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5 spots to look with a metal detector

5 spots to look with a metal detector

Make the best out of your summer vacations and try these perfect spots around the USA to go treasure hunting!

If you're looking to plan your next trip, why not make your favorite metal detector your travel buddy? Let's start with this list every metal detectorist should check.

Top metal detecting vacation destinations

  • Florida. When it comes to beach metal detecting, Florida's coasts take the crown!

This state is the treasure trove that keeps on giving thanks to the many treasure-laden shipwrecks around 1715.

Stick till the end to find our best selection of destinations inside Florida!

  • North Carolina. In second place comes the state of North Carolina, a known hot spot for family vacations that hold many valuable items waiting to be found!

It is rumored that this was once Blackbeard's stomping grounds, with four possible locations near Ocracoke Island where his treasure could be spotted. Are you ready to outsmart a pirate?

  • Utah. Next up, head to Utah to enjoy an exciting vacation destination. Here, you may find King Montezuma's gold, an Aztec treasure, underneath its sands and canyons.

If you're brave, go for the supposed hidden treasure inside Utah's caves. Rumor has it Aztec warriors killed each other to have their spirits protect their gold. So if you're not superstitious, go for it!

  • Arizona. Last but not least comes the state of Arizona. This state is a famous gold-hunting spot! Go to the counties of Yuma, Yavapai, Maricopa, Cochise, and Mojave to get lucky.

There are as many active mines as abandoned mines that are worth checking out! Or head out to the North to undug the Lost Dutchman's treasure, a concentrated gold mine considered the most famous lost mines in America.

The best equipment to take with you on your vacation

If you're planning to head out and explore the country, why not take the best metal detector to help you? You will need an easy-to-carry metal detector that works on all terrains and won't give you any trouble during your trip!

Our first recommendation would be Minelab's Equinox 800, a waterproof metal detector with Multi-IQ technology that is great for beginners and professionals.

5 spots to look with a metal detector


Its additional Gold Mode functionality will be helpful at these gold-filled destinations! This is a versatile machine ready to help you find treasure everywhere you go!

If you want it, get more for less with our bonus items. Choose the search coil that works best for you and get a free Minelab Pro Find PinPointer 20 to help you search everywhere you go.

Are you looking for a detector that is on another level? Minelab's CTX 3030 detector is a good choice! This is the brand's most advanced high-performance treasure detector. Find more lost and hidden treasures during your trip with this travel buddy!

5 spots to look with a metal detector


This all-terrain metal detector will locate valuable metals in all types of soil. Excel even where other machines work poorly, like extremely salty seawater, wet beach sand, and magnetic ground.

And don't forget to bring a useful Garmin smartwatch to your vacation! Use its GPS to guide your way through unfamiliar places and track your progress all day long. Find all of our available options here!

Florida's best metal detecting locations

As promised, here's a bonus list with Florida's top treasure-filled spots.

Visit these State Parks and coastal parks around Florida that allow metal detectors. Little Talbot Island State Park is a fine example.

On top of that, most areas allow metal detecting on public beaches without a permit. Some of these are Jacksonville, Amelia Island, Tallahassee, South Walton, Pensacola, Panama City Beach, Sarasota County, Monroe County, Palm Beach, and more!

However, stay away from National Parks, monuments, seashores, and lands in Florida as they don't allow metal detecting. Before traveling, make sure to check your destination's specific rules and regulations!

Are you ready to explore the USA with your metal detector? If you do, make sure to share your finds with us using the hashtag #DetectorPowerFinds on social media.

Now that you know the results, the best metal detectors are taking advantage of buying a complete kit to start the year full of adventures and discoveries.

5 spots to look with a metal detector


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