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Tips For Making Your Metal Detection More Productive

Tips For Making Your Metal Detection More Productive

To optimize metal detection, the key is to add opportunities to find them and have the best resources to detect them.

In relation to the first point, it is important not to leave the findings limited to "luck", but to bring into play your intuition and creativity to choose where to look with intelligence and common sense in equal parts. To these factors, you can add something else: the advice of experienced search engines that have gone through many hours of search before you.

They recommend simply thinking of those places where people are likely to leave things behind. That's what's fun and fascinating about this hobby (or profession): the good finds will be anywhere including places right under your feet, which means you could dig up valuable objects even in your own backyard.

What do experienced search engines advise?

  • Picnic areas
  • Battlefields
  • Camping grounds
  • Docks
  • Lakes and surroundings
  • Beach
  • Parks, playgrounds and school playgrounds
  • Plow fields
  • Forests
  • Ghost towns and ancient city sites
  • Stadiums and their surroundings

In relation to the second point, i.e. the resources you have for detection beyond the known detector, we invite you to evaluate the advantage of using some accessories that will optimize your experience, such as access to a complete kit that adds technology to your search and increases your chances of detection.

You must verify (obviously) that the kit you purchase is compatible with the one brand and connectors of your main metal detector. The most common generic connection requires that the accessories are compatible with metal detectors that have a 2-pin AT connector or a headset plug from ¼".

Most of these complete kits have between 6 and 7 basic elements, but if for some reason you can't access them all at the same time, we point out the most important articles that make it up:

A metal detector for underwater use: so you can dive with comfort and maximum efficiency that gives you security and fulfills your expectations in every way.

Promote the work with the help of a wireless signal receiver whose main function is to turn your conventional headphones into wireless headphones, if they have the right connectors.

If you do not have headphones, we recommend that you buy those that are clearly compatible with the above input, i.e. invest in some special headphones that will make it easier for you to concentrate and sharpen your hearing to hear the signals coming from your metal detector.

Now yes, putting into consideration these advices, let the action begin: go for those treasures and relics!

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