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A complete guide to Garrett metal detectors

A complete guide to Garrett metal detectors

Many potential metal detector owners face a challenge when looking for equipment: the choice between affordable hobby metal detectors or the quality of a professional-grade device.

This is where Garrett metal detectors make a triumphant entrance. This company was founded in 1964 to offer a metal detector that is both high-end and accessible to amateurs. Nowadays, with many good options out in the market, they make it possible to choose a detector that matches its technical level to its future user's skill level.

If you want to get started in the world of treasure hunting or if you've been into metal detecting for a while, we bet there's a perfect Garrett metal detector out there for you. Let's find it!

How to find the best Garrett metal detector

How to find the best Garrett metal detector Let's start with some considerations when choosing your new Garrett device to pair you up with your perfect match.
  1. Metal detecting technology. Garrett's consumer-grade technology is often VLF (very low frequency). This means that the detector has two search coils, one that sends out a low-frequency wave into the soil and a second one that received the signals. This technology works well for coin hunting, relic searches, and precious metal prospecting.
  2. Sensitivity. Most Garrett metal detectors make it possible for the user to adjust the level of sensitivity manually. This is a helpful feature as it determines how far the device's signal will penetrate.
  3. Discrimination. As you will soon discover after using a metal detector for a while, there is much more aluminum and iron in the ground than gold or silver. Getting a higher-range Garrett metal detector will allow you to avoid junk metals and identify valuable finds with ease. However, most models have decent discrimination that is sufficient for general users.
  4. The price. Garrett is a brand with many affordable models as well as some more expensive and advanced sets. The cheaper devices are great for younger and first-time users!
  5. Types of coils. Garrett metal detectors usually have a concentric circle coil. Other configurations include double D, elliptical, and spider coils for dense underbrushes. You can get accessories and additional coils separately, making it easy to choose the best for every occasion.

Where to buy Garrett metal detectors

You can find over 50 different Garret products on our website; if you need metal detectors, coils, pointers, wireless headphones, cases, and more, we have it all! Plus, you can pay with Klarna and also enjoy our free US shipping on orders over $149

Comparing Garrett metal detectors

Let's start with the best overall option, a detector with significant features at an unbeatable price, the Garrett Ace 400, for only USD 386.70.

Garrett Ace 400

This detector is perfect for experienced detectorists while having everything a new user needs. It is easy to assemble, extremely sensitive, and it comes with adjustable discrimination patterns. Its waterproof search coil is submersible, perfect for beachcombing.

Don't miss our special kit with a Garrett Pro Pointer AT Pinpointer, which helps narrow the search thanks to its high sensitivity. ClearSound Easy Stow headphones and covers are also included!

And if you would like to expand your options in the future, this model also has a few different search coil options to choose from!

Are you looking for a high-end option? Then we recommend the Garrett AT Max metal detector. This device provides excellent value for money, at USD 722.45.

Garrett AT Max

This high-quality detector is waterproof and suitable for almost any environment. It is designed to be easy to use without limiting people who prefer to control its performance.

This model comes with the new Garrett MS Wireless Headset-3™ Z-Lynk headphones, a proper all-metal mode, Digital Target ID, automatic and manual ground balance, Iron Audio, and many other improved features, helping it reach more significant depth.

According to the Garrett Company themselves, these features make the AT Max their “most versatile and advanced all-terrain VLF metal detector.”

Our final verdict

It doesn't matter if you're looking for your first metal detector or if you have years of experience treasure hunting; Garrett indeed has an excellent option for you!

Garrett is a perfect choice with affordable prices and good quality devices, even for children and younger users. Garret metal detectors perform much better than "toy" detectors targeted for kids while still offering a competitive price.

So stop asking yourself where to buy Garrett metal detectors, and check our website to find all the options you need to enjoy an easy and treasure-filled adventure!

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