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Discover which metal detectors are used by diggers 

Discover which metal detectors are used by diggers 

The television program "The Diggers" that was broadcast by National Geographic was very successful for fans of metal detection. In this program, we have seen great metal detectors and impressive findings that arouse the desire to find metals, coins and treasures. If you have never done a similary feat, Detector Power invites you to take a risk is an adventure to find treasures.

In this article we bring some of the metal detectors that were used in the 66 chapters of this television series. So, we invite you to read it completely and you will discover which metal detector fits the best way for your search.

The diggers

For those who did not have the opportunity to watch diggers tv show we will recount the theme of this program and those who were fans of the series, we will refresh the memory a bit.

The famous television program conducted by Tim Saylor and George Wyant was broadcast for two consecutive years by National Geographic between 2013 and 2015. The Diggers is presented by these two fans of metal detection and treasure finds that run through various sites. from the United States to do a treasure hunt in which there are amazing discoveries.

The Diggers search routes used to be historical and archaeological sites, where they could find more than coins, there were always impressive finds dating even before the civil war, also finding historical pieces of this American history event.

The Diggers in National Geographic was a program that woke up many adventurers who today have become great metal and treasure hunters. Thanks to the feats that were performed by the two experts.

Ringmaster Saylor, as he is best known, is an expert in finding treasures thanks to the best choice of his tools. And for being at the forefront in everything. While Wyant activates his best strategies to dominate the most difficult territories.

Behind the diggers

The history of this duo begins in 2005 when they founded Anaconda Treasure Company, better known as ATC.

Later they create a series of DVD called Extreme Metal Detecting, in which they appear in several locations in the United States where they explained their discoveries, this caught the attention and the television program for National Geographic arises.

However, it had to be canceled in view of disagreements with the society of archaeologists.

George Wyant was born in Montana, was passionate about metal detection since he was just a child and since he was in high school, he was already making great finds. He was a man who dedicated himself to hunting, fishing and adventures in large.

Meanwhile, Ringmaster Tim Nation in Iowa, being a psychologist, computer programmer and web designer with preparation in Germany.

Went from being a renowned programmer to become a treasure hunter after meeting King George Wyant and dedicating his time to the career television when participating in Diggers and Diggin with KG and Ringy, a program that is currently broadcasting.

The adventures never stop, for that reason these two adventurers have traveled much of the country in an unprecedented village for the best treasures they have found underground. They always use excellent metal detectors that correctly orient them towards their findings, now we will know what those metal detectors were.

Diggers metal detectors

Metal detectors are constantly updated to offer full detection.

Among those of the metal detectors that diggers use, most often, is the Garrett brand. Preferred by all professional and adventurous expeditionaries. However, Garrett and other brands of metal detectors are quite efficient in finding a treasure.

Both diggers and all adventurers must have an efficient metal detector for each type of search, and choose the tools that best suit the environment they are in.

It is always necessary to have all the materials for a successful expedition. For this reason, metal detectors increasingly simplify search tools for users and experts in these fields. This time we will see what are the metal detectors that were most used in this television program.

As we mentioned a moment ago, the Garrett brand may be the most mentioned in The diggers programs and there are the following models: the Garret At Max metal detector, Garrett ATX and Garrett AT Pro. Next, we show you a little of what each of these metal detectors is about.

Garret AT Max

The Garrett At Max metal detector is a great equipment, which has all the tools that any user may need. It has more than 170 resolution points, for land balances it allows searching various types of soils from beaches to highly mineralized soils.

This metal detector has a high definition frequency and reception level and can capture a wide range of metals from silver coins, gold jewelry and brass relics. The Garret At Max detector is a fairly complete and accurate device.

The all-terrain monster, as it is also known, has an automatic ground balance window that gives automatic balance to terrain variations making the search more efficient. It even has the "True All Metal" mode that allows you to recognize all types of metals.

The Garrett AT Max metal detector is a device that has everything that the most demanding customers can request by incorporating even Z-Lynk wireless technology.

The Garrett AT Max metal detector includes an 8.5 "X 11" DD coil that makes it competitive enough to find any type of metal. In conclusion, it is an excellent equipment that incorporates everything a person can expect to find in a metal detector.

Garrett ATX

The Garrett ATX metal detector is a high-end device, but very easy to use. It is a machine that every detectorist aspires to have since it is the best decision an experienced amateur can make to find great treasures.

This is another metal detector, quite efficient, that is used by diggers is the Garrett ATX is the preferred metal detector for those looking for gold nuggets and the most natural presentation of this mineral.

This metal detector has a fairly strong and robust appearance that helps to locate in any environment. In fact, it is one of the few metal detectors that meets all military collections for civil use.

One of the most powerful elements of the Garret ATX is the extreme sensitivity that has to be automatically adjusted to the environments in which it is located and can locate minimum elements.

This type of metal detector is suitable for searching for gold nuggets, no matter how small they are, you will always find it. It is the only one that is widely trained to search for complicated terrain and that require excavations.

The gold hunter preferred by diggers is a powerful machine that complements very well with its large specific coil for each of the findings. The coil is 20” and is designed to locate metals at great depths.

Garrett AT Pro

The powerful Garrett At Pro metal detector is one of the preferred detectors for all the features it incorporates. The main novelty is that it is water resistant and can be submerged up to 10 feet deep in water. This makes it extremely versatile because it can be adjusted to any terrain, whether it is arid or excessively humid.

The Garrett AT Pro detector has a unique search coil that allows you to distinguish various objects from the valuable to the waste that can be found. However, there is even more technology because it has various forms of professional sound that will always distinguish the types of metals from their basic characteristics of shape, size and conductivity. In addition, it is quite light and easy to handle.

Now that you know the main metal detectors that have been used by Ringmaster and King on the TV Show "The Diggers" it's time to join the adventure with them. Buy a metal detector that fits your search plans, the Garret ATX metal detector will always be an excellent option.

Metal detection is a unique adventure, and today more people have joined this unique experience. For that reason, in Detector Power we provide all the equipment you may need.

If you have doubts, or do not have extensive knowledge about metal detectors in Detector Power we have personalized attention and a team of experts who will advise you at all times. You can contact us from our website, social networks, WhatsApp +1786-909-3320 and email Info@Detectorpower.Com There are many ways to communicate and we will help you through this new adventure of your life.

We also ship nationally and internationally. Contact us for more information about shipping and conditions that apply.

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