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MEGA Detection: Paramount German treasure hunting tech

MEGA Detection: Paramount German treasure hunting tech

Introducing mint new additions to the powerful detector family.

What's up, fellow adventurers! Thanks for continuing to join us in each and every one of our blog features, it's been great to see your support and your interest in our content. We're continuously searching for new topics to bring to you guys so you can stay on top of things in the wondrous world of treasure hunting and metal detection.

This time around, we'd like to present you with a bit of new info about the newest and latest releases from Mega Detection, a German brand that has worked tirelessly to create some of the greatest technology for detection in all of the market, and whose products we've had the honor and opportunity to sell in our store.

These powerful new devices are incredible. Their high-grade functionalities and Pro-targeted built-in mechanisms ensure the experience of finding hidden mysteries underground is as optimized as possible, and include tools that help hunters visualize their search path with lots of detail.

Now then, shall we begin?

CONCORD: Reliable, sturdy multi-systems detector

What stands out more quickly from the CONCORD detector is its body finish and small and simple form factor. You wouldn't think that this device does much by just looking at it, but don't let appearances fool you: This one is equipped with Mega's proprietary Pulse Induction technology that facilitates faster detection of small objects underground and is also able to discriminate between a great number of mineral and soil types.

Bundled with three detection coils, a powerful long-lasting battery and a highly portable mini-suitcase for transportation, this device appeals to beginner and veteran hunters alike. Mega's bet on the CONCORD is mostly based around bringing newer hunters better equipment to up their treasure collection game to the next level.

PHOENIX: 3D detection, easy-to-use, high-capacity device

This has to be the boldest, yet the most interesting new proposal from the German brand, rather because it encompasses several of the most important features any high-capacity detector should have, but also because it adds a layer of novelty to the hunting experience by including a 3D engine that allows for detailed visualization of the materials found by the detection coils, underground. At its price point, the PHOENIX detector packs much more than other devices from competitor brands. Its 3 search systems are also very valuable but pale in comparison a little bit when compared to more expensive devices from the brand.

The Multi Visual Analyzer app is Mega's answer to popular demand for allowing users to interact with their devices in a more intuitive, more comfortable way, also making the process of looking at data much easier, and the PHOENIX, alongside its new-line brothers, is able to take advantage of it.

GOLD STAR 3D SCANNER: Data collection master device

The GOLD STAR detector could be seen as an improved version of the PHOENIX, most of all, because instead of three, it has eight detection systems that, obviously, grant a much wider spectrum of possible ways to survey the ground for buried items. Its 3D engine is also more capable and yields lots of more data to assess and analyze. This is a machine that also takes advantage of several of the known high-end technologies used for metal detection, such as VST, IMTU and MGS, which help improve results during surveys.

The GOLD STAR introduces what Mega has called the Bionic Search system, which works using various of the detector's assets simultaneously and can be set to target certain objects while discriminating between items and their properties. The IMTU, which is core in the Bionic Search mode, houses a powerful software that looks at the data collected and yields differential values that make every hunt easier.

INFINITY MAX PRO: The crown jewel detector from the new line

The INFINITY MAX PRO detector's description page in Mega's website reads (to paraphrase): “the most comprehensive and powerful metal detector in terms of technology and tools available directly in the device for gold prospecting, underground cavities surveying, tunnel detection and more”. With 12 built-in search systems, the INFINITY MAX PRO will be useful for detectorists from every and any field. Looking to uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization by unearthing deeply-buried elements that your basic detector couldn't find? Maybe you should think about switching to Mega's ultimate new entry.

Use it with the Multi Visual Analyzer, activate its IMTU engine for optimized ground surveying data collection and don't miss anything that's below with its Geophysical Search system that discriminates between all sorts of things.

And… That's a wrap! Consider buying Mega Detectors if you're looking for quality, durability, great results and hour and hours of operation. The detectors featured in this article can be found in our store, for which we'll be providing all of you with all of the support you require.

See you later! Feel the power, be adventurous!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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