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GER Detect Diamond Hunter Long Range Detector – WINTER Discount

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Use it to find all kinds of diamonds, precious stones and gems.

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● Front range: 2500 square meters / Depth: 30 meters
● New super antenna system
● Easy to use, precise performance and light weight


GER Detect Diamond Hunter Long Range Diamond Metal Detector

UPC: 8500060340006

The Diamond Hunter Geolocator is a long-range device with German technology and intelligence, made in Germany, modern, ergonomic, user-friendly, lightweight with accurate results. The device has been tested by experts to demonstrate quality in their industry before offering it on the market.

Diamond Hunter Technical Specifications

Glass screen through which you can specify the type of target to detect. When the device is running you can choose between these languages: German, French, English, Arabic.

Once you have selected the desired language, select search type from the list:

  • Big diamonds underground.
  • Little diamonds underground.
  • Forged stones under the floor.
  • Natural gems under the ground.

After completing the settings and starting the detection process, the Diamond Hunter will start sending and receiving special detection frequencies up to 35 meters below the ground and up to 2500 meters square around.

The receiver of the signal locates the selected target in the search system and automatically guides the user to the exact location, once the location is reached and is above of the target the locator will make circular movements.

Super Antenna Technical Specifications

Now and for the first time in the world of technology, the Dual Antenna or Super Antenna.

The new super antenna system is faster, stronger and makes it easier to discover diamonds and gemstones under the ground.

This Diamond Hunter detector works by spiral system in vast areas that need detectors of great distances, consists of two circuits of transmission (transmitter and receiver) and that work according to the principle of earth induction.

Install the super antenna on the device, when the device is running, the transmitter circuit sends a signal to the receiver circuit and the antenna assists the device by generating a spiral current (Foucault Current) that leads to multiplying the signals, more than 1000 times for the device to cover more areas in a matter of seconds.

Parts and components of the Geolocator Diamond Hunter:

  • Control box.
  • Security case.
  • Signal receiving antenna.
  • Super Antenna.
  • Signal enhancer.
  • Battery charger.

Video of the operation of the GER Detect Diamond Hunter Long Range Diamond Metal Detector


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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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Weight 6 lbs


Diamond Hunter

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52 reviews for GER Detect Diamond Hunter Long Range Detector – WINTER Discount

  1. Richard Bell (verified owner)

    Four Stars

    The product is good but giving four stars just for damaged parcel and I don’t know why it was damaged I think during delivery something may happen.

  2. Ola Randy (verified owner)

    Great Gift For My Husband!

    My husband loves his diamond detector! Fair warning on ease of use: it’s not something that you’re going to pull out of the box, turn on and go find treasure. He’s spent quite a bit of time watching YouTube videos, practicing calibration, using the different settings, and searching for gems. So far, it’s been very accurate and though it feels lightweight to begin with, he has to switch arms occasionally. I can’t say yet how it performs underwater but will update after more opportunities to try it out.

  3. Fred Cooper (verified owner)

    Awsome Metal Detector

    Very amazing machine, I search in very difficult beaches and this machine catches the signal on very magnetic black sand. I found a rubby 5 minutes after turning it on. Then I spend 2 hours convincing my wife that I didn’t planted this, lol. This machine can be used out of the box or fine tune for your needs. It ups to you but the pre-settings are amazing.

  4. Roger Turner (verified owner)

    The Best Dector I’Ve Ever Had

     As a beginner it takes time to learn the overall system, Download the manual it will help you a lot

  5. Dexter Moore (verified owner)

    Exceptional Machine

    The tones on this detector are amazing. Searching for gems Is easier with this machine as it is very accurate and with tons of settings can make it easier to eliminate trash. It can detect diamond at a very deep depth about 2300m. It is super lightweight which makes it easier to prospect longer. This machine exceeds my expectations and could not be happier than now.

  6. Anthony Gonzalez (verified owner)

    It'S A Must Have Detector. Worth Every Penney

    Great detector , picks silver, diamonds, gemstones, and gold out of a field full of rocks. I like it as much as my underwater detector..

  7. Jeremy Hall (verified owner)

    Very Good

    Love it don’t need a lot of words
    Get one and you’ll see

  8. Gary Alexander (verified owner)

    Love It

    I read about this and all the good stuff I read it is true.
    Come to think of it, I didn’t see anything bad about this detector.
    It is lite weight and easy to use.
    I enjoy beach hunting.

  9. Steven Long (verified owner)

    Great Machine

    This thing is super light and picks up signals I have never been able to before. It can pick up an object in between 2 other object that are junk. Found my first gem on my first outing in a field I have detected before. Great machine.

  10. Louis Roberts (verified owner)

    Spectacular Machine

    Easy to use and well worth the investment

  11. Jaime Park (verified owner)

    Great In Wet Sand!

    This ‘upgrade’ from our former machine, is just great to use at the beach. The one we had prior was something we had used in the fields of New England. We’re off to find treasures at the beach now!

  12. Henry Wilson (verified owner)

    Great Machine

    I have used this machine for just under a year and love it land or lake it works great! There are lots of different settings but every time I take it out I learn something new.

  13. Sean Miller (verified owner)

    Love It For Beach Combing

    Easy to pick up and use, take a little time to read instructions or watch a couple of YouTube videos and you are set. Love it.

  14. Harold Walker (verified owner)

    My New Favorite

    I love this thing. I’m finding my cat eye gemstone where I thought it was hunted out and nothing left there.

  15. Orville Higgins (verified owner)

    Money Well Spent

    Very pleased with this purchase, great packaging, beautiful product and very lightweight. Large easy to read display included 15 screen protectors – in different languages (only 1 in English) but you could still use them should one get damaged.

  16. Eric Price (verified owner)

    Great Product!

    We have enjoyed this so far. Beginner but it is a very good machine…

  17. Benjamin Robinson (verified owner)

    Ease Of Use

    More complicated than described

  18. Myron Herrera (verified owner)


    I live next to the beach & once you get to know the settings which factory’s settings is best will find stuff

  19. Joe Parker (verified owner)

    Fast Delivery Awesome Detector

    Fast delivery and what can you say it’s the best detector on the market in my opinion. Steep learning curve and the sounds are completely different than anyother detector. Time will tell you which one was better.

  20. David Rogers (verified owner)

    Professional Machine. Worth Every Penny!

    Love the depth of this machine e. It is built for the serious detectorist. Great for all beaches and diamond hunting.

  21. Christopher Powell (verified owner)

    It’S A Keeper

    You got to put the time in with this one. The more you learn about this detector, the more it gives. Searches deeper and gives you a better idea what’s underground. Seen others have had issues with swivel at the base breaking and arm support snapping. But they were covered under warranty. For serious detecting

  22. Albert Phillips (verified owner)

    Great Gems Detector

    It is very light weight, easy to operate. Great quality.

  23. Nicholas Lee (verified owner)

    Great Detector!

    I definitely recommend this thing! Found numerous civil war gold coins, and gemstones ! A little on the hard side to figure out…but once you’ve got it down pat, your good to go! Tells me exactly what I’m about to dig.
    Overall a great detector!

  24. Horace Black (verified owner)


    Works as advertised.

  25. Keith Murphy (verified owner)

    Really Good Detector. Easy To Use. Battery Life Could Be Better.

    Well made. Accurate. Easy to use.

  26. Juan Torres (verified owner)


    This was my first detector. It was easy to learn for a beginner.

  27. Dennis Brown (verified owner)

    Well Worth It

    Having fun with this new toy! Still learning how to use it. It has a learning curve compared to cheap detectors I’ve been using.

  28. Nathaniel Mcdaniel (verified owner)

    This Thing Is A Beast

    This thing is a Beast! The recovery speeds are amazing. Love this machine. Was easy to learn with time and the menus are easy to navigate. Multifrequency is sick! Love this machine. Just do yourself a favor and buy it!

  29. Stanley Thomas (verified owner)

    Worth Every Penny

    After going from cheap titan detector to another I finally made the decision to spend the money and get a good one. This is night and day, I wish now I went straight to this one and saved money and hassle. Much more accurate, less false positives, easier to use(yes easier than the cheap ones).

  30. Brandon Martinez (verified owner)

    My First Metal Detector Is This Long Range Diamond Hunter

    Easy to use with the help of watching some YouTube videos for advanced settings. Love it. I think its a great detector to start out with for the serious people that want to take up the hobby.

  31. Frank Foster (verified owner)

    Excellent Product

    Excellent detector! Having a lot of fun learning it

  32. Lester Flores (verified owner)

    I'M Having A Blast!

    Great detector and arrived quickly. Of course I only included photos of my more exciting finds and left out the tons of trash 😁. If you do your homework and put the time in you will also have some exciting finds. This machine is a huge step up from what I was using. It’s a high quality machine that even a beginner can learn quickly.

  33. Jeffrey Morris (verified owner)

    Crazy Accurate

    Very easy to use, found some stuff really deep on the beach. Pin-point accurate and very predictable.

  34. Edward Perez (verified owner)

    Sweet Machine!!!

    Been doing this for 40 years and this is by far the best etector I’ve ever owned I love to have it due to its long range of about2300m.

  35. Aaron Flores (verified owner)

    Great Depth And Target Separation... Extremely Light Weight

    Great depth and target separation…
    Extremely light weight.

  36. Todd Anderson (verified owner)

    Long Battery Life

    After reading so many positive reviews I ordered this and when I received my detector, I used it for 8 hours with 40 minutes of charging. So its really long battery life.

  37. Martin Henderson (verified owner)

    A Great Unit With Everything That You Need.

    It took me quite a while to decide which brand to buy, but I’m glad I chose this one. It’s fairly straight forward to use and yet has options that are available when you get beyond the beginner levels that really make this unit stand out. I cannot find anything negative to say about this unit.

  38. Harry Lopez (verified owner)

    Recieved No Owners Manual

    Great product but sorry to say. No owners manual. I feel there needs to be information explaining this great detector to maximize its potential.

  39. Bob Lawson (verified owner)

    Takes Time To Learn To Use

    water proof battery worn on user no shorts fun dose not come with insturtion book

  40. Rona Abbott (verified owner)

    Found Some Cool Things My First Time Out

    I’m a 71 yr old woman and researched a lot which was the best for all types of gemstones and diamonds. Also something I could manage to use without killing my arms. I have only been able to use it 3 times since I got it because it’s winter but so excited to get back out there. I don’t think you should hesitate to seriously look at this detector.

  41. Jose Coleman (verified owner)

    Excellent Range

    yes….this is the device with excellent range and speed. It has the range of about 2000m and 10 hours of battery life with one time charger.

  42. Jesse Edwards (verified owner)

    Light Weight And Easy To Use

    I love it…I do not know much about diamond detecting but this machine made it easy for me…

  43. Gerald Hernandez (verified owner)

    This Thing Rocks!!

    Thanks to detector power exchange policey I was able to return a diamond detector that I had just bought before I learned of this one. I made the right choice to get this it seems from all the reviews I have seen. I just started this hobby and have pulled a few nice things already. Once I get the hang of the signals I should be flying high.

  44. Dwight Curtis (verified owner)

    Much Better Than My Older One

    Works great and light weight. Little more technical than my last detector but it’s a learning thing.

  45. Willie Martin (verified owner)

    Freaking Awesome

    A little practice and you’ll be finding lots of cool targets

  46. Matthew Griffin (verified owner)

    Amazing Detector, Especially For New England

    This is an amazing detector. I especially like the ability to discriminate between gems and diamonds. Thanks to detector power.

  47. Mark Morgan (verified owner)

    My First Detector.

    As a beginner, the learning was a breeze. I watched YouTube for quick tutorials on it functions, which was very helpful. The detector worked incredibly well, can’t wait to try it out on some promising spots.

  48. G. Beaty

    The best long-range detector for finding diamonds and gemstones, it’s great.

  49. Ryan L.

    I bought the Ger Detect Diamond Hunter since I had to go to Africa and I can say that it is a proven high quality detector, it was a success, I was able to find a good weight diamond, it has a great distance of 2500 square meters and that helped so I could find it easier, thanks Detector Power for recommending the Diamond Hunter

  50. Austin K.

    My diamond hunter is the best detector to hunt diamonds, whether big or small, also to find precious stones, which are underground, it has a depth of 35 meters, with the super antenna function it makes it easier to find diamonds and precious stones

  51. Ron Wilson

    Recently I bought the Ger Detect Diamond Hunter here by Detector Power, I got the detector in perfect condition and the day set, very satisfied with its service. The detector covers an area of ​​1000 meters, has a signal receiver that guides you to the target, I have found several precious stones, I am super happy with my new Ger Detect metal detector.

  52. Abmir

    Was looking for a diamond detector to use in Africa and get this one, very surprise with the results also wants to thanks detector power for a fast shipment and great service.

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