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Unexpected Places To Search For Treasure With Metal Detectors

Unexpected Places To Search For Treasure With Metal Detectors

While most people associate treasure hunting with pirates, anyone can do it with the help of metal detectors, and there are treasures around us; we just need to know where to look.

To find valuable objects, you need to broaden your horizons and go on a treasure hunt in these totally unexpected places.

But first, check these out. invaluable treasures that have been found with metal detectors.

Treasure Hunt in Garages with Metal Detectors

Buscar tesoro / detectores de metales

Not exactly in the house and not completely outside, the garage is a common hiding place for all sorts of things. Look in the beams, in the attic if you have one, and in each and every one of the cabinets and containers.

In 2012, officials in Carson City, Nevada, made some interesting discoveries as they inspected a house abandoned by an inmate who died without close relatives.

They found $12,000 in cash in the house, but soon that amount looked insignificant. In the garage, neatly wrapped in aluminum foil, there were $7 million in gold coins.

Take a look at any old toolboxes you find in the garage. Some tools can be sold as useful items or, if they are old and interesting, as collectibles.

Sometimes there are other things left in the toolboxes. There was a man in England who one day looked through the old toolbox of his deceased father and found a handful of old coins which he then auctioned for £30,000 (approximately $38,000 USD).

Finding Treasure in Foundations with Metal Detectors

Buscar tesoro / Detectores de metales

Treasure hunters look at the foundations that remain in the old houses to determine where the steps and front porch would have been. Why is that? I don't know. That's where people sat to rest, so it was also where coins fell out of their pockets and got lost in the grass and dirt.

If your home is old enough, there may be some valuable coins where people sat generations ago.

Get out that metal detector and the shovel.

If you expand your concept of treasure, you'll probably find more.

Treasure hunt in barns and sheds with metal detectors

buscar tesoros/detectores de metales

Barns, sheds, and other outbuildings around a house are natural places to hide things and good places to continue your treasure hunt.

You may find valuable objects forgotten by previous owners.

It should be noted that the detectors may fail and not perform 100% in enclosed spaces such as those mentioned in this list.

With our free shipping and this list of other places to look for treasure, your hunt is almost ready!

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