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Underground Water Detection: A complex side of Detectorism

Underground Water Detection: A complex side of Detectorism

A wisdom acquired with patience and advanced equipment

Many are the places in the world where water access is limited or scarce. This is one of the most important, most intricate problems undeveloped countries face, much more so when natural sources of surface water dry out, during warmer seasons. Professional detectorists dedicated to the surveying and precision work needed to locate alternative sources of water have become essential to alleviate the effects of drought and the avoidance of use of polluted water by less-favored populations. 

At Detector Power, we pride ourselves with being one of the many detector equipment outlets in the United States who sell underground detection hardware to serve the cause of locating new sources of clean water in a sustainable manner.

Underground water detection is possible not only through the use of this special equipment, but also by the study and analysis of complex soil conditions such as salinity concentration, electromagnetic field generation and much more.

If you're looking to become a water well detectorist, be sure to stay with us for the next few minutes to get the gist on what underground water hunting truly means.

The science behind the search for wells

In the earliest of times, humanity sought out natural water fountains to be able to survive the harsh environmental challenges that appeared while moving from place to place to settle down and make a living from harvesting and hunting. This nomadic way of living made human beings capable and very sensitive to untapped sources of underground water that, when found, made it easier to grow plants that were edible.

This wisdom and sensitivity to water wells has been passed down through the generations and serves as the basis for the more modern adaptations of underground water detection. Societies back then relied heavily on gravity: The electromagnetic fields of underground water pools can be so dense that they can produce noticeable enough distortions on the surface that they could be detected using only a pair of sticks.

These gravitational phenomena are now read in a different way by the special hardware used to detect buried water wells.

Pinpointing the precise location of a water well

Geologists who specialize in the surfacing of buried water wells use computational data that can be collected using underground water detectors such as the OKM GeoSeeker from our store. This data is then cross-referenced with topographic measurements from the soil being studied to understand how deep the water well is and get an exact drill distance, so the drilling equipment can be programmed.

Water wells also have a distinctive heat signature that comes up in temperature scanners when surveying the spot intended to be drilled. Through the use of specialized computer imaging software, having the heat signature, exact depth and soil conditions analysis, a clean, pure water well might spring into existence by just perforating a small hole on top of it.

Underground water detectors have various ways of signaling the existence of water underneath and among their functions, they include 3D scan and imaging that makes it possible to understand the amount of layers of soil that are above the water well.

Why is underground water detection not for the faint of heart?

As with any other rigorous discipline, this type of detection requires years of study, heavy budgets and the willingness to introduce ourselves in harsh environments. Most of the time, water well hunting takes detectorists into lands of extreme heat and no elevation, as it has been proven that drilling into mountain beds can prove to be immensely difficult and wasteful in regards to financial resources and time.

Underground water detection is also very particular in regards to the places in which it is possible: It can take several months after a discovery to find another well to uncover, that's why we mentioned patience at the beginning of this article.

To summarize, this kind of detection is arduous and most of the time, it implies staying put in one place until the project is completed. It might not be as fun as just hunting for coins on the beach. If you intend to become a water well hunter, you'll have to commit but this doesn't have to mean something negative.

Bringing the possibility of the use of clean water to the less fortunate can be a beautiful thing to experience.

See you in our next blog entry. Cheers!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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