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GARRETT ATX Metal Detector

GARRETT ATX Metal Detector

GARRETT ATX Metal Detector

The detection of metals is a hobby that has different meaning for each detectorist. Experienced amateurs generally discover their interest in the early years or have an eye on a specific treasure. Some dream of finding coins, some dreams of gold rings. And depending on where these great treasures are located, a high-end metal detector is the best decision.

High End - Easy to Use

GARRETT ATX Metal Detector provide advanced detection without the need to switch modes, extreme sensitivity to find targets small, and deeply buried with advanced ground balance. Fans of the TV show "Diggers" have probably noticed that the two presenters of the show use high-end Garrett metal detectors, between which the GARRETT ATX Metal Detector can be appreciated. This high-end metal detector is known for its ability to prospect deep into natural gold.

Expert metal detector for gold prospecting

The search for gold nuggets often involves complicated terrain and deep excavation in search of small gold nuggets. There are not many metal detectors as suitable for the task as the Garrett ATX Metal Detector. The Garrett ATX Metal Detector features advanced pulse induction technology and a rugged design that meets military specifications. This is important because when you're looking for small gold nuggets, you want your coil to be close to the ground. Most search coils will be affected by the search for gold, with the exception of the Garrett ATX Metal Detector. And speaking of search coils, Garrett ATX Metal Detector has a new DD coil design for extreme and uniform sensitivity. With this coil, you don't have to slow down the scanning speed to detect small items. Owners of Garrett ATX Metal Detector have a lot to brag about, it is an incredible PI machine that hunts exceptionally in any terrain condition. Some comments for the Garrett ATX Metal Detector "using the DD coil of 12" I found some coins up to 28" on the beach" Another excellent observation "In California I could find 6 grams of gold in a little more than a week".

Garrett ATX Metal Detector Presentations

This natural gold hunter has two presentations that are ideal for those detectorists who are only looking for gold nuggets.

  1. Garrett ATX PI Extreme Metal Detector which can be purchased with three different coils depending on the (12detectorist" DD open, 13" DD closed and 13" Mono closed) with any of the three search coils includes protective carrying case, AA-size rechargeable batteries, battery charger, stem. Depth up to 20"
  2. Garrett ATX DeepSeeker Pro Package can be purchased with the same coils as the Garrett ATX PI Extreme with the variant that includes a larger 20" coil, this large coil is for detecting deep gold nuggets. Pro package includes two coils, protective carrying case, AA batteries, battery charger. Garrett ATX DeepSeeker Pro can detect from 20" to 1.20 meters deep.

The only metal detector in the world with extreme depths for natural gold.

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