REAL GOLD AKS LR-TR Long Range Gold, Silver, Copper and Stone Metal Detector

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Authentic GOLDAKS LR-TR, we are certified distributors. This remains one of the most demanded gold detectors in the world since 2017.
Perfect to detect gold, silver, copper and precious stones.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 70 meters / Front Range: 5000 square meters
● 6 antennas
● Case included


Thanks for your interested in the Gold AKS LR-TR, it will be available after March 15th. We suggest MWF Spark, Gold AKS Pro

REAL GOLD AKS LR-TR Long Range Gold, Silver, Copper and Stone Metal Detector

The Real GOLD AKS LR-TR is the first-star device from AKS GROUP. This detector was launched to the public at the end of 2017. It is a device that many companies around the world try to imitate and counterfeit without success. Please note that we have a system to test the authenticity of the device on manufacturer website.

LONG RANGE DETECTION – Experience the power of geolocator technology that functions as a deep seeking detector plus long-range target locator. Distinguish between valuable & non-valuable metals.

TREASURE FINDER – The ultimate in gold and silver hunting capability! This detector is built to accurately locate everything from gold, silver, coins & jewelry to older relics and larger treasures.

4 SEARCH SYSTEMS – You can choose your search system: gold, copper, silver, and diamond.

Superior deep seeking technology lets you become your own archaeologist and treasure hunter!

  • Microcomputer CPU control and reflection conductivity and P6FE1M smart development algorithm.
  • GOLD AKS LR-TR can reach a distance up to 5000 meters.
  • This Deep Seeking Detector will locate metals and targets up to 70 meters depth to find great treasures that have been buried for many years.
  • This device is characterized by the speed of response to the targets above other devices operating on the same system.
  • Fine Tuning and easy to use.

The Real Gold AKS LR TR package include:

  • Main unit.
  • Control unit.
  • Wall charger.
  • 6 antennas.
  • User manual.
  • Warranty Card.
  • Unique Serial Number.
  • Military Style Protective Case.


Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer responsability.

Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and cannot guarantee to the client the discovery of treasures or valuable metals if there is really nothing at the search site. Detector Power guarantees that the products offered detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest to our clients before making any purchase that they analyze the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that cannot be returned.

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 10 in



Distance (meters)


Distance (miles)


Depth (meters)


Depth (feet)


61 reviews for REAL GOLD AKS LR-TR Long Range Gold, Silver, Copper and Stone Metal Detector

  1. Eric White (verified owner)

    Amazing Unit For The Price

    I like this unit so much for the price that I also bought my Son the same unit. The only drawback to having two of them is we can’t be real close to each other as they seem to interfere with each other but other than that it’s an amazing unit and I highly recommend it. We have found many coins with ours.

  2. Alan Butler (verified owner)

    Light Weight, Great Discrimination.

    I found this detector light weight and do a great job descriminating the target. The only thing I find to be less than perfect is the pin-pointing. I have still been able to do without a pin-pointer but it is not as accurate as my older. I would recommend this machine to anybody. I recently found a nickel that had two old rusty nails near it.

  3. Louis Miller (verified owner)

    Take Your Time And Learn What It Can Do.

    I was afraid the detector would miss a lot of objects, but the opposite is true. It finds everything and you have to sift through the signal to decide if it’s worth digging or not.

  4. Billy Lopez (verified owner)

    It Looks Like It Was Advetised, Have Not Used Yet

    have to read the book on the different sounds, so you know what it is detecting

  5. Roy Adams (verified owner)

    Pretty Good

    First metal detector I’ve ever bought. I’ve found some cool things with it. Nothing wrong with the thing and exp great for someone who don’t want to spend a grand on one, this is the one and important.

  6. Keith Taylor (verified owner)

    You Have To Learn How To Usse It

    It is not something you just turn on and go, it takes time to learn how to use it.

  7. Jerry Gonzalez (verified owner)

    Works Great

    My first one. Took a bit to figure it out, but it is good.

  8. Roger Johnson (verified owner)

    Not Too Shabby

    Found my mothers necklace she lost in the backyard over 20 years ago within 10 mins of first use. It was at about 4-5 inches down. It arrived in a unsecure box though not even taped shut.(same box its sold in with picture and name of product plastered all over it} Nothing was missing at least and arrived a week sooner than expected.

  9. Jose Edwards (verified owner)

    Great Detector For Beginners!

    Easy to use, accurate and a lot of fun.

  10. Nicholas Bailey (verified owner)

    Seems Great For The Average Person

    Bought this for my wife for Christmas and she loves it, seems easy to use for the non mechanically inclined person seems to be perfect for a first time user and plenty of options for a person to just go out and have fun detecting

  11. Jack Ross (verified owner)

    A Nice Mid Range Detector

    This metal detector is a great unit for the money. It is good for a seasoned detector as well as a beginner. Very pleased with purchase.

  12. Albert Flores (verified owner)

    My Son Loves It!

    My 14year old loves this. Easy to use but very accurate and professional!

  13. Michael Garcia (verified owner)

    Fast Shipping

    I wanted to locate artifacts on the old property we live
    Thanks much it worked well

  14. Jesse Moore (verified owner)

    Easy Controls, Easy To Read Display And Loads Of Fun.

    Ive always wanted one, never had one, and found out there is SO MUCH out there to go find. I used it, my son has used it, my grand daughter loves it, so I can totally see getting more than my moneys worth in fun.

  15. Robert Martinez (verified owner)

    Great Value For The Price

    Love how easy it was to get it up and running

  16. Larry Collins (verified owner)

    Beginners Luck

    Great detector. A little heavy for me but it gets the job done

  17. Joshua Turner (verified owner)

    Nice Mid-Range Unit

    This seems to be a very reasonable unit to begin with. I haven’t had but a couple of short chances to try it out and so far, have not turned-up any gold or silver, but some trash items. I going to give this unit a really good try but, have to wait for a while due to an operation. I live in South Arizona, so I’m in gold country and by the time I’ll be able to hike around searching, it will be getting into the mid to high 90 temps. I do believe it may have decent promise. If detecting with this unit goes well, I’ll be opting for a SER Technology latest gold digger by detector power.

  18. Sean Jenkins (verified owner)

    Still New At Figuring Out How It Works But Looks Good.

    I’m happy with it. I’m new at detecting but it’s been fun so far. Good quality, easy to use & pretty light

  19. Scott Wood (verified owner)

    Worth The Cash

    I’m having lots of fun with this. This is very accurate.

  20. Jonathan King (verified owner)

    Easy To Use

    Good product for detecting. Just have to figure out the sounds but its easy to use.

  21. Jason Cox (verified owner)

    Great Buy

    Very happy with this metal detector, light weight, well made and so far very accurate. Have only used on beach with very fine sand.

  22. Craig Kelly (verified owner)

    Great In Wet Sand!

    This ‘upgrade’ from our former machine, is just great to use at the beach. The one we had prior was something we had used in the fields of New England. We’re off to find treasures at the beach now!

  23. Joseph Ramirez (verified owner)

    Worth Every Penny

    After going from cheap metal detector to another I finally made the decision to spend the money and get a good one. This is night and day, I wish now I went straight to this one and saved money and hassle. Much more accurate, less false positives, easier to use(yes easier than the cheap ones). My only gripe is the handle starts to slip in your hand after digging in the dirt causing it to slide up to the display making it uncomfortable to hold.

  24. Jeffrey James (verified owner)

    Discrimination Works Great To Ignore Useless Trash

    Great for the beginner, easy to use and very accurate

  25. Raymond Martin (verified owner)

    Almost Paid For Itself The First Week.

    The overall build quality is decent, I’ve used the detector about a dozen times, and I’m getting use to it. On day 3 I found a $340.00 silver charm bracelet on the beach with it, so I’m pretty happy so far.

  26. Daniel Wright (verified owner)

    My Son Is Finding Items His Other Detector Missed.

    My 13 year old son finds this detector easy and comfortable to use. The length can be adjusted. He is finding items in our yard that his old detector missed and said this is much better at pin pointing the location so he doesn’t have to dig up such a wide area. It’s much better at discriminating metals so he is not digging up junk. He has found items as deep as 10 inches. He has been out in freezing rain for hours with this detector using the water rain-shield over the controls with no problems.

  27. Bruce Long (verified owner)


    Love it. Got a blister on my first day

  28. Phillip Stewart (verified owner)

    My All Time Favorite

    I have owned 4 different detectors of different brands. I love this one by detector power. I bought this one to replace two that were stolen from my vehicle. It is so easy to use, I had my 13 year old grand-daughter finding “treasure” her first time. Going to have to get a second Metal Detector so I will have one to use. Grand kids love sharing my hobby, I love spending time with the grand kids.

  29. Anthony Bell (verified owner)

    How Amazing It Works

    It came two days ahead of schedule which is amazing ,I have not been able to use it much , but the little I have it’s a great machine picking up so much more than the old one have which is another brand

  30. William Sanders (verified owner)

    One Of The Best Buyes

    Using it for more then 1 year love it.

  31. Peter Torres (verified owner)


    This was a big hit as a Christmas present to my 35 year old son. He and the kids had great fun finding all kinds of things in the yard including matchbook cars that belonged to him when he was little. Seems to work well.

  32. Matthew Baker (verified owner)

    It Is Everything They Say It Is And Works Great. Once You Get Used Your Machine

    This is my first metal detector and I have used it a few times before the winter set in. It is everything they say it is and works great. Once you get used your machine, which does not take long ( a few hours), you can find great stuff and pass over most of the junk.
    Recommend this to first time metal detectors.

  33. Walter Harris (verified owner)

    Great Machine! Some Misleads, But Mostly Spot On!

    Seems like a very good detector. Have had issues with it pinging in the high 90s (Silver) and not being able to find what it is pinging no matter how deep I dig.

    But other than that it seems to be very accurate and good at picking out signals even if they are deep or multiple in one spot.

    Would definitely recommend for your later beginner and intermediate detectors! Would even work for someone who is advanced!

  34. Lawrence Hughes (verified owner)

    Pretty Precise

    Just started using it and found an old rusty spoon 4” down. Accuracy was dead on though.
    Looking forward to checking out the land around my 101 year old house…..hahahahaha

  35. Jeremy Sanchez (verified owner)

    One Of The Better Metal Detectors!

    Purchased online but was worried about functioning. Thanks detector power for supporting their customers.

  36. James Perry (verified owner)

    Ease Of Learning

    Yes , with practice a beginner will enjoy and don’t worry its easy to learn.

  37. Gregory Cooper (verified owner)

    Ok Price For A Ok Detector

    Great quality for a beginner or occasional user for basic detecting. I’m keeping it, but already purchased a much stronger one. Very easy to use right out of the box

  38. Eugene Brooks (verified owner)

    Great Detector At Affordable Price

    I finally got a chance to to play with this as we were on vacation this past week.
    A lot of features that are a bit overwhelming at first for someone new to this.
    After playing with it and watching a few online videos it starts to make sense .
    It is a lot of fun and this machine lets an amateur feel like a pro.
    Easy to use after a small learning curve.
    Can’t see why anyone would be disappointed with this detector.

  39. Brandon Allen (verified owner)

    Great Machine

    I love how this machine works, it’s easy to use and very solid build.

  40. Juan Murphy (verified owner)

    Good Replacement For Older Garrett

    I replaced my older Garrett metal detector and this one is so much better. I like the discrimination and pinpointing function. Great metal detector.

  41. Brian Griffin (verified owner)

    I Love This Thing

    I’m a beginner at this, didn’t want a cheap toy, and didn’t want to spend a grand either. So far.. 2 uses.. dug up a bunch of aluminum foil.. 43 cents.. and some various junk. Gonna take some time to pay for itself I think. But sure is fun

  42. Arthur Jackson (verified owner)

    Excellent Sellers!

    Love it ! Even for beginners, this detector is pretty easy to learn. In my experience it is very accurate and also comfortable to carry. Love the extra goodies they added to go with it.

  43. Timothy Brown (verified owner)


    I’m a professional and this is a professional tool.
    Works great but price seems a little high

  44. Ernest Price (verified owner)

    Great Detector - Bad Shipping

    The detector arrived at my doorstep in good condition in its original box – but nothing else. There was no shipping box, nor added protective packaging. The box was not even taped shut. Anyone along the way could have opened it, and after closing the box the customer would never have known. Fortunately, it was complete and in perfect condition.
    The detector was a cinch to put together and the batteries were pre-installed. In 15 minutes I was outside using it. It works great! Like any new tech, I still need to learn how to best use some of the options.

  45. Douglas Bryant (verified owner)

    Awesome Metal Detector

    Amazing product delivered in a timely manner.
    I’ve had an older one for years. And it did (does) a damn good job. But since I’ve gotten this , I’ve been going over the same spots I went over with the older detector. And keep finding new stuff!!!
    A high quality unit at a reasonable price. You can’t go wrong by purchasing this detector. I love it!!!

  46. Joe Davis (verified owner)

    Much Better Than My Older

    Works great and light weight. Little more technical than my last detector but it’s a learning thing.

  47. G. Richards

    The best long-range detector ever

  48. Lance D.

    Gold AKS LR-TR is the perfect long distance detector to detect gold, silver and other gemstones, I am very happy with Gold AKS.

  49. C. Tonyan

    Fun and great quality!

  50. Marc P.

    Super fast delivery, very good quality metal detector as expected and very good customer service. It is an impressive long-range detector.

  51. R Dean.

    The AKS LR-TR is amazing with the power and the possible adjustments that can be made for different conditions and soils. I quickly learned that this machine is so powerful and accurate that I had to set the sensitivity very low to find gold. Incredible battery life, easy charging.

  52. Patrick Giure

    First time using long range technology after own several traditional metal detectors, really this machine really wlrks and is very accurate just wish that have a 3D screen in order to see results easily.

  53. Jackson L..

    This Gold AKS LR TR is out of this world, is very accurate with the metal discrimination, lightweight device for long hunting days. Well packaged and faster delivery, Thanks guys!

  54. Juan R.

    Excelente aparato. Gracias por la recomendación.

  55. L. Morgan

    My wife and I are treasure hunters and we decided to buy a quality detector and what better than the Gold Aks LR TR specialist in gold, silver and other metals, we are happy with our new detector, we are having a great time, it’s great, The detector is more than recommended.

  56. Carlos Pat

    This is the best option for LRL in this page. Just good references about this device and so glad to found it. Pick up gold easily and detects silver coins too.

  57. Jei Law

    I bought the LR TR model and its performance is extremely high, just wish to have more time metal detecting with my friends. About the device is lightweight and easy to operate band very accurate finding targets.

  58. Alexa

    Awesome, great, perfect…happy because I finally found gold after tried with several machine, now my dreams come true. Thanks Gold Aks for create this great and unbeatable long range detector.

  59. Mike P.

    I heard about this long range unit and tried to found the original because there are some chinese fake devices but really the difference on prices is a lot, the chinese devices range from $200 – $300 and this Real Gold AKS is $2500. Glad to found this website and talked with a representative that gave me all the information and warranty need it for me. Now am happy to got this item because is the hottest detector on the market right now, very impressive with the performance.

  60. Corey S.

    One of the best LRL special for finding gold, great precision and accuracy. can pick targets a long distance and great depth, but the most important to consider is that I bought the original product, I could check with the manufacturer, you will find too many fake online that’s why i was doubting where to buy it, but I’m glad, I could buy the original here.

  61. P. Hanegan

    Thank you Peter, Today I received my Gold AKS metal detector, very well packed it and thank you for the fast shipping. appreciate your help and patient helping me to get my device, definitely worth my money great quality and surely will pay by itself, now just can’t wait to start to use it 🙂

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hi Michael.
    AKS Long Range Devices is made in Israel, a new brand exclusive for Detector Power. Their products are pretty awesome, easy to use but with great results.
    The Gold AKS LR-TR have 2 versions, here the differences:

    GOLD AKS LR-TR, it can detect Gold, Silver, Copper and stones.
    GOLD AKS LR-TR 2019, only gold nuggets and gold pieces worked by the hands of the man.

    Thanks for asking