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This long-range locator has won the title of the best and smallest sensor for detecting gold, metals, and spaces.
It isolates all signals from the soil and rocks.

Product highlights:
● Depth: 10 meters / Front Range: 200 square meters
● 32-hour battery
● Discriminate between targets
● LED screen


MWF SPARK Geolocator Metal Detector

10 meters depth and 200 meters distance

The Spark device works with the Long Distance Detection System (LDS), the advanced acoustic identification system to locate the center of the target.

The Spark offers high security and reliable frequency waves that allow you to identify and detect the target underground, such as gold, treasures, can locate targets from 200 meters away and an angle of 360 degrees with precise control in a horizontal distance search, the search depth in the Spark device can be reached up to 10 m underground.

Automatic Tuning System (ATS) works with all types of terrain and rocky, mountainous, sandy, and clay soils.

High quality and accurate performance, manufacturing this product with the best elastomers, electronic components, and circuits with international standards.

Characteristics of the main control unit:

  • On/Off Button.
  • Volume adjustment button.
  • Destination selection type button.
  • Depth range selection button.
  • Distance range selection button.
  • 5 sound level modes plus silent or vibrator mode.
  • LED search indicator and signal, consists of three levels.
  • Battery Level Indicator LED, consists of 3 levels that shows the battery level.
  • LED interface displays selected search modes such as type target, depth, and distance.
  • Targets optional list: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Caves.

Included from the factory:

  • The main control unit.
  • Transmitting and receiving antennas.
  • Detachable handle.
  • Device bag.
  • Warranty Certificate.
  • User guide.
  • DVD tutorial.

MWF SPARK Long Range Metal Detector Operation Video


Import Duties, Taxes, and charges are not included in the item price or shipping charges. These charges are the buyer responsibility.

Please check with your country’s custom office to determine what these additional costs will be prior to buying.

** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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Weight 3 lbs



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60 reviews for MWF SPARK Long Range Metal Detector – 10% FALL Discount

  1. Otis French (verified owner)

    Easy To Get Use To, Love It Found On First Day

    Found copper buried on first use in 10 mins, love it! It’s light and easy to use! Great purchase! And it’s made in USA

  2. Hubert Neal (verified owner)


    Simple product with so many outstanding features. The best thing is that it has automatic sesrching system with range of 1200m. Believe me once you used this you will never want to loss it.

  3. Abel Jennings (verified owner)


    I have no doubt if the intention is only for treasure finding, I found this to be a reliable piece of equipment to find things buried deep

  4. Howard Brady (verified owner)

    I Love It. It Works Great!

    underground water detecting at the beach or open fields is great! Interesting finds!! More accurate than I thought and well worth the money.

  5. Kristopher Tate (verified owner)

    Great Deal For The Money.

    This one wonderful item and at the price I couldn’t refused.

  6. Woodrow Strickland (verified owner)

    Very Easy To Use!

    I like the fact that it was very easy to use once you got the hang of it. I tried another one that was digital but didn’t work as well. I recommend this one to anyone.

  7. Rafael Myers (verified owner)

    Highly Rated!

    Best selling and for a reason, best bang for the buck. Easy to operate, but it works well. I would highly recommend it.

  8. Gerard Wallace (verified owner)

    This Detector Works Great!

    Don’t spend too much on a detector! This thing works great! Simple and straight forward. Great sensitivity. A friendly fellow camper honked to let me know it was up there! Holy cow! This thing is a beast!

  9. Brendan Pittman (verified owner)

    Delayed Shipment

    I like the product but a little bit disappointed by delayed delivery. Please do something about this.

  10. Phil Williams (verified owner)

    Great Machine!

    Very simple to use. I use in all underground water mode to find jewelry and artifacts, plus coins.

  11. Orlando Cross (verified owner)

    Great For The Price!

    This underground water detector works fine. Affordable price and simple but effective. Has a discriminator adjustment, this seems to filter out ferrous underground waters. Great for the price.

  12. Jack Lamb

    Worth The Money

    I ordered this blindly but seriously it worths the money you will never regret.Thanks

  13. Andre Murray (verified owner)


    I had been looking a long time for a underground water detector and finally decided to take the plunge. All the product details and other reviews were extremely excellent and very helpful in making a decision. I also had done other research about the use of a underground water detector and how to make it your own. This particular detector has everything I want and I can always add additional items at a later date. Best investment I have every made and I know it will pay for itself over and over. Besides, I am having a lot of fun. Highly recommended!

  14. Wm Briggs (verified owner)

    Need To Dig More!

    Very good I like. Gets the job done! I bought this to help find my property markers & it worked perfectly! Make sure you practice first & possibly watch a few YouTube videos before you get started on your task. Great little detector for the price!

  15. Warren Scott (verified owner)

    Practically Works

    I love this! It was a little long, so I altered it to make it a little shorter. But I would definitely buy this item again. Very happy with the purchase. It really works practically.

  16. Homer Garcia (verified owner)

    I Recommend It!

    If you want a super detector at a good price that will do excellent detecting, this detector is a great choice. I am willing to bet you will find yourself using it a lot more than previously thought.

  17. Noel Hardy (verified owner)

    Fantastic Value!

    I’m a total beginner and needed a detector to find nails around my property left behind after a contracting job. Works as described. Very happy! Would recommend.

  18. Andy Rhodes (verified owner)

    Does The Job!

    Last fall I used, putange’ mold traps (the kind that go in the tunnel). The traps worked great, but winter came with them buried in the ground. Long story short I lost them. This underground water detector found them with ease!

  19. Pat Mccoy (verified owner)

    Money Saver For Me!

    I bought this to locate the survey pins in preparation for a fence to be installed. I had received an estimate of over $600 for a surveyor to do it for me. I used this and located three of the four, with no issues. The forth was near a neighbor’s invisible fence wire which interfered with the detector. I had to measure off to locate the forth but I don’t believe any other detector would have been able to “ignore” the fence wire pulsing about every 1/2 second. So, it saved me about $600!

  20. Lyle Underwood (verified owner)

    Really Enjoy It!

    I got this for my grandson for Christmas but I think I’ve used it more than him. I really enjoy the underground water Detector. I and my wife use it every weekend. It is really sensitive in picking up underground water and other items. Light weight which makes it much easier to carry. We are now thinking about buying a second one just for me. I’ve given a review of my honest opinion in exchange for this item.

  21. Kevin Robbins (verified owner)

    Absolutely Love This Device!

    Absolutely love this device. I bought it as a gift for my father. While visiting we used it quite a bit and actually found a lot of underground water. Overall nothing of value, but it was a first time ever user, so finding anything was fun, plus there is definitely a learning curve.

  22. Jeffery Guzman (verified owner)


    Awesome product that is made of strong plastic with probe detection system. Its very light weight product with the no time taking processing system.

  23. Kent Taylor (verified owner)


    This device is very easy to use- Found underground water below the surface in sand so it seems accurate. Very light weight and adjustable

  24. Jonathan Christensen (verified owner)

    The Real Deal!

    I bought a cheaper underground water detector and ended up returning it because it wasn’t very accurate and not working all the time. I then bought this pricier one that’s more for adults, but my son can actually handle it too, and it works like a charm! Highly recommend it!

  25. Ted Woods (verified owner)


    Easy to use. Doesn’t eat the battery. Reads about 2 feet deep. Found some coins and aluminum cans.

  26. Lance Newman (verified owner)

    Light Weight!

    Worked fine as exactly how it should. It really is a great underground water detector. I haven’t found anything but trash yet, but it is still fun and easy to use. For anyone considering getting it I would highly recommend it especially for the price. It also got here on the exact day it said, but a couple hours early which is amazing.

  27. Dan Lambert (verified owner)

    Works Geat!

    This is my first underground water detector (though I’ve used other people’s before), so, to figure out what to buy, I read many product reviews and on underground water detector websites. I main hope to find old coins. I came to the conclusion that I should buy this detector.

  28. Devin Turner (verified owner)

    Worked Exactly As It Said.

    Worked exactly as it said it would. Kids had fun digging for treasures when they heard the beep. Found some old coins and bolts, old cans. Nothing valuable yet, but we are certainly having fun using it. Beaches are best because sand is softer to dig.

  29. Clint Harrison (verified owner)

    Better Than Anticipated!!

    Great product, Great price!!!

  30. Barry Buchanan (verified owner)


    Excellent product. Outstanding working and easy to use……Thank you.

  31. Sammy Barker (verified owner)

    Ok! For Beginners!

    This is my first underground water detector and I got it to find shingle nails left on the yard after they stripped off my shingles. I found 192 by eye and with a magnet on the end of the pole. After I purchased the underground water detector, I found 83 more. It did the job. I did not try to discriminate between underground waters but it found lead, aluminum, and non magnetic underground waters as well.

  32. Gregory Schultz (verified owner)

    Good Product!

    Works. It’s a detector… and it detects underground water. Bought it as a gift for my husband. He loves it. Uses it a lot when he’s building things outside and drops screws and nails in the grass and can’t find them. He likes it for finding where he’s buried wires too.

  33. Blake Maldonado (verified owner)

    Great For Beginners!

    Very easy to use, found the property stakes, they were 5-7 inches deep. Hope to use it more soon.

  34. Al Lloyd (verified owner)


    I was debating whether to give this product 4 stars or 5. I decided to give it 5 stars because, for the price, I can conceive of no way at the present that anyone could improve upon it. Still, wouldn’t it be cool to have a device that could definitively tell you what’s buried down there?

  35. Julian Simpson (verified owner)

    Easy To Use!

    Very easy to use and understand the sensitivity. Great for beginners , a long range, accurate device which works perfectly.

  36. Roy Chandler (verified owner)

    Performs As Expected

    Overall this is nice detector. Pairing and configuring was fairly straight forward without any problems. Its singal transmission and probe system are very efficient in functions.

  37. Mario Sutton (verified owner)

    Great Detector!

    I am not a underground water detecting enthusiast but did want a detector to check out a few old home sites and an old stagecoach road in the woods near my house. I was looking for an excellent unit which was capable of detecting basically any type of underground water, such as household items, coins, etc. This unit worked out perfectly.

  38. Lester Wright (verified owner)

    Good Buy

    this is really good thing to buy I am giving five just due to the reason that there is not 6 star option.

  39. Sergio Mcbride (verified owner)

    Works Great

    I can’t wait to go on a hunt. They seem to be well made and we’ll hope for a long relationship for the boys and their detectors.

  40. Marshall Cruz (verified owner)


    Love this! I had one years ago and decided that I wanted to hunt again.. really impressive and accurate. Easy to use. I highly recommend this!

  41. Stephen Yates (verified owner)

    Great Joy And Excellent Job!

    I had no idea there would be so many targets in an area not frequented in years. At first, I thought the detector was beeping because it was set wrong or was picking up unrelated signals. I soon found out that if it was beeping, there was a piece of underground water present. I have not had a single wrong signal. I have not found a fortune but do get a lot of enjoyment spending an afternoon finding old nails or pieces of horseshoes.

  42. Floyd Allison (verified owner)

    Fairly Well Made For The Price!

    Not too much expensive and fairly well made for the price. It works nicely. Battery is still working after many hours of use

  43. Alvin Singleton (verified owner)

    It Works Great!

    I was reading on a treasure finder site about the five best underground water detectors, and came across this one and it works really well.

  44. Rex Dunn (verified owner)

    Four Star

    They delivered the damaged piece but when I complained they replaced it with the new one. Thanks to detector power.

  45. Gordon Bradley (verified owner)

    Appears To Be High Quality!

    My stimulus for buying this was that my house was re-roofed and there were nails and staples everywhere. This and a strong magnet cleaned them up quickly. It’s lightweight and seems sensitive. I’m now using it to locate squeaky nails under my carpet in preparation for replacement. Haven’t gone treasure hunting yet 🙂

  46. Doyle Beck (verified owner)

    Easy To Use

    Our friend gifted this to us during drought season. We used this for deserted land and finally came uo with the fruitful results. Its very easy to use and learn.

  47. Carroll Collier (verified owner)

    Giving 5 Is Not Good

    I received my products but want to complain one thing that the package was bit damaged. The functioning is perfect therefore,giving it five stars.

  48. P. Wells

    They recommended me to buy this MWF Spark and the truth is I am very happy with this long-range detector. The product was very well packaged and all the pieces were in perfect condition and nothing was missing. Assembly was easy, and within minutes of mounting the detector, I was searching for hidden treasures.

  49. Todd F.

    This detector is much better than expected. Very easy to use and the accuracy is unmatched by other detectors, even compared to higher priced detectors.

  50. D. Surridge

    The MWF Spark is a very advanced and high quality detector, the best for gold detection, with a distance of up to 200 meters and 10 meters underground, with the automatic tuning system it works so that gold or metals can be detected in all types of terrain, it is the best long distance locator on the market.

  51. Maxime S.

    This spark detector is incredible, with the long distance detection system it is capable of detecting the object 200 meters away and with its automatic tuning system it works on any type of terrain, it is the most complete long range detector I have ever seen the best of all

  52. Mike Ilan

    I rarely writes reviews on products because am a very picky customer but this time I decided to do it on this Spark detector, just have to say that is a trusted machine to find buried underground gold and after read carefully the manual is easy to understand how to use it. Very happy with my purchase but I hope next time to get free goodies from MWF like a baseball cap or a t shirt, this will be awesome specially if you buy a expensive machine like this one.

  53. Peter C.

    Simple the best metal detector! Very good gold seeker

  54. Pob Delege

    Just impressed with this Spark long range unit, it’s a very powerful machine, easy to transport and effective, There is not comparison on the market. I found a big old family treasure on my yard after used many machines and finally found it. I would recommend the spark to everybody.

  55. Khris Harris

    I love this detector, if you want to find many treasures, this is the perfect detector. It has a range of up to 200 meters, that makes it an incredible detector superior to other detectors, with the ATS system that makes it work in all types of terrain is great, the best detector is this MWF Spark.

  56. Stefan

    So many options in the market and finally got the Spark an affordable Long range detector, lightweight and effective machine. I would suggest to everyone looking for an affordable option. Thanks Luis for the recommendation.

  57. Asencio Juarez

    Soy detectorista en Mexico desde hace mas de 10 años y tengo muchos equipos, me gustan los de Minelab especialmente y ahora estoy probando esta tecnologia de los localizadores a larga distancia, empece con un Germany plus y Britbe Tesoro Hunter, realmente son muy buenos equipos pero estaba buscando algo mas y encontre este MWF Spark y de verdad que me ha salido muy bueno, bastante facil de usar y tecnologia europea, ya encontre varios centenarios y otras reliquias interesantes. Muy contento con este detector.

  58. S. Thompson

    It works! 5 stars!

  59. Charlie S.

    High quality and accurately performance for this Device, works with all types of terrain. Easy to make it work and anyone can use it. Detects all precious metals such as Gold, Silver, Bronze and even Caves, totally proven. battery last long. Attention was great and helpful, they helped me in the process to buy my detector. totally recommend to buy from them, I can tell you’re going to receive your product fast and very well packed.

  60. Jerry Laitano

    If you don’t have any experience with geolocators or metal detectors, this is the perfect device for you, very Small size and Lightweight that you even Can fit in your pocket, easy to use and make work, MWF it’s a top metal detectors brand height quality products, this is the second device I got from them, perfect accuracy, long distance and very nice depth, and not only for gold you can find silver and bronze too. Safe payment, fast shipping and well packed, but the most important the very nice attention with me.

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  1. A Hi Monty.

    MWF Spark and MWF Gold Line can work at wet soil.

    Thanks for asking.