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The One Brand that Has Reinvented Metal Detection: GER DETECT

The One Brand that Has Reinvented Metal Detection: GER DETECT

GER DETECT! German supplier with a quite interesting product portfolio that has captured the attention of several customers of #DetectorPower.
Ger Detect starts operations in the land of the 7 times world champion of Formula 1. Where beer is the national drink which is accompanied by the traditional Bratwurst (veal and pork sausage) - GERMANY in 1987. After 30 years they are still the pioneers in detectors with their three main categories.
3. Water Detectors, being this category for those enthusiasts looking for wells or any other area that want to explore water detection, its main Fresh Result unit - 2
All its products have their warranty certification for technology, manufacturing, and testing that are 100% German. They are easy to use, ergonomic and with 100% incredible accuracy with their high resolution LED displays. 55% of its annual budget is for research, development, and commitment to new technologies to meet the needs of its customers at the national level.
GER Detect products are guaranteed as quality by ISO 9001.
Acquire the product you like according to the need you require:
1. Gold & Precious Metals Detectors Seeking-Gold.
2. Detectors for Diamonds & Precious Stones.
3. Water Detectors.
You can find these products of German production and many others at
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