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Protect and Serve Using  DJI Drones

Protect and Serve Using  DJI Drones

Learn how drones are used for multiple purposes, from law enforcement to first response search and rescue teams.


Many people are familiar with drones. Nonetheless, we have seen many customers miss their true potential. Even the pros.

Drones are versatile and multipurpose. One of these uses is for security concerns.

In this article, we will briefly explain why, when it comes to improving your safety, nothing beats having a DJI drone in the sky looking out for you.

Drones Technology for Officer Safety

The popularity of drones across law enforcement agencies is increasing every year.

According to the Atlas of Surveillance (a project of EFF and the University of Nevada) quoted by the Electronic Frontier Foundation, at least 1,172 police departments nationwide are using drones.

Drones allow:

  • More efficient responses
  • Coordinated efforts

That is why drones can be used for protection purposes by police officers. Your highly-efficient electronic hawk, if you might. Drones allow 360 aerial surveillance over areas of interest without being detected by suspects who may be hiding from law enforcement officials on the ground.

Drone technology has been used for years to help police officers respond more safely and quickly during on-the-job risks. Life-threatening situations where drones are extremely useful include defusing a hostage of bomb emergencies or active shootings where medical assistance is required.

Advanced Public Safety Technology

Public safety officials have also found many uses for these unmanned vehicles, some of which include:

  • Surveilling large crowds at public and private areas & events.
  • Tracking missing persons in high-risk areas such as war zones or disaster areas.
  • Monitoring and mitigation of natural disasters like floods, tornadoes, and hurricanes. Drones equipped with thermal imaging technology allow first responders to see through smoke or fog.
  • Search and rescue missions.

Drones are not new to public safety agencies. However, the improvement of apps, hardware, and software reliability and affordability, have prompted drones' proliferation.

Essentials for a Secure Government Solution

Our all-in-one drone platform for government agencies/public security includes:

  • DJI Pilot PE
  • Customized Flight Control App
  • Controlled Firmware
  • Gain Control of Updates
  • Restricted Zone Management 
  • Discretionary Flight Operations
  • Drone Detection Platform for tracking UAV communication links, gathering telemetry data such as flight status, paths, and other information in real-time.

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