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GER Detect Gold Hunter Smart Geolocator Metal Detector

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Multi-system device, 4-in-1! Use it to find gold, raw gold, diamonds, silver, gemstones, underground void and cavities.

Product highlights:
● Front range: 3000 square meters / Depth: 50 meters
● Easy to use, precise in performance, and light in weight


GER Detect Gold Hunter Smart Geolocator Metal Detector

The Gold Hunter Smart device has multiple features to search for gold, buried treasures, precious metals and diamonds in the ground.

Device specifications:

  • Super speed in capturing targets and locating them accurately.
  • The system for determining the depth of the target easily and with high accuracy.
  • The system for specifying the continent in which to search.
  • A screen that supports the touch system, which contains many advantages and features:
  • An electronic thermometer within the device screen, which measures the weather temperature.
  • A digital clock.
  • The possibility of muting and activating the device’s sound.
  • Super Antenna which helps the device to cover large areas of research.
  • A radar search dish to receive and improve the signal.

Search systems:

The techniques and properties of Gold Hunter device

Gold Hunter Smart which works with four different search systems:

  1. The system of searching for precious and non-precious metals: such as buried antique gold – raw gold – veins of gold – meteorites – silver – zircon – bronze – cobalt – coltan – mercury – copper – iron.
  2. The system of searching for underground caves, voids and ancient tombs.
  3. Underground diamond search system.
  4. A two-dimensional imaging system to determine the depth and analyze the search results.

The search depth of the Gold Hunter Smart device reaches 50 meters in the ground and the forward range is 3000 meters.

The device works in six languages, which are: German – English – French – Spanish – Italian – Arabic.

The Gold Hunter Smart device is one of the best German manufactures. It has the European CE certificate according to international specifications, in addition to the international ISO 9001 certificate according to international specifications and standards.

Parts & Components:

  • An electric car charger.
  • Charger.
  • Main Unit.
  • Safety Bag.
  • Signal Enhancer.
  • Signal Enhancer 2.
  • Signal Recipient.
  • Super Antenna.
  • Unit Holder.

Video of the GER Detect Gold Hunter Smart Geolocator Metal Detector


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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

Additional information

Weight 4.0 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 12 × 8 in


Gold Hunter Smart

Depth (meters)


Depth (feet)


Distance (meters)


Distance (miles)


60 reviews for GER Detect Gold Hunter Smart Geolocator Metal Detector

  1. detec (store manager)

    I own the previous version of the Ger Detect Gold Hunter, which it was pretty good locating the targets by distance, maybe a little bit hard with the accuracy of the depth of the target, but 2 months ago I bought this new version of the Ger Detect Gold Hunter Smart, I’ve been testing and so far it’s much better from the previous version, it has more targets to search for, plus the accuracy with distance and depth it’s much better now, also the quality it’s good, 100% recommendable.

  2. G. Harper.

    It is a high quality long range metal detector. I’ve been using it and its ability to choose different search types is awesome, and you can customize the search range you want.

  3. R. Derry

    It is perfect, you can choose the appropriate search system for the situation, with a distance of up to 2000 square meters, it is impressive, it is a machine to detect treasures or whatever you are looking for.

  4. S. Kenny

    It’s perfect, the best long-range detector !!

  5. Evan P.

    It was easy to set up and operate. It is very light and even comes with a pointer, gloves, bags and shovel, I am very satisfied with my Gold Hunter, it is perfect.

  6. P. Crofts

    It is a super complete, high quality detector, it is the best to find gold, with great precision to find great depths under the ground and at long distances, it is the best. And the best thing that the shipment was very fast.

  7. T. Painter

    I love it, it’s easy to use and configure, it’s the most complete long-range detector I’ve ever seen.

  8. Joe R.

    Great product for this price. Shipped fast. It has great features.

  9. Alex

    Me gusto mucho el producto.

  10. Khem O.

    Easy to use long range detector with very clear instruction guide. Makes it a pleasure to use in my treasure hunting.

  11. Corey Schmitt

    Great quality long range detector, at a great price, happy with my new treasure hunt machine.

  12. M. Leiter

    I love it, it works better than expected.

  13. O. Jackson

    The design of this long distance detector is comfortable and the electronic display is clear and detailed. It makes the perfect match with my Equinox 800. Good company, good reputation and excellent quality in their products.

  14. Tramon K.

    Very nice. I’m constantly looking for so much more good stuff than anyone else I’ve ever hunted with. Very happy with that. I have used it mostly in grassy and wooded places and it has been a success, the Gold Hunter is by far the best metal detector I have ever owned.

  15. P Venter

    It is quite easy to use once you know how the detector works. Honestly, I go out two or three times a week because I love my Gold Hunter detector so much. I was worried that I might not like this detector, but once I used it and understood how it worked, I fell in love.

  16. C. Allen

    The best gold and treasure hunter, this long range detector is amazing, I am very happy with Gold Hunter.

  17. Scottie H.

    A professional quality long distance detector that is easy to use. This detector is phenomenal. I have found quite valuable items, things that I would never have found with other detectors.

  18. V. Sullinger

    Of all the detectors I have used in my life, this is the best of all. Ger Detect is the best long range detector brand. With the latest in technology, it is truly amazing. Detect gold, precious stones, it is the most complete.

  19. C. Wieland

    I love this long-distance detector, I know it will take me time to learn how to use it perfectly, but with the manual and videos it will be easy to use, but with all the recommendations I know that it is the best of all, I have little time to have it and it really surprised me.

  20. Russell B.

    Great metal detector, it is a machine to detect treasures, it works very well from the first moment, it is easy to use, I love it.

  21. S. Hedges

    The Gold Hunter has exceeded my expectations. It is a great professional detector, easy to operate and with the instruction manual it is even easier, thanks to the professionalism of the Detector Power team for the recommendation.

  22. Mathias T.

    This Gold Hunter detector is really the best. It is quite easy to learn how to use it. I like the way it is configured and that the functions are not complicated. I am very happy that I decided on the Gold Hunter. Going to detect with my brother that he is an expert, makes it much easier to learn to handle it. I would recommend this metal detector.

  23. Erik P.

    I have been using this detector for 2 months. This detector is everything you could have hoped for, it is a machine. It has become my favorite detector. Gold Hunter is the best of all detectors.

  24. Z. Engels

    I have always known that Ger Detect is the best brand of distance locators and I decided to buy the Gold Hunter and the truth is that it has impressed me with the detection capacity of this detector, it is an incredible machine, it has not disappointed me

  25. A. Paterson

    Look for this Gold Hunter and here at Detector Power they had the best price on the Internet that I found. It is the best detector on the market and the best brand, it is a very fun hobby and which also works for me in my work, it is a detector for beginners and experts.

  26. P. Cash

    This is a great metal detector for the price and quality of the metal detector. It is ideal for new users and advanced users too. Happy with my Gold Hunter, the best detector.

  27. Oscar Burgos

    After checked many reviews about this Gold Hunter detector I decided to try one and I could say 2 months later that is the best machine to locate gold and the depth is just incredible. I like the search systems options and is easy to handle for many hours because is a lightweight detector. Thanks John for your suggestion, pleasant transaction with you.

  28. Arnis

    Very good long range detector, already owned 2 or 3 from different brands but I have to say that this one is the best, lightweight and accurate gold machine. It has 6 search systems but on my opinion I would suggest to the manufacturer to add magnetometer search system too.

  29. Dason

    The Gold Hunter is the best detector I’ve ever had, like everything about this machine. I just found some gold coins from 1916 and am more than happy 🙂

  30. D. Sweat

    Gold Hunter an impressive detector, the best ever!

  31. Frankie M.

    I like it and works great but wish that battery long more. I would suggest to buy an extra battery.

  32. jesus m loya

    muy buen detector se los recomiendo gracias a luis y peter y voy segir comprando porque tienen buen equipo y te atienden muy vien te hablan como si te conocieran, te explican todo detallada mente …GRACIAS ……………

  33. Alberto Quiñonez

    Gold Hunter el mejor detector para la busqueda de tesoros, estoy encantado y emocionadisimo con mi detector.

  34. jesus m loya

    hola peter TE SALUDO..recivi mi gold hunter gracias todo vien nada mas que no lo he probado muy frio; pregunta, en caso de que se me acabe la bateria ; puedo usar las baeterias alcalinas o que puedo aser para en caso de ?? o venden las que trae en algun lugar GRACIAS ………….

  35. Josh Adams

    I am new to these metal detectors, I decided to buy a Gold Hunter since it is the detector that I have heard most in the market and is a specialist in detecting gold and precious metals. It is a very modern equipment, it is small what makes it easy to walk and easy to use, it is always good to read the user manuals before using, I have little time of use and for the moment it has been a success, I have already found rings and gold jewelry, thanks to Peter from Detector Power for recommending me this Ger Detect detector and I will continue searching for my treasures.

  36. Aaron S.

    The Gold Hunter is a great machine very easy to use, the best detector I’ve had in my entire life!

  37. Patrick V.

    J’avais beaucoup entendu parler de la performance du chasseur d’or, j’ai décidé de l’acheter et les résultats que j’ai obtenus dès le premier jour ont permis de trouver plusieurs pièces d’or dans une ferme près de chez moi. Je suis très reconnaissant à Peter de Power Detector pour son aide en m’envoyant mon équipement ici en France

  38. C. Sanders

    I had my doubts about this device at the beginning, when I received I tried with a piece of Gold in my home and wasn’t detecting, I was scared, So I contacted them and they explained me the only way device works is with the metal being buried for years, so the metal oxidize and send larger conductive signals that will be picked by the Ionic antenna. So I gave a try on the field, went Gold Hunting and this time it really worked, it took me a while to understand 4 stars not because of device, just because if we could find more instructional videos or information about it. Great Service, Peter was very helpful, helped me with all my doubts and questions.

  39. Victor Vasquez

    Excellent product, very effective and works in all terrain, totally recommended.

  40. Martin Garay

    Muy impresionado con este detector, lo estuve calando por un mes en Mexico, muy preciso encontrando oro y plata, el detector pago mi inversion. Muchas gracias a Peter y Detector Power por su buena atencion.

  41. Aashish M.

    Thank you! just received my device on weekend, exactly as it shows in pictures with all parts, like very much the safety box, it’s not heavy and keeps your device very well protected. Already tried and works perfectly well, I know this air test isn’t 100% reliable but tested with some gold nuggets and silver and worked well. Very easy to set it up and use. Thanks again for your kind attention and good customer service.

  42. Hugo M.

    I’ve been more about PI metal detectors, honestly wasn’t sure about LRL, but decided to give a try to this Ger Detect Gold Hunter Device, I’m very glad I did, very high quality LRL, Very accurate in special finding gold, just tried in my recent visit to Mexico, the case is perfect to take it everywhere and keeps very safe your device. very light.

  43. Nicola F.

    The best Long Range Locator, Most definitely top quality. Great accuracy and beautiful design. I’ve done lots of nice findings, not too deep as 35 meters, but yes I can tell it works. I’m totally agree with previous comment, I’d prefer to use 9 volts batteries for same reason that it can be the only con. But really easy to use, 5 search systems, You can choose what you want to look for, on my case I’m mainly interested on gold and silver. Totally recommend it! really worth it!

  44. Ernest J.

    Great machine, Perfect to find gold or silver, very accurate at the moment when it picks a target, everything it’s perfect but I give 4 stars if instead lithium batteries they would give you the option to use 9Volts batteries, yes lithium battery last long so far around 9 hours battery life, but when you’re on the field on very remote places where you don’t have the access where to recharge it back, that it can be the only little complain about it, in order than that the machine it’s the best so far I’ve owned, top quality! Fast shipping in 3 days I was receiving my products safely packed it.

  45. David J.

    This Geolocator is great for all stages of users; beginners or seasoned. I thought long and hard before my purchase, and it was very worth it. Not only did I receive my shipment within 2 days, but having the backing of this company is amazing. I can totally guarantee the accuracy of this device reaching up to 30 meters depth, finding gold or silver. Really easy to use, Work in all terrains, Top quality! Thumbs up!

  46. Omar F.

    Just write to thank you guys! I received my Gold Hunter today, Very well packed and shipping was fast. I like very much the beautiful design and the easy way to make it work, Very light and yes I can tell is made in Germany top quality.

  47. Isaac M.

    The best geolocator not doubt! I previously owned others but can compare it with the accuracy of this device, others you have you carry batteries and they don’t last long, with this one if you charge it for 4 hours battery will last for about 10 hours, plus you save money buying batteries. Really easy to use, just follow instructions as says in instruction manual and will work perfect with you.
    You can be detecting for hours and won’t get tired carrying a very light device.

  48. Jimmy Taylor

    Great, Light, Powerful, modern device I’ve ever owned, great depth and distance coverage, top quality with high accuracy. safe payment and fast/free shipping. staff helpful and polite.

  49. Glen H.

    Bloody awesome device! Lightest detector I’ve ever owned, I can picked gold nuggets at 30 m deep, pretty easy to use, when device picks a target starts to move around, I recommend to have with you a hobby detector in case you don’t have experience and not sure where to dig and the signal comes from, to keep in mind with these Geolocators and most people mistake they carry with them meanwhile they’re detecting they’re mobile phone or watch and even wallet and belt, those things Can Interference with your device. So don’t forget before to start detecting to left them at your car. my transaction was safe and got my device very well packed, fast and shipping was free!

  50. Marvin M.

    Nice Discount and really works!, Just bought my Gold Hunter and saved $135, Now just can’t wait to receive.

  51. Lyle H.

    This detector is perfect, It’s easy to adjust the settings, in special the 5 search systems, where you can choose from gold, gold nugget, silver, cavity till diamond. then you choose range and are ready to detect. Comes with 4 powerful antennas very easy to install, fast charge and battery last long.
    As one previous review, I’m totally agree and very happy that Detector Power has this product, no way was going to risk my money buying from fake websites, If you buy to Detector Power, You’re buying from an American Company, Fast free shipping, everything arrived as promised and good prices.

  52. Steve M.

    Buying from Detector power was a great experience. From the pre-sale advice to the competitive pricing, to the quick order fulfillment. I am very pleased with my Gold Hunter and will continue to deal with Detector Power in the future.

  53. Tim S.

    A great device! Does everything as advertised, you just turn it on and in a few mins you’re all set to start to detect, I recommend this detector.

  54. Alvin M.

    I recently retired from work, my hobby always it been metal detecting, I’ve owned lots of metal detectors all them so far… so good, but I’m delighted with this new device, its easy to use compared with others detectors, I can tell everything its on the screen. at my age I find hard to carry and hold a heavy metal detector but this one it’s the lightest I’ve ever tried! so I can be metal detecting for hours and not get tired. I’ve been reaching gold nuggets at 20 meters depth, has a good discrimation with metals. I’m glad I could find it here in this site, because I’ve been looking for it since long time ago, but I found very risky to buy it from unkown online stores out of USA. 5 starts for this device

  55. Santino Blandi

    Just Recently bought this Geolocator and can’t believe the great quality and accuracy of this device, just recently came from Colombia, where some friends invited me to try my gold hunter there and can’t believe all I could find, even them were very surprised with the quality and accuracy of this device, was very accurate at the moment to find gold nuggets, it’s easy to work with and very light to carry + the battery last long. Can’t wait to try it again, next trip it will be mexico, I’ll keep you all informed.

  56. Tom S.

    About a month ago got from Detector Power my Gold Hunter device and I’m all I can say, it’s I’m very impressed, very easy to use, just had a look at the manual and was using it. The options on the screen are very clear so you won’t get lost at the moment to Use it. Already found some gold nuggets and other metals so it really worth it. Very light and battery last long And The quality of this device it’s very good so I made a good deal. The shipping was quite fast and the guys answered all my questions about this device before to buy it.

  57. Walter S.

    First time using it I was able to pin point the target. No issues with the product at all. Perfect and reasonable price.

  58. Alex

    Se nota la calidad alemana de este equipo, desde como viene empacado en su hard case y todo. Muy facil de usar y mas de 100% de efectividad. Ya encontre mis primeras reliquias y voy por mas!

  59. Antony Fincke

    Long range gold and treasure and diamond locator. You can choose the required long-range by adjusting the extent by the control key. the choices for the range of the device 500 meters to 2000 meters perpendicular. When the device receive signal it will followers the signal automatically toward the target and when it turn towards the target referred to by the sender and the receiver antenna of the signal.

  60. Juan Pablo Andrade

    Adquiri el Gold Hunter hace un mes, el equipo ya llenado mis expectativas, encontré lo que buscaba gracias a este equipo._ La atención de Luis fue magnifica me oriento con el equipo, aun si tengo dudas y lo llamo me atiende de la mejor manera, gracias Detector Power.

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