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OKM: Quality Detectors To Find The Best Kept Treasures

OKM: Quality Detectors To Find The Best Kept Treasures

They have 20 years in the market, are leaders in the creation of gold detectors and 3D ground scanners of high precision and depth, and are a constant ally in the processes of search and investigation of military and industrial institutions.

This is the value proposition of OKM, a company incorporated in Germany which currently stands out for its high-quality instruments and market positioning: there is no object or treasure that cannot be found with its devices, even if it is the best-kept treasure.

Technology and innovation: a pair that allows the brand development devices of high impact, capable of capturing the needs of a large number of customers (from the most expert treasure hunters to those who are just interested in knowing more about this area).

Knowing in detail the potential of OKM is much easier if we make a list:

  • OKM has three-dimensional scanners to visualize underground treasures, enclosed objects, and treasures in a simpler location and of all kinds: from gold pieces to ancient objects.
  • Features easy-to-use treasure detectors with color touch screens and video glasses.
  • It has devices LED integration for night searches.
  • At the time of purchase, OKM it makes available to its customers worldwide shipping and a guarantee of up to two years.

OKM has its own Research and Development Department from which they investigate new ways to detect objects, and work on the creation of new software, apps, and improve the sales and support services of the company.

Added to this is an important mission: the training role that the company has taken on in order brand to provide its customers with all the necessary instruction on the handling of their tools in the market, which also helps people to know how to differentiate an original detector from a copy.

"We built a test field where our visitors and potential gold seekers can test all our detectors, 3D ground scanners and metal detectors before purchase," reads the website of the brand,

What's new: this is what your latest detectors look like

There are two new devices ones in the offer OKM, which with its scope and characteristics has turned out to be a quite attractive option not only for buyers but for the treasure detectors market in general.

OKM GeoSeeker Mini Water Detector and Cavity Detector

Designed to operate through a touch screen, the user in your hands device can quickly and easily "select the depth of measurement, as well as the number of scan points" you want, and continue the procedure using images and icons that are easily understood and used.

With this tool It is possible to detect underground cavities, determine soil resistance, detect the presence of freshwater, drinking water, record with water, and much more.

3D OKM Fusion Metal Detector and Floor Scanner

Created especially for new treasure hunters, this detector is an improved version of another product from the brand: Future 2018 metal detector.

Its main mission is to serve its users as the most complete support for hunting all kinds of treasures: lost treasures, buried artifacts, hidden places, and historical objects, according to information on its website.

In terms of its characteristics, this model - which can be found in two presentations: the OKM Fusion Professional and OKM Fusion Professional Plus-with Bluetooth headset, wireless data transfer, and data visualization with Visualizer 3D software, preconfigured tablet PC, among other attributes.

Would you like to settle Contact Us down with her brand and learn more about her entire offer? On the OKM account website with a message box where you can write down your questions or comments. It brand has also provided its visitors with communication channels (telephone number and e-mail) for more direct interaction with interested clients and institutions.

Detector Power: Official Distributor OKM in Florida (USA)

Since this year, we Detector Power are the official distributor of all products in OKM Detectors, in Florida, United States. The purpose behind this alliance is none other than to make available to our customers the devices highest quality, latest technology, and with the best market potential.

Are you interested in learning more about this alliance or would you like to purchase one of these products? Write to us! We have an online chat in which we are always very active and ready to answer all your questions: our device work is ready to assist you in both English and Spanish.

In addition, if you make a purchase over $299.99, you receive your order with no shipping charges.

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