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Top 5 2018 Metal Detectors

Top 5 2018 Metal Detectors

Have you made up your mind? Will you start the adventure as a family or alone? Does this activity challenge you to the point that you will invest -as appropriate- in good equipment that translates your time into productive fun and good times?
Well, given that you are not yet a professional and you are going to make your first investment, I would like to recommend one of the following options that are framed in what are usually called "hobby detectors". Now, it is clear that this is not why they are toys... far from it!
I invite you to read carefully and analyze the performance of each of them. According to your economic possibilities, I guarantee you that in any of these models you will have an ally of good quality without any doubt.
  • The first proposal is the TEKNETICS T2 Metal Detector Special Edition It is equipped with a technology called Digital Shielding Technology that allows the use of maximum sensitivity adjustments with minimum background noise, reducing user fatigue and improving the detection experience. It is a detector capable of discriminating targets and gives very good performance in sites loaded with iron.
  • Next on my list is the Garrett AT Pro a superior performance device for all types of terrain: from dry and dusty deserts to wetlands, swamps, and more. Very comfortable, lightweight, and easy to use. This device one is ready to accompany you on any adventure.
  • Let's take one more step and I'd like you to meet Makro Multi Kruzer is a detector of robust and impermeable design, thought for search in any environment, and that offers you the best performance and depth. And if you are a beach hunter the Kruzer introduces a new advanced beach mode that provides a very stable performance on the wet salt beach and even underwater.
  • But if you are looking for a device professional, original technology that can offer what others do not and at low cost, do not hesitate to consider the AKA Sorex Pro It also offers high sensitivity, unique and exclusive algorithms for the identification of flat metals, and discrimination suppression and visualization of "hot rocks". In addition, all AKA models are equipped with "hodgepodge" identification technology targets, which makes it possible to define targets very simply and with an exact value. No other brand metal detector has such identification!
  • Finally, the Mikron NGR 110 which will open up a world of multiplied opportunities for you, as it is endowed with many features that facilitate the location of metals.
          I invite you, or rather: I challenge you to expand on any of them, in the certainty that you will find the right one for you. To choose... and to begin the adventure!
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