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The Origins of Detector Power

The Origins of Detector Power

There was an idea: To offer support and value to the kind of people who love adventure outdoors

All great things start with just an idea, an intention. A conviction of putting out into the world a kind of resource no one's ever heard of or seen. Of course, we wouldn't say we were going to be the only specialized metal detector and outdoor sports store in the United States, but we did want to become one of the best ones in terms of availability, accessibility to the newest equipment and also quality.

We want to thank all of our readers and customers for their immense support over the past 5 years. Since our foundation, Detector Power has made great strides to reach every goal, small or big, to satisfy a demand which we couldn't imagine at first could be so great.

We have been so happy to have found an audience to whom we can communicate our vision and our wishes, and it has been just great getting all of your feedback, it has helped us improve a lot, so we really appreciate that!

The Reason We Do What We Do

5 years ago, there were just four of us. We all loved adventure, trekking, going out to explore and being amazed by every new thing we found on our trips. One day, we sat down and thought about the passion that drove us to constantly go out in search of new thrills. We wondered if there were other people out there who shared our love for the outdoors too, and we guessed there had to be!

We then got to know about metal detectors and how people used them for outdoors exploring, how this equipment was used as a complementary tool for activities on the outside and how they added value to the entertainment side of walking across a park or a mountain range.

We decided we would become a metal detector store for those people who were looking to spice up their trips to the outside searching for treasure. Our success was unprecedented! In no time, our popularity amongst the detectorist communities in Florida rose to amazing levels and we were flooded with orders and interactions on our website.

The reason we do what we do becomes pretty simple: To offer the best service we can, as well as a catalog filled with top-of-the-line, industry-leading brands of great products that people could recognize and be assured that what they were buying was going to be durable, reliable and non-prohibitive regarding cost.

Giving People The Power to Feel Adventurous

Our mission so far has been to give people whatever they require to enhance their experiences when they think about spending time outdoors on their own, with friends or their families. And what kind of store or vendor would we be if we didn't tend to our customers with the greatest level of personal treatment and care?

We think that Detector Power differs from other adventure gear stores because we cater to every single type of explorer: The lone wolves, who seek for treasure and enjoy the calmness of their surroundings; the sportsmen and sportswomen, who are continuously training, tracking and improving their performance; the art enthusiasts who, with the power of technology, enjoy creating impressive aerial images using drones…

We will continue to work and improve our quality of service, our offerings, our promos and everything that makes the lives of our customers easier! We are proud to be that one store that has something for everyone. There is still much to be accomplished, and much more adventures to be a part of!

Stay tuned to our blog for upcoming updates! See you later!

Also, remember we are always available on our WhatsApp (+1-786-909-3320) to answer any of your questions!

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