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The Age of Digital Farming: DJI Specialized Drones

The Age of Digital Farming: DJI Specialized Drones

Renowned drone-makers' best models for agriculture and farm management, available in our store right now

Hello and Happy New Year, everyone! Thank you so much for all of your support for the past year, it has been such a pleasure to serve such an incredible crowd, it never ceases to amaze us the amount of passion and true interest our loyal customers and readers pour every month on our website, we're hoping this year we can continue to make the most of our connection to our audience.

In that spirit, we have come up with an interesting topic which we figured was long overdue, because of the high demand these items have garnered already in the market. We're talking about specialized drones or more specifically, farming drones!

If you go to Detector Power's Drone section, on our website, you're going to find various drone models, each designed with a specific purpose in mind. Most of them are used for commercial purposes as their properties and features allow for content creation of the best quality. Others may be used by beginners to learn how to fly a drone.

In this article, we're going to focus on the three DJI drone models available in our store that feature equipment useful for farming management and digital agriculture.

Agras Drones: Sturdy, reliable and smart

Digital Farming is a term introduced by DJI referring to the possibility of automated farming by the use of mapping technology and AI capable of executing pre-programmed tasks on an area of our choice and also recognize the ever-changing conditions of our land. If you own a farm and are looking to support your production by using drones, you might want to consider buying the DJI Agras T10 and T30 drones.

Unlike their brothers, the T10 and T30 drones are two agriculture-ready that pack incredible and useful features that will make your life as a farm owner much easier.

The Agras T10 is the smaller drone of the pair. It has four nozzles (dual channel solenoid flowmeter) which can spray water or pesticide, with an output of 2.4 liters per minute. The much bigger T30 has 16 nozzles (eight sets of solenoid valves), for a spray ratio of 8 liters per minute.

Both of these aircrafts have solid, resistant bodies and components with IP67 rating which guarantees their durability against liquid agents and corrosion from dust or tear. They also feature a radar technology called Spherical Radar System, which allows them to survey for obstacles and adverse conditions in their surroundings, like changes in weather and presence of light so they can operate without trouble on each farming mission.

Their Dual FPV Cameras are high-definition wayview cams that help pilots check the Agras drones flight status without having to stop their farming operations. This system also includes a powerful searchlight that lets the aircrafts opearate during the night, making night vision available as well.

Both drones were developed thinking of maximum output and productivity and to that end, they're powered by intelligent batteries that can be charged up to a thousand times and allow for almost 1700 acres of flight. Batteries achieve maximum charge in just 10 minutes in their proprietary charging stations.

Even though the T10 and the T30 are quite similar, their capabilities differ because of their difference in size. The bigger drone accommodates broader functions that are pretty helpful.

For instance, while both have the same Spreading System technology, the T30 (30kg tank, spreading width of up to 9 meters, spreading ratio of 40 acres per hour) can handle much bigger payloads than the T10 (8kg tank, spreading width of up to 7 meters, spreading ratio of 14 acres per hour). This presents quite the opportunity for farm owners, as getting both drones can be useful for scenarios in which the farming missions vary in density and difficulty.

The T10 also doesn't fold into itself. This function is exclusive to the T30, which can shrink its size by 80%, facilitating its transport a whole lot.

If you buy any of these drones, you'll find that they share their remote controller. With its image transmission from up to 5 km away and its 5.5-inch screen, the little buddy is capable of controller several aircrafts at once with sharp signal that puts off all kinds of interference using its own RTK module.

And while both drones have built-in AI engines, only the T30 is capable of performing Optimal Route Planning, enabling automation and optimal route selection in the aircraft, with a gauge indicating the remaining liquid material the drone is carrying and its estimated time until a new refill.

Digital Farming promises untold benefits to those with the budget and the technical knowledge required to make it work as it is intended. Owning both the Agras T10 and T30 can serve as an entry point to this concept but like with every puzzle, it needs all of its pieces to show the bigger picture and that where the Phantom 4 RTK comes in.

Phantom 4 RTK: Superb imaging and mapping capabilities

You may recognize this drone because of its brother, the Phantom 4 Pro, as their form factor is mostly the same, except for the RTK module sitting on the P4RTK's head.

Earlier we mentioned the Agras drones have built-in AI engines that allow them to perform automated tasks. This function is complimented by the Phantom 4 RTK's imaging and data collection features that help build the map files required to create farming missions for the agriculture drones to operate upon.

Phantom 4 RTK's specs include:

  • A RTK module integrated directly into the drone's body, allowing real-time, centimeter-level positiong data capture, streaming error correction and precise metadata embedding into resulting images.
  • Connectivity to the D-RTK High Precision GNSS Mobile Station and NTRIP (Network Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol) with the use of a 4G dongle or Wi-Fi hotspot. The D-RTK mobile station has 3 modes: Mobile, Stationary and Handheld Rover. Provides differential data to drones in real time.
  • Proficient wind resistance with drops in altitude of up to 3 to 4 inches in 30 mile-an-hour wind gusts. Most drones, including its cousin, the Phantom 4 Pro, drop at least 10 to 20 inches in altitude in similar conditions.
  • Camera module featuring a 1-inch 20 megapixel CMOS sensor and a mechanical shutter capable of eliminating rolling shutter blur in mapping missions. GSD of up to 2,74 centimeters at 100 meters flight altitude.
  • TimeSync for flight controller, camera and RTK module alignment. Function feeds photos and images optimized metadata that corresponds to the optical center of the lens for optimal photogrammetric and centimeter-level positioning data.
  • Remote Controller with various control schemes for missions and different data acquisition scenarios. Planning modes include: Photogrammetry, Waypoint Flight, Terrain Awareness, Block Segmentation and more. Imports and exports KML/KMZ files to optimize workflow.
  • SDK Remote Controller that supports third party drone control apps and Android or iOS devices with custom SDK apps installed.
  • OcuSync stabilizes HD image and video transmission to remote controllers at distances of up to 7 km, perfect for big sites to be mapped out.

If you're looking to bring your farm to the next level and the new era of smart digital farming, this trio of drones will help you out greatly to achieve your goal. We can guarantee these aircraft help ensure the safety, health and optimal management of a farm when used by qualified operators that understand the technical aspects of the data that the drones use to work.

We'd like to wrap up by inviting you to visit our store to check out these drones while they're available. Feel the power! See you on our next blog entry!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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