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Where to buy metal detector

Where to buy metal detector

Are you one of the people who likes to explore new horizons? If adventure is your thing, most likely you have seen a search with a metal detector and you have been passionate about the idea. Perhaps, you are one of those who has spent his life looking for new adventures and you have not yet dared to buy a metal detector because you do not know where you can buy one. 

If more than once you have asked yourself: Where can I buy a metal detector? Today we give you the answer: in Detector Power you can buy your metal detector.

Continue reading this post because we will guide you in the process of buying a new metal detecting.

Where to buy

It is very common that people do not know which store to buy a metal detector, since they will usually be specialized stores that sell a metal detector. Also, you could get it in department stores; The problem with physical stores is that they often have a reduced inventory or do not have a trained staff to guide you on your first purchase.

Many online stores offer you some metal detectors, but shipping is another process that sometimes becomes complicated. Since you have to pay a high cost, or they simply do not have large shipping coverages.

In Power detector we have a group of specialists that are available 24/7 to address any concerns you may have, in addition to being able to advise you on which metal detector will be very useful according to your search intent.

In addition, we are official distributors of international brands, we also have exclusive products throughout the United States and we offer free shipments nationwide and we ensure international shipments, anywhere in the world.

What metal detector to buy?

If this is your first time with metal detectors and you don't know which one suits you, then you will meet three excellent metal detectors, ideal for beginners.

They are easy to handle, efficient in search and also have an excellent Price

Golden Mask 5 + SE

It is an excellent metal detector easy to operate and at an affordable price. The Golden Mask 5 + SE detector will allow you to perform a complete search from coins, jewels to relics.

With a 10.5 ”coil it is able to locate any metal object. In addition, it has a soil leveler that allows it to remain stable on highly mineralized surfaces.

This metal detector includes all the elements you need to do your first search. It is easy to handle and quite light. And it has a multi-frequency option that you can adjust for the type of frequency you want to handle.

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Minelab Equinox 600 waterproof metal detector

This metal detector is an excellent purchase option because it has an 11 ”DD coil capable of perceiving all types of metal. The Equinox 600 metal detector is configured with the same functions of the Equinox 800 layers to give a maximum signal when detecting any object without false positive.

Also the Minelab Equinox 600 has the multifrequency function that makes it a special option for the first adventurers. Similarly, it has manual frequencies ranging from 5 kHz to 15 kHz.

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Garrett AT Pro Waterproof metal detector

This metal detector is always the best option for both those who start and for an experienced adventurer. The Garrett AT Pro metal detector is a powerful machine that works under any environment. No matter how hostile the environment, the detector will allow you to have a successful search.

The detector is light, so it does not cost to manipulate it in addition to including an audio system that will allow you to listen loudly every minimum finding. And if the adventure goes beyond the earth there will be no problem, because this metal detector is capable of submerging up to 10 feet deep.

The Garrett AT Pro metal detector has a 8.5x11 ”DD coil that allows you to have a greater perception of any object, also includes an iron discrimination system that will allow you to not waste time with metallic garbage that is very common to find.

Now that you know some options and where to buy a metal detector, here are some recommendations to make your purchase a success.

  • Know the detector you want to buy well: It is important to know well the properties of the metal detector that you are about to acquire and concentrate on the idea that it will help you find what you want.

If you want to find relics and larger elements, it is recommended that you also acquire a good sized coil to allow you to explore deeper soils.

  • Do not give up: Do not stop if in a first search you cannot find anything, remember that detecting metals requires patience, knowing the terrain and having an adventurous spirit.
  • No regrets: Buying a metal detector will take you to a new one in your life where you will never regret it. In addition, you can find great valuable treasure hunts.

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Do not wait any longer and acquire the metal detector that best suits your tastes and search conditions. Enter and you will find a large number of models, brands and prices. If you have any questions at any stage of the purchase you can write to the WhatsApp number +1786-909-3320 because we are always online to assist and advise you.

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