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The best metal detectors for the money

The best metal detectors for the money

Finding coins is a hobby that anyone can perform, connects you with the past and gives you endless opportunities to discover a lost story, and even, if you make a good find, your currency can be worth a thousand times the value it had in its moment.

If you want to start in the hunt for coins, or you are one of those who have already begun in the adventure of exploring unknown lands and are in search of great treasures; Then, this article will interest you.

This time we will dedicate an exhaustive explanation to the best metal detectors for the money and find it coins.

The art of finding coins

The true land explorer knows that the discovery of treasures and the hunting of coins is an art, which is achieved with a meticulous search. Finding coins is not just finding an old piece of metal. It is finding a lost story, a remote past that approaches the present and expresses itself in its maximum capacity.

For this reason, looking for coins with a metal detector makes this whole search an adventure full of emotions. In addition, it is an ideal hobby for anyone: they can do it from children to the elderly, individually, with families or friends. More and more people want to go through old parks and courtyards to learn a little more about what is hidden under the ground or near a large tree.

If you manage to have a suitable team, you will be able to succeed in your search, and the exciting thing about coin hunting is that you always find a piece and that you don’t know which one will be the most valuable and the story behind it. Get successful finds with the best metal detectors to find coins.

Currently, there are a lot of types of metal detectors on the market and not all of them are suitable for finding coins, since some devices are not able to find small parts, in addition to interference in some metal detectors of mineralized soils, all these factors make the search for coins and treasures to be highly frustrated, but with the right equipment everything becomes a success.

  For this, it is essential to know some basic elements to distinguish the best metal detectors that will allow you to find coins. The best metal detectors to find coins based on user experience.

metal detectors to find coins

There are metal detectors to find coins of various range but all with excellent quality. Before showing you the 5 best metal detectors to find coins, it’s good that you know your search level.

Metal detectors for beginners

 If you are one of those who has never done a search, but you are passionate about the world of exploration it would be excellent to start with a metal detector that fits your needs and budget, in the case of the simplest, but also very efficient, is the Garret Ace 300.

Garrett Ace 300 Metal Detector 

The Garrett Ace 300 metal detector is a device that has an 8kHz frequency that allows deeper penetration and detects higher conductivity targets and highly mineralized. Thanks to the four discrimination segments included in this detector, it allows you to accurately give an answer to what you are looking for. With a complete identification in the control box.

The Garrett ACE 300 includes a 7×10 ”coil and includes 5 search coils  modes that allow you to find lost jewels and relics, in addition, obviously, to the coins.

Garrett ACE 300 Features 

  • 8 kHz frequency
  • Weight of 1.27 Kg.
  • Soil mineralization function.
  • Clear audio
  • Button controls.
  • 7×10 ”coil.
  • Soil mineralization with automatic adjustment.
  • Continuous coin depth indicator.

It is available for a fairly accessible price and is a fundamental element if you want to start your search.

More information about Garrett ACE 300

Metal detectors for amateurs

If you have already had experience with the exploration and hunting of coins and you need a metal detector that fits your search there are several detectors, among them is the Garrett ACE 400 detector and the Garrett AT pro.

Garrett ACE 400

The Garrett ACE 400 is a complete coin detector that allows you to go a little further in the search for jewels and treasures. This device includes the option of discriminating of metal objects,  iron metals and even perceiving it if it is within the search range.

Garrett ACE 400 Features

Among the main features are:

  • 10 kHz frequency.
  • Weight of 1.27 kg.
  • Audio with high-pitched sound and sound option for discriminated iron.
  • Continuous coin depth indicator
  • Digital target ID
  • 8.5×11 ”coil

More information about Garrett ACE 400

Metal detectors for experts 

For the most experienced there are always exceptional pieces. Among the metal detectors most used by experts in the area are the Garrett GTI 2500 and Garrett ATX devices

Garrett GTI Pro 2500

It is, perhaps the metal detector preferred by all experts. This device has an almost intuitive ability to find everything that is proposed. All thanks to the DSP or Digital Signal Processing chip that allows to know the objective without having to go through the excavation process.

The Garrett GTI Pro 2500 metal detector recognizes the type of currency and can even identify its value, so you will know if there is a dollar or 25 cents before seeing it. Additionally, TRUE technology allows you to know if it is garbage or a real find what you are perceiving.

There is still more to this metal detector, which also has the ability to reduce salt related interference. That’s right, it removes all the salty sand from the beach so there is less interference in the search.

Garrett GTI Pro 2500 Features 

This detector is the best if coin hunting and relics are involved. Next, you will see the main features.

  • 7.2 kHz frequency
  • Weight 2 kg.
  • Graphical objective analyzer
  • Garrett Deluxe Headphones
  • Lost Treasure Field Guide
  • Scan TRack
  • Automatic ground tracking
  • 9.5 ”PROformance coil
  • 12.5 ”PROformance coil

More information about Garrett GTI Pro 2500

The 5 best metal detectors to find coins

Metal detectors to find money and coins are one of the most sought after types of detectors in the market, because their use is quite simple and with the necessary equipment you can find great finds.

If you do not know this world or are interested in knowing a little more, then then we will see the 5 best metal detectors to find coins that you will surely want to take with you in an upcoming expedition.

We will highlight, then, the two most recognized brands such as Garrett and Minelab you can purchase any of these detectors on our page with comfortable payment fees. 

Garrett AT Max Metal Detector

It may not be the first time you hear someone talk about this metal detector, since the Garret AT Max is one of the best metal detectors currently on the market. Considered the all-terrain monster is highly trained for the detection of various objects including gold and silver coins, as well as relics and jewels of any size diversity.

The qualities of this metal detector make everything we want to have one since it has Z-lynk technology incorporated, this consists in eliminating the transmission cables. Now all alerts are transmitted to your wireless headphones in audio. Achieving a speed up to six times faster than with a Bluetooth connection.

By not having any type of interference with any other device, you can have a maximum resolution of the alerts provided by the metal detector. And that’s not all. The Garrett AT Max metal detector has an exclusive function of this brand, which is the automatic ground balance window.

Among the most relevant basic elements is the presentation of the LCD display that includes larger numbers for better visibility, in addition to the light that the screen has for search cases in darker places or at night.

Garrett AT Max Features

  • Optimized frequency of 13.6 kHz
  • Z-lynk wireless technology.
  • High resolution ground balance
  • Automatic ground balance window.
  • Volume control.
  • True All Metal
  • Maximum detection depth.
  • Backlight that illuminates the LCD screen for better viewing. 

For more information on the Garrett AT Max

Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector

It is a complete metal detector that you can use in any environment since it has the capacity of use in the field and the beach. This device has the ability to detect all types of metals and is ideal for those who are beginning in treasure finds.

Minelab Equinox 600 features 

  • Frequency of 5, 10 and 15 kHz.
  • Volume options and notification tones
  • Three levels of detection speed
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous tones

More information about Minelab Equinox 600 Metal Detector

Garrett AT Gold Metal Detector

It is an excellent metal detector used to find small metals, especially gold. So if you want to look for gold prospecting coins this is the ideal detector for you.

It has the option of True All Metal that allows it to act in the process of discrimination of metals that are garbage or metal objects that are not in the search range.

Garrett AT Gold Features

  • Frequency 18 kHz
  • Weight 1.4 kg
  • 5×8 ”DD coil
  • Land Balance fast track
  • One-touch treasure hunt
  • Iron Audio
  • Stereo Land Deluxe Headphones
  • Electronic location

For more information on Garrett At Gold Metal Detector

Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector 

The Equinox 800 metal detector is an excellent detector that can fit all types of people so no matter if you are an expert or not, this type of detector will guide you from start to finish. It has a user configuration and preferences for the countryside, park and beaches. It also has a greater degree of adjustments to differentiate the objects that exist. It has an LCD screen with the presentation of quite large numbers that allows you to distinguish the information well and tracker iv. 

Minelab Equinox 800 features 

  • High frequency of 20/40 kHz
  • Wireless headphones
  • Multi-IQ
  • Non-ferrous tones and volumes.

For more information about the Minelab Equinox 800 Metal Detector

Garrett AT Pro Metal Detector 

If you want a metal detecting that is sufficiently versatile to accompany you on each of your expeditions, then the best companion will be the Garrett At Pro being able to be in wet and swampy spaces, shallow water to the most arid deserts. Favorably resists dust and moisture in salt water.

Garrett AT Pro Features

  • Frequency 15 kHz
  • Weight 1.37 kg
  • PROformance 8.5×11 “DD coil
  • MasterSound headphones jack
  • Iron Audio
  • Iron discrimination.
  • Waterproof, up to 10 feet of water.

 For more information on Garrett At Pro

Now that you know which is the best metal detector to find coins, acquire yours and start a great adventure in treasure hunters. You can connect with the past, learn great stories and find a real lost treasure. Be the beast bounty hunter with detector power.

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