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What To Consider When Buying A Metal Detector To Look For Gold Only?

What To Consider When Buying A Metal Detector To Look For Gold Only?

If you go for gold without looking the other way, you must consider certain specifications of a metal detector to look for gold.

Having a metal detector with these characteristics will guarantee that you will get to the target one you want, but before, learn to differentiate one natural gold detector from another in our article.

There are excellent metal detectors, but only a few can detect gold more easily accompanied by intelligent methods.

Here are some of these important aspects to consider before buying a metal detector to hunt gold:

Consider a high-frequency metal detector

High-frequency detectors are more sensitive to gold, but are also more likely to give false positives when iron deposits are present.

Low-frequency detectors will disconnect other metals and find larger deposits at greater depths.

Look for automatic ground balance controls

These will automatically adjust according to the iron content in the rocks, and you won't have to constantly adjust the controls.

Choose a metal detector that shows the depth of the object found

This will help you know precisely how far you should dig.

Buy reels in various sizes

Larger coils will find larger objects at greater depths, while smaller coils will find smaller objects at shallower depths.

Small coils are good for detecting deposits in bedrock, while large coils are better for detecting gold nuggets buried in tailings piles.

Buy coils created for your metal detector model. Coils are not interchangeable between models.

Buy a pair of high quality headphones

A good pair of headphones:

  • Muffle out of the noise.
  • Improves the weak sound produced when gold nuggets are detected.
  • It has a volume control mechanism.
  • Uses stereo sound depending on the type of sound output of the detector.

To detect gold, we have a high recommendation that, when you click, you will see its specifications:

If you want to start hunting gold now, take advantage of our free shipping and see the best options on our website!

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