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How deep can a metal Detector Reach 

How deep can a metal Detector Reach 

One of the most common questions asked by metal detectorists today is how deep can metal detectors detect? And it is not a misplaced question.

Since metal detectors have different levels of depth and at the same time it is difficult to give a single answer on this topic. This is defined according to the type of detector that is had as well as the purpose of the search.

If you want to know all the approximations of the metal detectors, then, do not forget to read this article because you will be able to know a little more about the metal detectors and this can help you in your next search.


There is no set depth level maximum. This is due to the diversity of metal detectors that exist and the capabilities they have, adding the type or size of object to be found.

Unlike what many people believe, not all metal detectors are the same. According to the specifications in which it has been created, it can detect a specific type of metal and even closer to others, for example: security detectors.

In the case of metal detectors that are designed to security detectors.perform relic hunting, coins, gold leaflets and the like are created to detect at various levels of depth and in different types of environment.

Some metal detectors are trained to detect a fairly basic level of depth. This is determined according to its range.

If it is a low range it can detect around 5 to 10 cm while a medium range can detect almost double by reaching between 10 and 15 cm. In the case of the high range they can be up to 25 to 35 cm deep. All this is as for quite simple metal detectors.

Professional metal detectors can have a greater range, this is due to several factors, among which is the type of metal that specializes in detecting.

The ability to adapt to various extreme environmental and soil stabilization, finally there is the process of discrimination of the objects that it detects.

The best metal detectors have the ability to detect any type of metal detecting up to 3 meters deep and can be expanded; It depends mainly on the types of land that are explored.

It is always important to know that; the detection field is stronger as long as the coil is small and as it gets larger it gradually decreases. Therefore, smaller metal detectors allow you to locate tiny items or small coins. Meanwhile, metal detectors with larger coils will succeed only if it is a large object.

If you want to know how such a wide level of depth is possible, now you will know, everything is due to the induction pulse that transmits the coil to the ground.

Always remember that the wider the search coil then the greater the chances of having a finding, but it also discriminates against a large number of small elements because now the detector focuses on larger metal objects.



Before thinking about how to increase the search range or depth level, it is necessary to know what we want to find. If you want to find coins, gold Nuggets or gold prospecting it is best to have a detector with a small range because this allows us to search on a more superficial level.

Now, if what you want is a wide detector because your goal is a large element that is in greater depth then it is advisable to have wide plates. The coils are the main key to go to the deepest part of the earth.

It is always advisable to have a professional metal detector that has the ability to level soil values and grant a correct finding. For this, the established search ranges will give an automatic balance. If it is gold, a metal detector is needed that goes deep into the earth.

It is important to note that the detectors used for relic hunting have an intermediate capacity. That is, they do not need to be so large or wide to find what you want.


Next, you will know the 3 metal detectors that have a significant level of depth:


The Garrett ATX Pro metal detector is the tool that every adventurer must have and that all experts certify. It is a true machine with a 10x12 "DD coil. It is capable of finding objects from 18" to 1.3 meters.

In addition, it is submersible and waterproof, resisting up to 3 meters deep underwater. This detector adapts to any type of environment so it will be an excellent option.

It is one of the metal detectors that meets the rigorous military specifications emitting up to 720 pulses per second, which enables it as an excellent detector of small and large elements. In addition, it includes an excellent ground discrimination team so it makes your searches always successful.


The perfect detector for great depths. Although it is of Bulgarian origin in Power Detector you can find it exclusively. This detector has a depth of 5 to 6 meters. It is a great power to have great functions that allow you to distinguish small and large elements from 5 cm to large objects.

You can also configure the discrimination mode, distinguish the types of floors and make automatic balances and identify the type of material that has been detected if it is ferrous or not.

The Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro3 SE metal detector is one of those that stands out in terms of depth levels and having all the elements integrated in a single metal detector, including the PLNR that allows you to distinguish electric currents.


This GER Detect Gold Seeker metal detector works by means of pulse induction and reaches a maximum depth of 3.5 meters. It is an excellent and peculiar metal detector for precious objects. Thanks to its technical specifications, this metal detector can penetrate the earth and go deeper than other devices discarding rocks and soil moisture.

With only 7.5 kilograms, this metal detector is a powerful machine that works under any climatic condition, although it is limited to a single function: detecting precious and non-precious objects.

Many experts claim that it is one of the most accurate to find gold objects and coins since it perceives elements of small dimensions.

It works with a DD coil that carries the signal of the spiral current reaching up to 1000 pulses per second; thus, reaching a deeper level of detection, thus guaranteeing a good specialized find.

Now that we have talked about how the depth system works for metal detectors, in addition to knowing three of the best depth metal detectors you should not wait any longer and acquire your metal detector.

Do you want to go even further? We have the best option to go to the deepest areas with you. Dive up to 100 meters deep with the Garmin Descent Mk2S, a smartwatch that is as useful underwater as it is out of it. You won't regret taking this with you on your next adventure!

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