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GER Detect Deep Seeker Long Range Metal Detector We are proud to have one of the most complete metal detection system ever seen before. This is the Titan 1000 little brother. The good news came for those looking for gold, precious metals, buried treasures, caves, and underground tunnels.   The…

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GER Detect Deep Seeker Long Range Metal Detector

We are proud to have one of the most complete metal detection system ever seen before. This is the Titan 1000 little brother. The good news came for those looking for gold, precious metals, buried treasures, caves, and underground tunnels.


The Deep Seeker has a impressive capacity up to 3000 meters square distance and 40 meters depth.

The Geolocator DEEP SEEKER Metal Detector is a device that contains a complete search box control. 5 systems in one device.


When a target is detected on the screen the direction in which it is located will appear, the user will have to walk in that direction, also the user can select the type of metal or the diamond that is looking for.


Gold, treasures, and burials over time, the effect of the soil and the emission of the North-South magnetic lines form an Ionic Field. Selecting the ionic system from your device and aiming the device will emit a sound when the target is detected, and the user walks towards the target.


The Long Range Device Deep Seeker scans the Earth’s layers and displays them in 3D images, also shows the targets detected as gold, silver, other valuable metals, treasures, and caves. This locator shows the depth at which each target is buried.


This system allows the locator to find magnetic metals such as iron and derivatives, this system allows you to know if there is a non-precious metal buried up to 45 meters depth.


Inside the magnetic metal, system is another search system: Cavity Detection. If there is a cavity, the device will beep above the target with the cursor on the screen.


  • Deep Seeker allows users to operate two control systems: touch system and keyboard system.
  • Operates in six languages: (German – English – French – Italian – Spanish – Arabic).
  • Users can choose the type of soil in the search area: (natural – clay – rock – sand – mixed – or metal) for more accurate results.
  • It works with a frontal range up to 3000 square meters and depth of 40 meters.
  • The ability to penetrate soil layers at great depths that are difficult for other devices to reach.
  • It operates in all types of terrain and in the most difficult climatic conditions. The device is not affected by types of soils and rocks.
  • It has a digital compass to help users identify the north and south directions. The Setup menu contains adjust the sound, adjust the brightness of the screen, device information.
  • The weight of the device with complete accessories is 11 Pounds (5 Kg)
  • Two years warranty from date of purchase.
  • The Deep Seeker device is one of the best German innovations with European certification according to international specifications.
  • Tablet include the latest version of GER 3D Viewer Android System.
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** Detector Power is not responsible and does not accept returns for the incorrect handling of the equipment sold and can not guarantee the customer the discovery of valuable treasures or metals if in the place of search there is really nothing. Detector Power guarantees that the devices detect efficiently as they are constantly evaluated by detectorists and manufacturers to provide the best results. We suggest our clients before making any purchase that analyzes the equipment well since they are high-end and very modern equipment that can not be returned.

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Weight 16 lbs

17 reviews for GER Detect Deep Seeker Long Range Metal Detector – Five Search Systems

  1. Vicktor Haland

    Very pleasant to bought this professional detector, found many ancient coils and relics on East Europe, just wish that the package includes an extra battery because I search on very remote areas and always need more charge. Thanks Peter for your help.

  2. A. Mawson

    It is perfect to find all kinds of treasures, with a long range of up to 3000 meters and 40 deep, you can choose in what type of soil you want to search for treasures. It has 5 search systems, it really is a machine to detect. More than recommended for professional hunters.

  3. S. Long

    This is a great metal detector. I bought it for its ability to detect gold and the depth at which it can, and it certainly can. When I received my Deep Seeker, I practiced at home for a while until I understood the sounds it makes.

  4. B. Aarons

    Deep Seeker is the most complete detector of all, 5 systems in a single detector, up to 3000 meters away and 40 meters deep, you can choose the type of soil to have more precision, with the latest in detector technology. The best detector.

  5. gezim

    Hello, I bought a deep seeker dedector and in the ionic system it does not produce soil typeif you can explain to me it is normal to start searching directly

  6. A. Vincent

    I have read such good reviews of the DeepSeeker that I decided to buy it and I have not been disappointed, it is great for treasure hunting, it detects up to 3000 square meters and at a depth of 40 meters, it really is amazing.

  7. Matias Romero

    Mi Deepseeker me ha dado muchos buenos días de diversión y muchos buenos hallazgos, aquí en Mexico, no lo cambiaría por nada. Gracias a Detector Power por recomendarmelo. Recomiendo este maravilloso detector de metales. Es muy fácil trabajar con mi Deepseeker.

  8. Stefan Morris

    This machine is great, I love my Deep Seeker for deep hunting!!

  9. Antonee Lewis

    I took the Deep Seeker to the field that I visit every weekend and I have found many precious metals, it is an excellent detector with incredible precision, the only thing I would like the battery to last longer, but in general, it is a great detector, if I recommend this metal detector!

  10. Alberth N.

    I think this Ger Detect Deepseeker detector is one of the best I’ve had, it’s light and detects quite deep, it has a load that lasts a long time, I’ve used it for some outputs, so I’m still getting used to the detector, this is the third Ger Detect detector that I have, all of them have been excellent detectors, Power Detector was fast in shipping.

  11. Cesar Garcia

    Hace unos dias compre mi Ger Detect DeepSeeker tiene una precisión estupenda, no se le escapa nada, me encanta que lo puedo usar en cualquier entorno, los detector de metales Ger Detect son la mejor marca que hay en el mercado, el detector llegó bien y justo a tiempo, gracias a Detector Power por la recomendacion al comprar mi detector.

  12. K. Baako

    I’m not good about explaining or describing, all I can tell so far is this device really works, just be patient and take your time to learn, make the right use of the device and will work perfect as it worked for me, Highly recommended.

  13. Alexander Li

    Thumbs up for this detector, I’ve been detecting for lot of years and I’m very impressed how far the metal detectors manufacturers have gone, just recently owned this machine and still can’t believe I basically have 5 metal detectors in 1, so far at the moment I’m still learning to use it, my favorites search system are Ionics Field search system, Magnetic Metals search system and long range system, with my experience in the metal detecting field, I can say this search systems has a good accuracy, you can even choose the type of soil in the search area you are and determine the metal to be searched for. has a good depth too, I’ve reached targets and metals till 35 m. highly recommended for everyone and in special for professional metal detectors. was a good deal for a reasonable price, just a geolocator might cost you around 2-3K and in this one you have a geolocator and more. I can say Detector Power is a very serious company, before to buy it as usual did my research and phone calls with them, they gave me all the information I needed, my payment was very safe, my device was very well packed and shipping was free and fast.

  14. Randy P.

    Very friendly, reliable. 5 systems in one! harldy you will find this feature in other device, the accuracy and depth of this device is splendid. Thank you guys! for the help and really taking your time to helping me out buying this detector. transaction was safe, shipping was free and fast. 10 stars if there’s was 10 stars to rating to you!

  15. R. Fennellly

    One of the best Geolocators in the market at the moment, The price is fair, wanted the Titan 1000 but couldn’t afford it so decided for this one and can’t complain, long range detector, has a great depth and you can even check in the tablet where exactly it’s your finding and at which depth with their 3D system, highly recommended for beginners or experts, it doesn’t really matter, in case you’re beginner you only have to read the manual and easily explains you how to set it up. or watch the videos where they show and explain very well how to use it.
    About the company, very trustable, my transaction was safe and received my product very quick thru UPS, not doubt to make business with them.

  16. Andy Smith

    My first impression when I received my Deep Seeker Device was the nice and hard case, keeps your device safe from any kind of damage. Then the multi-function of this device 5 in 1, very light and easy use, everything is on the screen, makes it very easy for you to use, that you don’t need a instruction manual really! only to put the antennas in the right way for the system you’re going to work. Really great quality and top detector, I’m very glad to buy it, might seem a bit expensive but really worth my money.

  17. Alfonso Lopez

    Cuando compre este equipo tenia mis dudas porque ya habia adquirido como 4 detectores de profundidad y no encontraba lo que tanto buscaba, despues de un tiempo de utilizarlo y entenderle bien ya que es un equipo muy moderno pude encontrar mas de 10 centenarios en Mexico, sin duda una de las mejores inversiones que he hecho.

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Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hello Paul. Thanks for your question.

    Yes, the GER Detect DeepSeeker device can work at any type of soil. And yes it will detect natural gold or any king of gold in mountains, in huge jungle area.

    Best wishes,
  2. A Good day, Mathurin Nlang Oko.

    GER Detect DeepSeeker can´t find diamonds. The long range devices that can detect diamonds are:

    1. GER Detect Titan 1000
    2. MWF 1500 Smart
    3. GER Detect Titan 500
    4. GER Detect Diamond Hunter

    Thanks for your contact.

  3. A Hi Marin.

    Yes, GER Detect DeepSeeker detects gold inside a bottle.