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What is a metal detector?

What is a metal detector?

Generally, people who are unfamiliar with detectors think that they are the sidebars found in stores, airports, or banks. Some consider that they are those pallets used by security personnel. The truth is that they are metal detectors, but there is a broader world for these devices; there are even other forms and other mechanisms in action.
Metal detectors are specialized devices detecting the presence of subsurface metal objects, and did you know there are even detectors with the ability to find water?
Having a device with these capabilities has become a hobby and a real adventure in which you do not know what treasure you can encounter. If you don't know how it works, you've come to the right place because we will show you shortly and simply what its mechanism is, and you can buy yours to join the adventure.

How metal detectors work

The technology with metal detectors is continuously evolving. The detectors work using electromagnetic fields to generate direct communication between the device and the object to be found.
The detector activates the action of the electromagnetic field through multiple frequencies to establish communication with the type of metal or object to be found. The frequency of the detector will always depend on its specific use, for example, if you want to find gold, coins, relics, or larger objects.
Once this electromagnetic field has generated interaction with the object, it sends an audible alert to the metal detector. This is how the technology applied to these devices takes effect.

Best Metal Detector Accessories

There are many accessories for detectors. Among the essential accessories are hearing aids that allow the detectorist to listen to specific objects, mainly if they apply the discrimination systems on certain types of metals. Thus, they will know what type of metal have found.
There are also search coils, a fundamental piece for the metal detector. There are different types of detectors, and for each equipment, there are larger coils, small coils, or some coils with long-range and allow the detectorist to locate objects in various positions.
The use of different search coils is due to the objective that has been set to achieve; for example, to all those who are in charge of gold prospecting, others to find treasures and relics, being a common object in finding the concealed weapons.

What is the best metal detector to buy

The best option to acquire a new metal detector is with us! At Detector Power, we have a wide variety of metal detectors for all purposes and tastes. It is recommended that if you are a beginner, find low-cost devices that fit your needs but are of excellent quality, and we have several options and great prices for those.
One of the brands preferred by beginners and experts is Garrett and Minelab; they have everything you need for your first adventure.
As a curious fact, metal detecting has become a professional hobby. Have you heard about Pacific Northwest? A club created not only to play or narrate about the discoveries but also to take care of the environment.

Get to know the complete catalog of our products choose the device that best suits you, and proceed with your purchase, but remember that if you need any extra advice, you can consult us through the online chat or our WhatsApp; we will gladly assist you

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