Bluetooth headphones (color may vary).
  8. Home charger.
  9. Car charger.
  10. Multipurpose shovel.
  11. CD instructions and warranty card.


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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

Additional information

Weight 14.33 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 16 × 8 in


Golden Way

Depth (meters)


Depth (feet)


50 reviews for GER Detect Golden Way VLF Metal Detector

  1. Harley Fox (verified owner)

    Easy To Use

    I love this machine so much.Love the rechargeable battery, lasts a long time. Screen, wireless headphones, lightweight, water proof and powerful. Easy to use after a bit of practice.

  2. Kellen Fitzgerald (verified owner)


    This detector is the real deal.The automatic VLF system is great. This is great product and I’m very impressed with it’s performance.

  3. James Hudson (verified owner)


    I love this detector and its accessories too.The accessories of this detector is of super quality.All the important things are available in its accessoris kit.

  4. Edward Scott (verified owner)


    Having fun with this detector.This detector is very easy to use.The VLF automatic system is great you can easily operate this detector.This is great product.

  5. Thomas Gardner (verified owner)


    Great machine, very customizable or works fantastic.First week very successful- rings and coins found with ease on the ground. Recommended.

  6. Mason Kaur (verified owner)

    For Beginner

    I am beginner in this field.I bought this detector.Best metal detector. At least in my price range in beginning. Found lots of old silver coins

  7. Grady Haynes (verified owner)

    Well Worth

    I love the machine and it’s never take too much time to understand it.This detector easily find the treasure with no problem.It ignored the trash while detecting the treasue.

  8. Marcel Ayers (verified owner)

    Lite Weight

    I read about this metal detector and all the good stuff I read it true.Come to think of it, I didn’t see anything bad about this metal detector.It is lite weight and easy to use.

  9. Lukas Roy (verified owner)

    High Quality

    This is a great machine.The price of this detector is very low according to its qualities. The accessories of this detector are also too much greart and high quality.

  10. Dayton Morin (verified owner)


    The VLF automatic which buits in this betector is super and this detector becomes super convinent and super accurate.This detector prdict the gold coins,raw gold and silver coins

  11. Channing Newman (verified owner)

    Great Detector

    Great detector! I feel it’s the best detector in its price range, maybe even the best hobby detector out there. The VLF automatic system is awesome. From tiny gold nuggets to deep silver coins.

  12. Elliot Hughes (verified owner)

    Great Company

    This is Great Detector.This detector has CD which described the whole product.This is laso have warranty card in case you feel some issue in your detector you can easily replace it with new one

  13. Charles Francis (verified owner)


    I love this thing. I’m finding coins where I thought it was hunted out and nothing left there. I am very pleased with this product.

  14. Rylen Nash (verified owner)

    Great Machine

    I used this machine and love it land or lake it works great! The setting of the machine is much easer then other detectors.So every time I take it out I learn something new.This is great machine.

  15. Aiden Pearce (verified owner)

    Great Depth

    I love it…I do not know much about metal detecting but this machine made it easy for me.This detector found the small silver and gold object with accuracy which buried at great depth.

  16. Justin Hall (verified owner)


    Love the depth of this machine. It is built for the serious detectorist. Great for all beaches and relic hunting.

  17. Daniel Cox (verified owner)


    This detector has a VLF system which is very easy to understand and also have rechargeable battery which is absolutly great.This is an awesome machine.

  18. Charles Pearce (verified owner)

    Time Saving

    Easy to pick up and use,this detector take no time to read instruction and no need to see tutorial about this detector.This detector has VLF system which is very fine. Love it.

  19. Harley Scott (verified owner)


    Takes no time to understand and apply all the features and adjustments. Great device! Finds small buried objects with great accuracy!!!

  20. Elijah Franks (verified owner)


    Best detector I have ever used. Easy to use you can easily handle this machine it is absolutely incredible. My deepest coins was over 6 feet. Small silver.I love this detector.

  21. Sam Stevens (verified owner)


    This detector only predict the treasure like gold, silver, bronze coin e.t.c.The advantage of this detector is never messed up with other stuff like rabbish and trash.It only detects the precious metal.

  22. Dominic Poole (verified owner)


    This is an unbelievable machine. very accurate, very sensitive and without wasting of time you can easily operate it. Love it!

  23. Alexander Webb (verified owner)


    Very easy to use, found some stuff really deep on the beach. Pin-point accurate and very predictable.This machine works very well.

  24. Rhys Gilmore (verified owner)

    Great Buy

    I bought this detector. I have used it several times. I compred it to other other detector but this one takes getting used to because it has many more features.Great buy. I am very happy.

  25. Emmett Jacobson (verified owner)


    This detector is super.This detector never waste your time in setting up like other detector.This detector is easy to operate and works with great accuracy.

  26. Bentlee Ingram (verified owner)

    Great Detector

    Easy to use no need to see any tutorial about this detector because its VLF system go straight to the point with no setting . Love it. I think its a great detector to start out with for the serious people that want to take up the hobby.

  27. Erick Puckett (verified owner)


    great product, fast delivery.Great company.

  28. Corey Bell (verified owner)


    This detector as described.The system of this detector search for all type of stuff but ir neglects the non precius metal and pick up the precious metal.I love this machine.

  29. Luca Dawson (verified owner)

    Smart Work

    I bought this detector.Great detector works very smart , picks silver out of a field full of iron. I like this detector very much I will buy it agan for my companion.

  30. Rylee Cabrera (verified owner)


    This detector has a very advanced automatic VLF system.This machine is great for professionals. I will recommend it.

  31. Kieran Palmer (verified owner)


    This is our first detector, so we are practicing use for finding gold. There is a absolute difference between the signal for Gold and silver.Glad we got this detector.

  32. Ethan Reid (verified owner)

    No Worry

    This detector has a rechargeable battery and also have two types of chargers.The car charger is great addition in the whole accessory kit.When the battery of your detector is getting low you put your detector on charge in your car with no worry.

  33. Apollo Shields (verified owner)


    Works great and you can approach your target with much accuracy while using this detector.You can find object which buried at maximum 3 meters depth.

  34. Winston Kidd (verified owner)


    Well made. Accurate. Easy to use.

  35. Noah Whitehead (verified owner)


    This is an amazing detector. I especially like the ability to discriminate between coins and trash.This detector ignored the other stuff and pick the silver and gold objects quickly.

  36. Kelvin Daugherty (verified owner)

    Love It

    Love it don’t need a lot of words.Get one and you’ll see.

  37. Zachary Sutton (verified owner)


    This is detector is much convinent due to its smooth system and its armrest too.You never feel tired up when using this detector its ahs a armrest which hold the all weight of detector and you feel comfortable.

  38. Luca Kirkland (verified owner)

    Work Great

    It is very light weight, easy to operate. Great quality.Easy to use and well worth the investment.

  39. Christopher Green (verified owner)

    No Regret

    I am a professional detector, this detector is grear. I am very happy with this product. You will not regret buying this unit.

  40. Jenson Ward (verified owner)

    Learning Machine

    Great detector and arrived quickly. This machine is a huge step up from what I was using. It’s a high quality machine that even a beginner can learn quickly.

  41. Brandon Barker (verified owner)


    This is very super detectors.Great depth and target separation. Extremely light weight.when you are using this detector it never feel you tired.

  42. Dakota Morrison (verified owner)

    Good Quality

    The great detector in my opinion.The quality of headphones is greart the sound is too much clear or different than other detector.Fast delivery the company is great.

  43. Aaron Dean (verified owner)


    This metal detector is amazing.Searching for silver coins is easier with this machine as it is very accurate. It is super lightweight which makes it easier to prospect longer.This machine exceeds my expectations.

  44. Zachary Huff (verified owner)

    For Beginner

    This machine is amazing.This machine is a polishing material for the beginners.It converts the beginners into professionals to getting the best result.This for all ages detector.

  45. Lewis Mcdonald (verified owner)

    Super Machine

    This is a super machine.It works very well.This detector predict the buried object with too much accuracy.

  46. Luca Miller (verified owner)

    Great Work

    Works great and light weight. This detector is more technical than my last detector but it’s a learning thing.This is a great detector.

  47. Julio Cote (verified owner)


    The accessories of the machine is of very high quality.portable charges,wireless headphones and a super quality bag are included in its accessories.

  48. Alexander Phillips (verified owner)

    Car Charger

    What an amazing metal detector. Never used one before but I’m glad I made the purchase for this one. Easy to use, It also have car chager which is great thing .Awesome.

  49. Santiago M.

    Easy and quick set up and recovery. The beach use is phonomel, no ground balance problems and great detection and depth.

  50. V. Royer

    This detector is really amazing, with a very advanced system that makes it easier and faster to detect gold, silver or bronze, it is capable of detecting even gold nuggets, it is very complete, it works perfectly.

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