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How to use a metal detector

How to use a metal detector

A metal detector is a fundamental tool for all those adventurers who want to explore new horizons and find great treasures hunt. It's a great idea, and if you want to be a bounty hunter you're on the right track. But when we don't have extensive knowledge about metal detectors, this can be a problem.

If you're reading this article, you're probably into relics, coins, and searching for buried treasures. Don't worry! At Detector Power, we'll teach you 5 essential tips so you know how to use your metal detector correctly and fulfill your goal of being a professional bounty hunter.

Learn more about metal detectors

While each metal detector has a brand and specific model features and functions, they also have general features and this is what we'll teach you now.

The first thing to learn is how metal detecting works, we'll show you essential elements.

If you want to know more about it, we recommend this article How do metal detectors work.

Among the options of metal detectors you should mainly filter the metal discrimination mode that will allow you to recognize the types of metals and dispose of metal waste, such as nails, cans, among others. This will allow you to go straight to buried treasures such as relics or large items.

But if your desire is to find coins then you will have to make adjustments to the VLF to all metal, since this way the detector gains sensitivity and you can get false signals. You'll also have to activate the induction balance that will allow you to add a more complete search to your content without any changes due to the type of soil.

It's also essential to know the sound of the metal detector and train your ear to recognize each type of sound. According to each induction pulse you'll be able to know the different types of metals that have been found.

The faster you explore, the faster you may miss an element, patience is essential, also check the terrain very well.

Everything we have said will be the key for you to have a successful search. Always remember, to have direct contact with the ground. Touch the ground to learn more about the spaces you are exploring to get an idea of the magnetic field in which the metal detector is located.

You should also know, a successful search will depend on whether there is an initial search goal, if you are planning to be a gold digger, you might spend more time finding other kinds of metal. The same is important to have specialized search coils for each area and finding metals. Always having, among the exploration devices, digging tools, good exploration tools to find hidden treasures that are not easy to extract.

What terrains to explore

There are many places to look for coins, gold, or any metal you want to find. But, you must know what terrains to explore, they can be these:

  • The beach: it is an ideal place at low tide, if you are going to look in the water, or in the sand. You will be able to have great finds.
  • The forest: always take care that they are safe places for you. In mountains and forests you can have ample terrain to explore, the ideal is to go during the day and if it is possible to know the space you will go to well.
  • The swamps: these sites are commonly used by explorers because they are difficult areas to explore, although it is for more experienced users it is also a fairly comfortable space to find a treasure.

What treasures can you find?

Depending on the spaces you go to, you can find different treasures. The beach, for example, is the preferred location for many bounty hunters because there are so many treasures that people forget and so many things that come from the high seas, therefore, you are likely to get rings, bracelets, pendants or earrings. So without undertaking a long journey you can find great treasures.

If, on the other hand, you prefer to explore more wooded areas, you'll find truly ancient relics, left there perhaps by ancient settlers. Also, depending on the country you are looking for you will be able to find warlike elements related to wars.

And in any space you search you can always find coins, some may be recent, but you can always find a unique coin that will be of great value.

It is normal for searches to end without any result, but this is not something to worry about, because you'll learn more and more to explore the new terrain and it is what enables the experience, and it will also serve as a very stressful and even therapeutic hobby. So give it a try!

5 tips to consider

Now that you know all this about metal detectors, the spaces to explore along with and what you can find, it is important that you take this into consideration:

  1. Get comfortable with the metal detector, it may seem strange to use it but soon it will be a part of you.
  2. Find the best weather occasion to go exploring on rainy days, this helps conductivity and the low tide will be your ally.
  3. Take care of the environment, remember that you must respect nature and if you leave a hole in your search, cover it again.
  4. Have your own treasure chest, we recommend that you have a bag or box in which you can store all your findings.
  5. Respect the spaces and the search laws, remember to know what the search system is like in each country or region in which you are. There are some places where the use of metal detectors is prohibited or restricted.

If you have any questions about which Metal Detector to buy or want more information, do not hesitate to contact us on our WhatsApp number +1786-909-3320 we'll give you detailed information on the most modern, effective and functional metal detectors and remote locators.

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