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Best Diamond Detector Devices

Best Diamond Detector Devices

If you’ve ever wondered if metal detectors can detect diamonds, the truth is that these devices do not have the elements to do so.

A metal detector can only detect an object that contains metal; however, if you’re looking for diamond rings, rings are usually made of silver, gold, or some other metal, and a metal detector is capable of doing so. Still, if you’re looking for diamonds, we recommend getting diamond detector devices; it will be the best for you.

You need specialized equipment to find diamonds since you would be detecting a mineral and not a metal, and guess what? On our website, we have diamond detector devices, and they are amazing.

These are our best choices for diamond detector devices:

GER Detect Diamond Hunter

It is a specialized device for finding diamonds. This powerful geolocator can find diamonds in four functions, including large and small diamonds underground, stones cast under the ground, and natural gems also underground.

This detector can find diamonds up to 35 meters deep and 2500 around. This is possible thanks to its powerful signal receiver that locates the target and allows the diamond hunter to be oriented thanks to an automatic guide indicating the location above while providing the point where it is.

The Hunter Diamonds detector works through a spiral system with two transmission circuits that give it a much more powerful induction.

Among the essential features of this geolocator is the super double antenna that it includes. It allows you to have a faster and stronger system that makes it easier to find the underground gemstones.

This metal detector machine is quite complete equipment that will make your searches a great adventure with great success; therefore, it includes the control box, the signal reception antenna, and the super antenna, and a signal enhancer so that the search is precise.

GER Detect Titan 500 diamonds

The GER Detect Titan 500 metal detector is one of the most impressive geolocators capable of making you find all the precious stones you propose and many diamonds.

This equipment has a remarkable ability to locate targets at great distances and depths; it has such a power that it can identify at a distance up to 3000 meters and in a maximum depth of 65 meters.

Suppose you wonder how a metal detector can have this ability; the German GER industry’s technological advances have the most powerful technology in the world.

The GER Detect Titan has three search systems that make it stand out from all detectors as the best; among its options is an excellent system for searching for diamonds of all sizes, a search for small diamonds, and a search system for precious stones.

An essential element of this detector is that it is possible to use it on all soil types. Whether it is a rocky, clayey area or exploring a highly mineral area, Titan 500 can overcome all these obstacles.

This device has the highest technological conditions to be able to trace a target and locate it. It is entirely German, and rigorous testing has been applied before commercial use. And it can be yours right now; you have to buy it because it is fully available in our GER Detect product catalog.

GOLD AKS Diamond Finder Long Range Diamond Detector

This is a professional detector of precious stones and, of course, diamonds. It is a device with the ability to transmit and receive unique waves at precise frequencies to identify and position rough gems, including diamonds, sapphires, and emeralds.

The AKS device with DDT technology and search capabilities in LR-TR technology comes with targeted work programs such as ALL, EPP, PP, TRACKING, LIGHT MODE, and many more.

This Deep Seeking Detector will locate diamonds and underground gemstones up to 75 meters, and I can identify a distance up to 5,000 meters with the possibility of determining the Front Range. The outstanding feature about this device is choosing your search system diamond, emerald & silver, with the option of Automatic depth checking by button.

Where to find diamonds?

Now that you know that you can find diamonds and specialized devices for their location, you must ask yourself which is the best place to find a gemstone or a diamond.

Exploring diverse areas is a good option; however, diamonds are usually present in sites where there is gold or areas with high levels of minerals. It is also possible to find diamonds in ancient sites. So, the terraces will always be varied, and you should contemplate it when embarking on your adventure.

Finding diamonds may seem like a difficult task, but just like locating other targets, it is quite a fun task, and with which you can get a great reward. If you want to start searching for precious stones, you can do so; you must search very calmly and with the appropriate instruments.

In Detector Power, you can find everything you need to locate diamonds, gold, and all kinds of metals. If you have any questions, remember you can write to us via online chat, or please write to us on WhatsApp +1786-909-3320, and a team of specialists will gladly answer all your questions.

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With your new detector, you will receive a Quick Start Guide, a valuable resource designed to guide you through the essential steps of operating your new device seamlessly. This user-friendly guide is tailored to ensure that even beginners can quickly grasp the fundamental functions and features.

For those seeking a more profound understanding, a comprehensive manual accompanies your purchase. This detailed manual delves into the intricacies of your detector, providing a wealth of information for users eager to explore advanced settings and capabilities.

However, the pinnacle of expertise in harnessing your detector's full potential lies in professional training. While guides and manuals offer a solid foundation, professional training takes your knowledge to the next level. Through hands-on instruction and insights from seasoned experts, you'll gain a deeper understanding of your detector's nuances and unlock its optimal performance.

During the individual training, our detector Expert addresses your wishes and questions, provides you tips and tricks and helps you to improve your chances of success with your detector.

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  • Overview of the functionality and operating modes of your detector
  • Using the detector on the test field
  • Tips and tricks for advanced users
  • Improving your measurement procedure
  • Evaluation of the scans on the detector display
  • Answers to your questions

In addition to a general introduction to the functionality and operating modes of your detector, the detector Expert explains how to use the detector efficiently in the field. In doing so, he can correct small errors during the measurement and advise you on special features of your search projects.

You will learn how to check your measurements and further improve your scanning technique independently. You can also draw initial conclusions about potential target objects in the underground.

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