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The Latest Breakthrough in the Metal Detection Industry

The Latest Breakthrough in the Metal Detection Industry

Bad luck with your last hunts? Don't worry, we got you covered


A few days ago, different news channels amazed detectorists from all over the world with the discovery of a 17th-century bounty. 

The shipwreck from the old Spanish galleon, Nuestra Señora de las Maravillas, was found in the Bahamas. Surprisingly, the ship was full of jewels from all kinds, relics, and precious metals.

The treasure carried from silver bars to gold chains, including intact pottery, emerald jewelry, pearls, rings, and a silver sword hilt.

Well, we got some good news for you: thanks to Nokta Invenio Pro, you could be the next detectorist that appears on Channel 7 news!

Man holding gold coin.


5 Reasons to hunt using Nokta Invenio Pro

  1. The innovative Integrated Positional Tracking Unit combines integrated sensors to track and analyze all the coil movements. Thanks to the IPTU sensor, you can trace your movements from start to finish points of the scanned area. Moreover, it provides a detailed description of the target depth, shape, and dimensions.
  2. It's breakthrough state-of-the-art algorithms allow you to search for gold, silver, platinum, or even diamonds with just one button press!
  3. The memory function replaces the external GPS, as it will store all your previous searches. The detector will trace your hunting data so you can easily return to it whenever you require it. You can download the data afterward into your PC!
  4. Choose among 17 languages to set up your scan.
  5. No cables: 2.4GHz Wireless Wi-Fi & 2.4GHz wireless headphones connection.


Maximize your bounty with The Nokta Invenio Pro

The Nokta Invenio Pro is unique thanks to its high-resolution camera that takes pictures of the target area from multiple angles and combines them into one image. It's like having X-ray vision for your metal detector!

You can choose the number of electronic waves that go into the ground by playing with its multi-frequency detection (7.8 kHz and 19 kHz).

Switch among different sensitivity control settings: non-Motion Search Modes (Basic / Expert / Ground Anomaly & Cavity), or 3 Motion Search Modes: All Metal / Fast / Deep.

The unparalleled versatility allows you to enjoy a multipurpose metal detector capable of finding different types of metals.

Other cool features that will improve your adventures include:

  • Ground balance technology,
  • Automatic compensation for mineralization levels in soil,



Get your Nokta now!

Your next visit to the beach, mountain, lake, cave, or park won't be the same after you try this detector. Explore your surroundings in search of treasures, jewelry, relics, underground caves, tunnels, and many more!

Nokta Invenio Pro has raised the bar as high as possible with the most advanced metal detection technology available today to find a variety of metals and minerals quickly and easily.

Get yours at Detector Power. We are the best metal detectors & outdoor sports equipment, gadgets, and tech supplier in the U.S. Hurry up! Free USA & Canada shipping. Unbeatable prices.

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