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BR SYSTEMS 950 Professional Underground Water Detector

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BR 950 Professional Underground water and Well Detector is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems to explore for groundwater locations, wells and groundwater basins.


BR SYSTEMS 950 Professional Underground Water Detector


BR 950 Professional Underground water and Well Detector is the latest scientific device that contains advanced detection and research systems to explore for groundwater locations, wells and groundwater basins.

We can say that we now have the best and most accurate advanced scientific device that helps land owners and prospection companies to eliminate water scarcity and work to take an advantage of the groundwater wealth in all regions of the world.

BR Systems has for many years been producing groundwater detectors and working on developing and modernizing them to provide the best for its users all over the world.

It is flexible in detecting groundwater, and this device has been tested in many regions around the world on a range of different soils and environments, and we have obtained positive results of up to 95%.

BR 950 Professional Description

  • This advanced device is capable of identifying and discovering all types of groundwater and determining the appropriate place for drilling in addition to its ability to separate and distinguish between shallow sedimentary water and deep groundwater, with a percentage showing the detected water thrust with accurate results that exceed the results of similar devices available in the market.
  • This device was designed and produced after long and deep studies to choose the appropriate mechanical and electronic components that allow the user to move, operate the device and work with it easily and to achieve a high performance and speed in detecting the target by using its modern techniques that achieve the most accurate results in external detection operations within all types of terrain and different climates.
  • Advanced detection systems: This new detector has been equipped with 4 detection systems that can provide sufficient and accurate information about the locations of water within the explored area, in addition to making a 3D photogrammetric scans showing the location of water in detail and determining its path and knowing the strength and movement of water flow in the discovered place with an indication of the detected water type like fresh, salty or mineral, in a detailed manner and in special proportions that appear on the device screen automatically.
  • The BR 950 Profissional device is equipped with a modern and easy interface and drivers through which the user can operate the device’s systems and work on them quite easily according to the instructions within the systems, very clear about the methods of operation and the correct connection of the parts of the device and to ensure an accurate result in prospecting operations and avoiding operation and negative conduction.
  • This device is provided with an external application installed on a tablet computer, through which we can view the search results in full, in addition to a 3D drawing of the targets and store them directly, and the connection between the tablet and the device is done through the Wi-Fi network (called BR 950 Profissional-Password: brsystems) of the device automatically. (Without the need for the Internet), we open the application and review the results.

BR 950 Professional Features

  • The device supports working with 4 actual detection systems: ( LRL – automatic scan – Quick Scan – ADVANCED 3D SCAN ) All these systems have been developed and supported by all modern technologies
  • Specialized for the detection of groundwater, wells and underground river water
  • This device is integrated with 4 advanced main detection systems to be an integrated exploration machine for all groundwater detection operations.
  • The high speed in locating the surrounding targets and verifying them with an accuracy of up to 99%, through the actual 4 detection systems in the device
  • A 3D scan showing the location of the water in detail, determining its path, knowing the strength and movement of the water flow in the discovered location, indicating and clarification of the quality of the detected water if it was fresh or salt water, in detail and in special proportions that appear on the device screen automatically.
  • This device is provided with an external application installed on a tablet computer, through which we can view the search results in full, in addition to a 3D drawing of the targets and store them directly, and the connection between the tablet and the device is done through the Wi-Fi network (called BR 950 Profissional-Password: brsystems) of the device automatically. (Without the need for the Internet), we open the application and review the results.
  • Determining the water force automatically on the screen via a special indicator and at the percentage rate %.
  • The advantage of comprehensive discrimination between the types of water detected.
  • Determining the depth of water automatically detected on the screen.
  • Maximum search depth in geophysical detection systems: 1200 m below the surface.
  • Maximum search depth in the long-range detection system LRL: 950 m below the surface.
  • The frontal search area in the long-range detection system LRL: 2000 m circular
  • The possibility of determining the quality of the water to be detected before starting the search and restricting other types of water (LRL system).
  • The new BRF signal filtering system to filter the transmitting and receiving signals and avoiding any interference near the exploration site and focusing only on the real targets surrounding the place.
  • This device is supported by B.U.M . automatic detection technology.
  • G.L.Y . Laser Guidance Technology.
  • The new SRT technology for geophysical detection systems developed by BR System, which works on probing and measuring the electrical resistance of the soil to determine and discover the places of water underground.
  • Changing the frequency of the HZ signal, and this feature allows giving a higher detection efficiency and strength in hard and dry ground when the signal is increased and it can be raised from 30 HZ to 150 HZ.
  • Choosing the type of soil to be detected before starting the search.
  • Sensitivity adjustment: the sensitivity of the transmitted signal can be raised to increase the electrical signal transmission in the soil, through special values that appear on the screen, which can be increased or decreased according to the need for the density of the water to be detected.
  • Determining the distance between the search poles automatically (from 5 m to 50 m), which is a new feature in the world of geophysical devices for water detection. This feature ensures that the results are more accurate than the traditional method.
  • The device supports 10 international languages: English – French – German – Spanish – Arabic – Turkish – Persian – Russian – Urdu – Italian.
  • Perfectly new and fashionable mechanical design and convenient size.
  • Store all scans on the device memory automatically with the possibility of deleting them in the future.
  • Ease of handling the device / The method of working and using this device has been prepared in line with the overwhelming majority of users, with the possibility and ease of use of the device by ordinary, inexperienced people.
  • The device is provided with modern and smart interfaces and operating programs with the ability to save settings, and show the necessary alerts when needed, in addition to the electronic guidance support that appears in the form of messages on the device screen.
  • The device was provided with modern, high-definition colored screens suitable for all day and night operating times.
  • Standard time to charge and use – This product supports quick charge feature.
  • Device screen brightness control / Device sound level control.
  • The device screen supports the time clock and can be set based on the region + showing the percentage of the battery and the charging signal.
  • A smart and easy-to-handle control panel that contains the keys and buttons of the device.
  • A hard plastic bag of 2 anti-dust and reinforced with reinforced sponge to save the device.

BR 950 Professional Box contents:

  • Hard plastic bag.
  • BR 950 Main Unit.
  • Power Max 25 Sensor.
  • Two sensor antennas.
  • Battery 3.7 V.
  • Fast Charger Type C 18W.
  • User Manual.
  • Warranty Card.

The geophysical system portfolio includes:

  • Special anti-shock bag.
  • 4 ground probes / probe length 35 cm.
  • 4 connection reels (the length of the wire within each reel is 20 m).
  • 4 Connecting Tongs.
  • Battery 12 V – 3A.
  • Charger 12 V – 2 A.


Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer responsibility.

Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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47 reviews for BR SYSTEMS 950 Professional Underground Water Detector

  1. Francis Duncan (verified owner)

    It'S Good

    It works well, but it is missing the cover where the batteries go

  2. Ryan Moran (verified owner)

    Good For The Money

    This is a budget underground water detector. The construction is budget, but the actual underground water detecting components work very well. I am only a beginner when it comes to underground water detecting. I was impressed. Overall this is a nice beginners underground water detector. You will find underground water.

  3. Elias Jenkins (verified owner)


    Easy to use. Doesn’t eat the battery. Reads about 2 feet deep. Found water wirings and fresh source of water near by.

  4. Daryl Willis (verified owner)

    Ok Detector But Kid Got Bored Fast

    My kid liked it at the beginning but after a few walks on the beach finding underground water cans and 1 coin he kind of got bored of it.
    Not sure if it is a problem with the underground water detector or if this activity is just dumb

  5. Brandon Roy (verified owner)

    Product Works Well - Was Very Disappointed In The Packaging!

    The packaging was really disappointing – looks like a product that had be returned and then put into whatever boxes were laying around.
    I tested the product in my yard (without referencing the manual ) and after tweaking the sensitivity, I found markers in the yard that were there for future water pipelines. Not too bad! Looking forward to what this could do AFTER I read the manual.
    Again, initial disappointment was with the packaging!

  6. Pablo May (verified owner)

    Super Fun!

    Works great, got it as a gift for my dad and it’s his new best friend!

  7. Nathan Dawson (verified owner)

    Great Underground Water Detector

    I’m a very picky and skeptical person, but this underground water detector is great. I’ve found lots of stuff, but nothing of value yet. It’s a great buy!

  8. Justin Jacobs (verified owner)


    We purchased this to find property markers. Much cheaper than paying a surveyor for finding those official property markers! It has 90 % accuracy rate.

  9. Martha James (verified owner)

    Loved It

    I bought this underground water detector for my husband as a Christmas present. He has wanted one for some time and he loves it. He is now a full blown underground water detector enthusiast.

  10. Manuel Moss (verified owner)

    Great Customer Service!

    My family knows nothing about underground water detectors and was able to use this out of the box on Christmas Day. (I made sure we had batteries.) I know there are fancier detectors, but this was so usable. I really want to brag on the seller. I had an unusual shipping/delivery problem which was not their fault, and they were incredibly accommodating. Unreal customer service. They won my loyalty!

  11. Raul Mack (verified owner)

    Just Like Described

    This underground water detector has been really easy to use. A great beginners detector. Found items every time it indicated. Great fun!

  12. Mark Cain (verified owner)

    Not Bad.

    This underground water detector did what i wanted it to do. I found my property marker fairly quick, with this. Overall, i am happy with it, and do some searching with it, just for fun.

  13. Darren Lucas (verified owner)

    Great Device

    I don’t know the exact range but I have experience of about 2000m of underwater detection that makes it great device.

  14. Dustin Ferguson (verified owner)

    A Good Product

    I really like this item.. but the only thing I didn’t like was that it didn’t come with the forearm strap or the headphones.. otherwise, a good little product for beginners..

  15. Daniel Medina (verified owner)

    Finds Buried Underground Water Pipes

    Used to find old galvanized steel irrigation lines in my front yard during a landscaping project. I ran across a very old steel irrigation line while re-landscaping my front yard and thought that there might be more, so rather than ruin a trencher I took a chance on this underground water detector to see if I could locate any remnants. Much to my surprise, it found the entire network of buried pipes. I wasn’t expecting that due to the depth (well over 6-inches). From what I read, it was likely that the lines were too deep to detect, but this unit had no problem finding them. It confirmed that there was an old system in the ground and kept me from some ugly surprises when using the trencher. Well worth the investment for me as a tool, not a hobby. I can’t comment on how it works for hobbiests.

  16. Rudy Barrett (verified owner)

    Actually Works Great

    Works surprisingly well.
    I’d recommend this to anyone looking for deep down underground waters. not sure about the metalic type of things.

  17. Dallas Long (verified owner)

    Works Great

    This is my first underground water detector (though I’ve used other people’s before), so, to figure out what to buy, I read many product reviews and on underground water detector websites. My main hope was to find old water sources. I came to the conclusion that I should buy this detector along with the metal detector from detector power.

  18. Ernest Munoz (verified owner)


    Nothing to say much about this excellent underground water detector.

  19. Luke Gardner (verified owner)

    Cheap But Works Just Fine.

    Cheap detector works just fine for my purposes. Didn’t find any treasure but did find some water source in our lawn. Love it.

  20. Garrett Chapman (verified owner)


    Very easy to use to search for coins.

  21. Leroy Simon (verified owner)

    Beginners Tool!

    Very basic tool. Not for someone looking for specific types of underground water.

  22. Alonzo Walker (verified owner)

    Great Machine

    Very simple to use. I use in all underground water mode to find mineral, salts and fresh water.

  23. Ramon Tucker (verified owner)

    Expect To Have Fun

    I gave this as a Gift and of course it’s been freezing cold ever since. He only tried it out at home but he liked the way it worked.

  24. Cesar Clark (verified owner)

    Easy To Put Together And Use. Enjoy!

    Very easy to use and understand the sensativity. Great for beginners but remember to bring a shovel and keep the shovel away from the underground water detector when using it!

  25. Raymond Parsons (verified owner)

    Fantastic Value. Works Very Well!

    I’m a total beginner and needed a detector to find underneath water around my property left behind after a contracting job. This device did the trick. After a few minutes of straight forward assembly and a minute more skimming the instructions booklet, I was outside. Works as described. Very happy! Would recommend.

  26. Ellis Young (verified owner)

    Good Little Unit

    This model has been out there for year. Works well

  27. Elijah Cook (verified owner)

    Workes As Advertised

    This underground water detector did everything that was in the owners manual.
    I now wish I had bought a more enhanced model but cannot complain with what I received.
    Thanks to detector power.

  28. Leonard Fisher (verified owner)

    Does The Job

    Last fall I used, putange’ mold traps (the kind that go in the tunnel). The traps worked great, but winter came with them buried in the ground. Long story short I lost them. This detector found them with ease!

  29. Dale Doyle (verified owner)

    Ok For Beginners

    This is my first underground water detector and I got it to find water or leakage. After I purchased the underground water detector, I found 83 more. It did the job. I did not try to discriminate between fresh and salty underground waters .

  30. Brett Shelton (verified owner)

    I Love It! Works Great!!

    underground water detecting at the beach or open fields is great! Interesting finds!!

  31. Carl Thomas (verified owner)

    Not Junk! Worth The Money!

    More accurate than I thought and well worth the money.

  32. Alan Wilkerson (verified owner)

    Simple To Use And Works!

    Bought this detector to bring on a family trip to Pensacola Beach. Simple to assemble and we were detecting items on the beach within minutes. Nothing of valve but the thrill was in the hunt. Not a single false positive. In my opinion, all of the bells and whistles of more expensive and flashy units aren’t needed. Sweep, beep, and dig does the job.

  33. Gilbert Ruiz (verified owner)

    Paid For Itself!

    Needed to find my property markers! Found them with five minutes! This was easy to use and accurate, saved us so much more money then paying someone to find them for us!!!

  34. Aaron Hawkins (verified owner)

    Super Fun

    This is so much fun to do. My grandson abs I go out all the time and look for stuff.

  35. Theodore Horton (verified owner)

    Great Value.

    I bought this to find the underground water pipe lines on my property. (I had been looking and digging for weeks)
    It took five minutes to find the first line and about 30 seconds for each of the pipe after that.

  36. Douglas Norton (verified owner)

    Great First Time Finder.

    Extremely light weight. Walked out my door using this for the first time and within two feet of my stone driveway found 3 signals. The complaints is that i see from others looks to be people who dont read instructions. Very informative directions.

  37. Alexander Owen (verified owner)

    Works Well For Beginners Good For Everyone

    It is very good for beginners, it works very well.

  38. Stewart Lawrence (verified owner)

    Fun! Look Up How To Use On Youtube.

    This was easy to put together, but the instructions didn’t really make sense and the fist time we went out, we didn’t know what to set it on. It beeped at EVERYTHING and we didn’t find much when we dug. That was confusing but overall the product is great. you just need to set it accordingly.

  39. Robin Foster (verified owner)

    The Real Deal!

    I bought a cheaper kids underground water detector for my 7year old son, and ended up returning it because it wasn’t very accurate and not working all the time. I then bought this pricier one that’s more for adults, but my son can actually handle it too, and it works like a charm! Highly recommend it!

  40. Ricky Carson (verified owner)

    Works Excellent

    Helped me find water in the dry land of UAE. Its common practice there to use this device for the water sourcing. Now, I am using this in the England and very much satisfied with it.

  41. Jon Pope (verified owner)


    Haven’t used much, but works well. Can’t wait to explore more with it.

  42. Dominick Lynch (verified owner)

    Just What I Needed

    I bought this item to save money. My wife lost her key fob during a snow we had,. The mfg wanted 300 bucks to replace it. I found her keys drawnd in the near by pool and we found it after 2 months. For me, money well spent

  43. Alton Mckenzie (verified owner)

    Kids Love It

    Kids use it at the beach in the yard, works great

  44. Winston Jones (verified owner)

    Nice For Beginners

    Nice for beginners grandson used with ease.

  45. Preston Estrada (verified owner)

    First Time User - Review And Tips

    Absolutely love this device. I bought it as a gift for my father to use while he was in a rocky house in Florida for the summer. While visiting we used it quite a bit and actually found a lot of underground water. Overall nothing of value, but it was a first time ever user, so finding anything was fun, plus there is definitely a learning curve.

  46. Leland Steele (verified owner)

    Simple Operation

    I’m a beginner and I think this is just the thing for me. I still have some testing to do.

  47. Karl Bishop (verified owner)

    Product Is Fine, Packaging Not So Much

    The product is fine – as described. I assumed it would be in standard retail packaging, but it was shipped in a plain brown corrugated box as though it was re-packaged for bulk sale. Makes it less impressive to give as a gift.

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