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Which Are The Best Geolocator At Long Distance

Which Are The Best Geolocator At Long Distance

If your goal is to reach a treasure buried many, many years ago and you think you know where it is, a long-distance geolocator could be your great solution, plus a few more. tips for before buying a gold and silver detector.

And if you ask yourself what they are or what they are for, everything can be summarized in that they are detectors of electromagnetic fields and work perfectly for the search of buried objects at depths that conventional detectors do not reach and do not locate.

The mission of long-distance geolocators is to detect the minimal energy movement of a treasure buried for many years.

However, you may wonder what your best options are and what their attributes are for you to make a wise decision.

So here's a small list of some that we have available in Detector Power and that we trust, literally, with our eyes closed by their great capacities.

Geolocator Metal Detector Germany PLUS 2


Why is it one of the best geolocators?

  • Greater range, depth and digital numbering display.
  • It reaches a depth of 20 metres, is 8 metres deeper than the old Germany XPro and has a length of up to 1,500 metres.
  • It has 6 digital search modes for precious stones: Diamond, Emerald, Quartz, Sapphire, Amethyst and Expert.
  • It has frequencies to find Gold, Silver, Bronze and Copper.

Geolocator Metal Detector TITAN GER 1000


Why is it the best geolocator?

  • When one target is detected on the screen, the location will appear, so you should only walk in that direction.
  • You can select the type of metal to look for, has a capacity of up to 2500 meters distance and 45 meters depth
  • It can scan the layers of the earth and display them in 3D images, and also shows the targets detected such as Gold, Silver, Other Valuable Metals, Treasures, and Caves.
  • It works with Pulse Induction frequency penetrating the ground at depths that are difficult for other metal detectors.

Geolocator Treasure Locator Centurion 21


Why is it one of the best geolocators?

Because it has two search methods that we present below:

  • The first and most used is inductive tracking, which consists of the operator being practically carried by the locating antenna directly towards the target. This method is generally used when the operator has the "data" of a possible buried treasure and this "data" is considered serious or true by the operator.
  • The second one is by crossing and it is used more than anything for the exploration of areas or fields in the fortuitous search of a possible treasure, any of these methods can be used to short, medium and long-distance.

Geolocator Hunter Britbe Treasure Metal Detector


Why is it one of the best geolocators?

  • If the treasure you want is in a wet ground or where there is water emanating from the earth or rainwater, he will detect device it through the locator antenna.
  • 50 meters deep and 1500 meters away.

In any case, we are at your disposal to give you more information about the geolocator that best suits your needs.

Contact us by our live chat and remember that we have free shipping!

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