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What is the best metal detector for coins?

What is the best metal detector for coins?

Are you looking for the best metal detector for coins? You're at the right place to find it!

Next to bottle caps, coins are the most common target found underground. They can be buried far beneath the ground or lying right on it.

Choosing the best equipment for coin shooting can become challenging in such a large metal detector market. As all coins have metal on them, you'll be able to find them with any metal detector you choose. However, we'll get into the specifics you need to keep in mind to have the best experience when metal detecting for coins.

Finding the best metal detector for coins

It's true; every metal detector will detect coins, no matter the price range. Even if you're looking for gold or silver coins, you won't need gold hunting equipment to help you find them, keep reading to find out why!

First off, let's talk about frequency. The older the coin you're trying to find, the deeper you'll have to go. When hunting for old coins, look for a detector that accurately IDs targets bigger than 6".

Take operating frequency into account when choosing the best metal detector for coins. A low frequency (2-8 kHz) will hit much deeper targets than an average metal detector.

The frequency also explains why you shouldn't choose a gold detector when looking for gold coins. These machines find gold nuggets, which requires a much higher frequency than the one needed for coin shooting. If you're looking for gold in general, check out our guide to the best metal detectors for gold.

Now, if you have an extended budget and want to go for a high-end machine, multi-frequency detectors are the best all-around machines that help you find old gold and silver coins buried in the deep. Minelab's Full Band Spectrum machines broadcast at 28 different frequencies, from 1.5 to 100 kHz.

A metal detector with a good discrimination range will be valuable when filtering out the signals from unwanted garbage. And if the machine you choose allows multiple accessories and coils, this will also come in handy to explore different locations!

Our top 3 metal detectors for coins

The Garrett AT Pro and Garrett AT Max both take first place for us and many other detectors. These are the best mid-range detectors, and they work on all terrains. Click here to find the AT Max with a FREE Garrett Pro-Pointer to help you look everywhere you go.

What is the best metal detector for coins?

Next comes Minelab's CTX 3030

What is the best metal detector for coins?


This is indeed a high-end detector with a higher price than usual, but the CTX lives up to expectation and is a long-time favorite for many. If you're looking for multi-frequency at a lower price, go for the Minelab Equinox 800 or the X-Terra 705.

What is the best metal detector for coins?


Then we have the Nokta Makro Simplex.

What is the best metal detector for coins?


For only USD 254.15, you get an entry-level detector that is as great for beginners as for experts.

We hope we could help you find the best metal detector for coins. Remember, practice makes perfect! A metal detector will only be as good as its user, so get out there and start hunting! Don't forget to do your research on local detecting laws to be a responsible detectorist!

Enjoy our free US shipping on all orders over USD $149, and one of the many financial options available in our store.

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What is the best metal detector for coins?

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