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GER Detect Easy Way Smart Dual System Metal Detector

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Shorten time and distance when finding targets! This is the smallest device with a long-range radar sensing system and a 3D imaging system.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 18 meters / Front Range: 2000 square meters
● Automatic calibration & ground scanning
● Detect and measure small targets


GER Detect Easy Way Smart Dual System Metal Detector

After the tremendous success achieved by GER Detect in cooperation with UIG Detectors on the EASY WAY PLUS device, GER Detect has completely upgraded this device to help prospectors shorten time and distance in finding the target. The world’s unique and only technology that combines two systems within one device.

Specialized in prospecting and searching for gold, precious metals, burials, caves, and voids inside the ground, with confidentiality and ease. The smallest device with a radar sensing system and a 3D imaging system, completely concealable.

Long-range radar system

GER Detect has invented the first device of its kind in the world with a single handgrip radar sensor system. A grip highly effective with a radar structure characterized with the analysis of radar waves that measure a target’s characteristics. In other words, it is a high-precision dual-frequency radar and a transmitter and receiver of the signals coming from targets.

A radar system with a special and sophisticated algorithms integration to detect the location of the target, consistent ability to detect and measure small targets in the ground. The front range in the long-range system can reach up to 2000 square meters, which equals 500 meters in each direction, it also can reach a depth of 18 meters in the ground.

3D Imaging System

This system is designed to avoid errors caused using the long-range system by the prospector and to confirm the existence of the target. After identifying the target with the radar system, you can make a scanning for the detected target with the 3D imaging system.

The EASY WAY SMART device has several characteristics:

  • This system is supported by an Android application that works in several languages, namely: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic – Portuguese – Russian).
  • Automatic calibration with soil.
  • Automatic ground scanning feature.
  • It reaches a depth of 18 meters underground.


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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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Easy Way Smart

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52 reviews for GER Detect Easy Way Smart Dual System Metal Detector

  1. Lyle Spencer (verified owner)

    Great Tool!

    This item was very fast delivery at my home and works perfectly. It’s a must tool for metal detectors and it’s waterproof!

  2. Hector Mcgee (verified owner)


    Well satisfied with metal detector…

  3. Randy Washington (verified owner)


    If anyone is debating on buying this or a 35 dollar pinpointer don’t waste your time with the cheaper one. I bought the cheap one and wasted a lot of time looking for objects in plugs. Ended up buying this excellent detector now. This is very accurate and has multiple sensitivity levels. I would definitely recommend.

  4. Charles Snyder (verified owner)

    Simple, Durable And Reliable.

    Very simple to use and change sensitivity. It is accurate and gets you right onto target – huge time saver for small targets (coins, casings, buttons, slugs, etc.). Bounced around, dropped and submerged in a foot water….holding up well so far.

  5. Samuel Collier (verified owner)

    This Is One Powerful Detector!

    I’ve used a few detectors over the years, nothing as powerful as this. If your treasure is hiding in the mud and dirt this baby will definitely locate it. It definitely increased my odds for finding buried treasure. I even used it to find a stud in the wall to hang a picture. A great buy!

  6. Alfonso Fox (verified owner)

    This Is The Only Pin Pointer You Need.

    Don’t with your money on knock offs this is the one you need.

  7. Todd Hernandez (verified owner)

    It'S Easy To Use

    I used it this weekend and it was great to pinpoint and item with my metal detector then fine tune the find with this.

  8. Carlos Simmons (verified owner)

    This Does Not Disappoint.

    This is the standard for beginners. I replaced a cheap one and I love this detector by detector power. It gives me the ability to make faster digs and that is valuable. Great depth.

  9. Ronald Harper (verified owner)

    Off On Button

    I’ve had a problem with the off on button in an older version but this new product seems to have a similar style off on button but hopefully I won’t run into the same issue.

  10. Juan Love (verified owner)

    Definitely For Someone With At Least Moderate Experience!

    The detector is definitely for a seasoned beginner because it takes a little practice to adjust it. Great water capabilities since Florida has lots of it!

  11. Andrew Phillips (verified owner)

    Lost Mine

    Don’t ask I think it fell in the trash can when i was using it to wand some wood. Yes it works on wood also.
    Had to pull it out of the metal detector bag, works nice.
    Watch i’ll find to first one now.

  12. Rolando Curtis (verified owner)

    You Have To Use It For A While To Get Accuracy.

    having trouble discriminating.

  13. Phillip Weber (verified owner)

    Just What I Needed To Pin Point My Treasures

    Made detecting a lot quicker without digging a big hole. I love its accuracy and speed.

  14. Gary Foster (verified owner)

    Don’T Get The Imitations. Get The Real Deal.

    Excellent product and easy to use. It’s a must have for metal detecting. Don’t settle for cheap imitations, get the real deal

  15. Clarence Robinson (verified owner)

    Game Changer

    Very easy to use right out of the box, pin point accuracy even on items you can’t see with naked eye, when you dig up things they are all brown, even if an item was in your hand you might not know without this. Well worth the money.

  16. Dale Morris (verified owner)


    Used for my archeological findings and its just perfect. Thanks to detector power.

  17. Christian Lloyd (verified owner)

    Fast And Easy Order

    Very easy to use
    And very accurate
    Plus the orange color is easy to spot if dropped

  18. Jaime Ryan (verified owner)


    Used to determine rebar spacing or post tension cable spacing. Worked like a charm.

  19. Chris French (verified owner)

    Wonderful Tool For Metal Detection

    Metal detector usage…good tool

  20. Brent Tran (verified owner)

    Game Changer

    I had a cheaper pinpointer previously and spent too much time searching holes unsuccessfully. I decided to upgrade and it has changed the experience tremendously. Small bits of metal that were hard to find and could not be sifted can now be isolated and removed.

  21. Terrance Marshall (verified owner)

    Serves Me Well. It Points Me To The Treasure When Im In The Dirt. Love It.

    It points me to the treasure when Im in the dirt. Love it. It works VERY well

  22. George Wilson (verified owner)


    I am a beginner and enjoy metal detecting. The pro pointer is great and have used it several times. Found buttons that were dated late 1700-1800s . Some were deep at least 10 inches and pro pointer had no problem finding them . I am very please .

  23. Diana Ingram (verified owner)

    Husband Loves This Tool!

    My husband uses this to find nails in old house walls and floors.

  24. Darnell Aguilar (verified owner)

    Fast Recovery

    Exactly what I needed. Target recovery time is so much faster! Great quality and very accurate

  25. Clayton Lyons (verified owner)

    Easy To Use, Very Portable

    Bought for my father and I to enjoy the hobby of metal detecting. We now have my young daughter joining us. She loves going and using her carrot.

  26. Tracy Douglas (verified owner)

    Great Product!

    The product work right away. It was very accurate.

  27. Miguel Cain (verified owner)

    Very Sensitive.

    Works very well. It will find the smallest things accurately. It is a real time saver. Follow the directions and it will do the job.

  28. Micheal Morales (verified owner)

    Definitely Up For The Task!!

    Performs exactly like I expected and what I needed. Can’t go wrong with this tool!

  29. Ted Munoz (verified owner)

    Great Product.

    I will be changing all my detection equipment to detector power. They are very Accurate. sifting through loose dirt it was detecting some nails that were about 3″ away. The only thing that could make me more satisfied is if they gave me a discount voucher for this model. I would get it in a heartbeat.

  30. Linda Fields (verified owner)

    Watch The Video On You Tube For Great Tips.

    Bought this for my husband for his birthday. He is an amateur gold miner. He is overjoyed with it. ( I have a lot more time for myself at home these days. Lol.

  31. Justin Walker (verified owner)

    Five Stars

    This tool is amazing for locating underground lines……five stars

  32. Russell Evans (verified owner)

    Works Great!

    If you are thinking of buying one. Dont go with the cheaper ones because they don’t work. Buy this one…makes detecting so much easier.

  33. Bill Peterson (verified owner)

    Very Satisfied

    Very satisfied, would recommend

  34. Wilbert Simon (verified owner)

    Works As Intended

    Used it a couple of times. It’s easier and quicker to locate the object . Saves time. Love it!

  35. Ralph Walker (verified owner)

    Easy To Use, Very Sensitive And The Vibration Mode Is Very Helpful.

    The vibration mode really helps get your attention. Well worth the money.

  36. Paul Brewer (verified owner)

    The Pin Pointer Is Accurate

    I am excited to be able to use it in the water at the beach.

  37. Wilson Barker (verified owner)

    Works Great

    Works great and easy to use. It’s definitely a step up from cheaper models.

  38. Antonio Freeman (verified owner)

    Use With A Metal Detector

    This detector found the property marker after I used a metal detector to locate the general area. The picked up the marker within about 3 inches.

  39. Terence Lawrence (verified owner)

    It Worked Like Miracle! Found My Diamond Earring In Less Than A Minute In Thick Grass.

    It worked like miracle! found my nickel earrings in less than a minute in thick grass. So thankful!!

  40. Johnnie Neal (verified owner)

    Easy To Install

    This is the need of every treasure hunter I’ve owned! Very easy to use!

  41. Lewis Dean (verified owner)

    Dad Loves It!

    Dad loves hunting for treasures. Only missing was this detector which makes it a quick find for him. Its great for beginners and accurate. Def recommend

  42. Jim Nash (verified owner)

    Makes Metal Detecting Spot-On!

    You can’t go wrong with this Unit. If you want to make metal detecting easier and more fun, this tool will help do the trick.

  43. Francis Figueroa (verified owner)

    Great Metal Detector

    We love the this, so glad we purchased!

  44. Leroy Graham (verified owner)

    Works Great

    Haven’t had a chance to use it yet, garret detecters are always a great product,

  45. Howard Hall (verified owner)

    The "Standard" For Detectorists.

    I am a pro/am detectorist. Detecting to me is more than just a hobby, it’s a passion. I’ve tried many other pin pointers on the market and this one is my go to. Whether it’s in the water, in the woods or at an urban park, it works, its reliable and tough, and it gets the job done.

  46. Delbert Davidson (verified owner)

    Setting The Unit Up To Be At Specific Setting Is Very Difficult, Too Difficult.

    Set-up for different settings is not user friendly.

  47. Benny Mullins (verified owner)

    Quality Product. Works Well.

    Very well made and easy to use.

  48. Ronald Green (verified owner)

    Great Metal Detector And Very Easy To Use!

    Excellent metal detector! Worked great looking for treasures with my 4-year old grand son 

  49. Veltman

    A great long-range detector, with which you can find treasures much easier, excellent high-quality detector.

  50. N. Harvey

    I obtained the Ger Detect Easy Way and I am completely happy with this detector. It is a pleasure to use such a complete detector, it is great, the best!!

  51. A. Rollins

    I like this machine, I have other detectors, but none like the Easy Way Dual, a high quality professional detector with a depth of up to 18 meters. Amazing long distance locator. An investment like this is worth making.

  52. A. Fraser

    This new Easy Way Smart Dual is a great detector for professional use, it is an improved version of the Easy Way, the long-range metal detector is easy to use, with high precision, has a range of 2000 square meters, capable of detecting gold , precious metals, burials, caves, etc., it has the automatic scan function. It is a great detector and very complete.

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