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Deep - Treasure Metal Detectors: MAKRO

Deep - Treasure Metal Detectors: MAKRO

The success story of #MakroDetector a company that occupies an important place in the Turkish economy with a large number of production, export, employment, and also its strong competition in world markets, began operations in Istanbul at the beginning of 1986.

The most significant power of #MakroDetector, which produces digital and high-definition visual detectors, in real-time, with 3D graphics and hobby detectors increasingly popular in the world, is its infraest.R&D structure. Thanks to its R&D studies, considered the company's guarantee for its future and growth, and constantly supported with investments, #MakroDetector's technological infrastructure has reached a peak in its area.

#MakroDetector makes available to its customers, products equipped only with its own electronic and mechanical design and software as a result of studies carried out in Turkey, as well as in Europe and East Asia.

#MakroDetector has produced professional systems capable of in-depth research, with large color screens, real-time 3D / 2D graphics, and has introduced these new technologies into the market to become the author of many novelties and first in the production of detectors in Turkey.

Carrying out its activities under controlled conditions required by the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, #MakroDetector is one of the largest manufacturers of detectors in Europe with the integrated systems and automation technology it possesses.

#MakroDetector is one of the world's largest producers with its design development capability. Today, #MakroDetector is the first of Turkey's best-known and most prestigious brands. #MakroDetector leads the field with products that meet consumer expectations and service quality.

Its flagship products in the U.S. market are those of #JeoHunter & #DeepHunter products with mega depth 3D screens, check the object before digging.

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