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Tips For Using A Beginner's Treasure Detector

Tips For Using A Beginner's Treasure Detector

Purchasing a treasure detector is the first thing you should do if you think metal detection is your new hobby.

For you who start with this great passion, we recommend a metal detectors such as Garrett Ace 300, Minelab Vanquish 440, White's Coinmaster and others that we have in our web whose characteristics you must pay special attention. However, here are some basic tips to use your treasure detector wisely, even from the first day of your hunt.

Go to your time with your treasure detector


It's never really a "good" time to use your metal detector.

People who are curious about what you are doing will follow you unless you are completely alone.

Go hunt whenever it fits your schedule.

Just remember, if you're using your treasure detector in a public area for a busy time, there's likely to be more people following you and asking you questions.

Make the most of your time with your treasure detector


Metal detection is usually best just after a good rain.

The additional moisture in the soil or sand provides better conductivity, allowing you to extend the range even in devices basic.

If you're leaving near the coast or a beach, consider planning a time to explore during low tide for best results.

Don't leave a mess after your house.

If you dig something up, don't leave a hole where you were exploring.

Metal detection is like walking in the woods.

You pack what you need, pack everything, and leave no trace of your presence.

Cover the holes or you can look for unwelcome where you like to explore, or worse: some jurisdictions may fine you for disturbing the environment.

Carry a collection bag in addition to your treasure detector


You may find more trash than treasure, but you need a place to store the good things you find, and you can learn how to cleanse these precious metals with the tips of our article.

Don't trust your pockets. The coins that have been buried are dirty and will dirty your clothes.

Take a bag, sack, or package with you. The best option is something that attaches to your body.

To purchase your first metal detector, do not hesitate to contact us, remember we have free shipping!

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