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Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector

Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector

Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector

Deep Search Metal Detector for Treasures

Mikron has revolutionized deep-search detectors with Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector. Locate precious metals such as gold, silver, bronze, copper up to 6 meters deep. And with optional coils can reach up to 10 meters, what really distinguishes this metal detector from others is the technology of Pulse Induction Discriminator instead of VLF frequency.

Pulse Induction technology eliminates the effects of ground mineralization for accurate and effective metal detector operation. This is very important because non-ferrous metals such as gold and silver are found in highly mineralized soils.

Characteristics of Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector

  • Digital microprocessor that shows at the time of the search if what is detected is a ferrous metal or a non-ferrous metal.
  • On the LCD screen, it details with numbers and graphs what type of metal it has detected.
  • Factory equipped with deep search frame 1.20x1.20 meters
  • Automatic soil balance eliminates high mineralization and focuses on good or non-ferrous metals.
  • 2-year warranty.

Extreme depth at an affordable price, Mikron Stinger 2 Metal Detector MUST be in your collection of metal detectors.

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