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Where To Take A Gold And Silver Detector?

Where To Take A Gold And Silver Detector?

The rewards of metal detection can be excellent, but for beginners, knowing where to detect gold and silver with a gold and silver detector can be a bit disconcerting.

What's more, when you get your first gold and silver detector, you may be so excited about going on a treasure hunt that you can't stop to wonder where the best place to look is.
There are a ton of artifacts that haven't yet been discovered and places you may not have considered, even in your local area.

So we leave you a small list of the best places for the detection of gold and silver and help you in your search.

Ghost towns with a gold and silver detector

detector de oro y plata

If you come across a settlement or an abandoned city, then it would be a good place to start detecting metals.

Some ancient mining towns and settlements have hidden treasures and valuable items waiting to be unearthed.
However, many of these historic cities are under the protection of the government, so it is very likely that you will need to consult the relevant authorities before beginning your search. But the odds of you finding some old coins or other historical items are very high.

Gardens with a gold and silver detector

detector de oro y plata

Tons of things may be waiting just below the floor of an old garden and the older the burial, the greater your chances of finding something special. These areas are usually places of social interaction and where people spend long hours.
Therefore, it is very likely that something has been buried there over time. This may be especially so if the garden is old or attached to some land that has a great history. Anything from coins, relics, toys to jewelry can be found in a garden.
Which makes it an excellent place to start using your gold and silver detector.

Beaches with a gold and silver detector

detector de oro y plata

If you know when and where to detect metals on a beach, you can pick up a lot of great items and it's almost always guaranteed that you'll find something.
If you are looking to do your offshore gold and silver detection, you would need a permit, but searching for treasures along the coast can result in you discovering many items.

The best time to detect metals on the beach is right after a storm when something has been thrown to the shore or after sunset when large numbers of people have left the area leaving coins, jewelry, and other lost items for you to find.

Church Courtyards with a gold and silver detector

detector de oro y plata

Churches are often some of the oldest buildings in an area because they are usually built right after a community is installed and, as a result, can be hundreds of years old. That is why they are generally one of the best places to find antique coins and relics from the past that many people would bring to the church.

Fields with a gold and silver detector

detector de oro y plata

The fields are an excellent starting point for the detection of gold and silver as well. Especially in the fields that the farmers work. These fields are often filled with treasures and artifacts. You should make sure you have the permission of the landowner before you start detecting it.
Because these fields are constantly changing, the elements come closer to the surface and can be easily detected when you're looking for them.

Taking into account the history of those fields could be of great help in knowing which areas are worth your time. Land often passes from owner to owner, and the richer a piece of land in history, the greater the chances of finding an artifact.

As we have told you before, the research, before starting the hunt, is the key to your success, as well as knowing the most competitive gold and silver detector prices.

If in doubt, remember that we are at your service.

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