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Save Time And Money With Ajax And Its Precision-Guaranteed Metal Detectors

Save Time And Money With Ajax And Its Precision-Guaranteed Metal Detectors

Going out hunting for gold pieces and finding yourself with a great treasure can be a life-changing event. Imagine, then, that you can do it with devices highly effective, state-of-the-art technology, which will allow you not only to save time but also money. This is just what Ajax Detection can do for you.

Established in 1998, this brand international label specializes in researching and developing mechanisms to detect mineral resources and also antiquities, regardless of the quality of the terrain or the distance in which they can be housed (the underground range of some models of the brand can reach 50 meters).

They differentiate themselves from other brands in the market by a point of great value: their modern high-precision technology, created device by engineers who have ensured that these detectors have great performance, are adapted to the needs of the user and are so comfortable that they can be moved and used with one hand, anywhere.

A long list of products supports the benefits Ajax offers its customers - discover them for yourself! 

Advanced systems and high precision with near-future technology

Yes, as if it were technology of the future, so is the impression that is generated in the users of Ajax after they have been able to detect metals at incredible distances, just by using a detector.

One of the most popular is First. This has nine detection systems that ensure the user find from gold to archaeological materials and minerals, through a special search interface that, with an intelligent design that incorporates sensors, transmitter systems and dual receiver that ensure the user "a certainty rate of up to 100%," as they refer to it on their website.

Another valuable feature of this detector is its high-frequency transmission unit (High Gain Antenna) that allows the precise sending of waves to identify the location of the target and shows it on the display of the device to facilitate the search exercise. 

In addition to this detector is the multifunctional Gamma device, which has advanced systems to detect gold, metal, and voids, and allows 3D scans and geological explorations with precision. It also features a 5-inch, high-resolution color screen and user-adapted accessories for better results. 

Ajax's list of detectors includes Segma, ideal for detecting gold in mining spaces with maximum depth; Alpha, one of the most eagerly awaited and sought-after pioneers in long-distance treasure detection; and Omega, special for finding treasures on groundwater surfaces. 

Ajax's range of detectors culminates with Iota, another device with which users can detect long-distance treasures that allow them to identify one target100% when they find it; and Electra, which promises users to close the day with diamonds and gems in hand for each search.

Its website has an online chat that serves interested customers while giving you all the details of how to buy in a store, or how to become a distributor.

We Detector Power also have an online chat and, in addition, personalized attention in both English and Spanish. Get to know our range of devices and subscribe to our newsletter so that you receive all our news in your e-mail.

Do you live in the United States and want to purchase one of our products? Contact us! We ship all over the country.

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