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Can a metal detector find underground wires?

Can a metal detector find underground wires?

There are many reasons why you might want to locate a power line or buried electrical wiring! If you're planning on working underground, this step will prevent you from touching these underground lines and damaging them.

Here, we will help you learn how to use a metal detector to precisely locate these power lines!

Do metal detectors find power lines and underground wires?

Short answer, yes they do! Most metal detectors can identify underground cables as long as they are buried within your machine's range.

A detector's signal will easily penetrate the plastic pipe and detect the metallic wire inside the power line. If the conduit is made from metal, that will make it easier for your detector to locate it.

Metal Detectors for Underground Utilities

Buried copper wiring can be found in many forms lying underneath most front yards. It could be television cables, phone lines, electrical wires, or any other type of underground utility like water, sewer, and gas pipes.

These installations could become an inconvenience when trying to dig in your yard! Don't shut down your systems or utility lines; find them with a metal detector.

Conduct research on your area's utility system and look for a metal detector that goes as deep as you need its signal to go.

Study the ground before making your choice. If you're not sure, it's safer to go with an all-terrain detector that will work on all types of soil!

Find our vast selection of entry-level metal detectors that could be perfect for this job.

And if you want to go even further into your construction plans, locate underwater deposits with these underwater metal detectors.

Can a metal detector find underground wires


What are power lines made of?

When looking for metal underground, it is essential to know what type of material you are looking for.

Most underground wires are found inside copper and aluminum conduits, with a steel core. Transmission lines are also made of aluminum.

Most metal detectors will find these materials with ease! Copper is a better and stronger conductor, but it can also be heavy and expensive. Some choose aluminum as their metal, as it is conductive but also light and cheap.

The many uses of a metal detector

Metal detecting can be used for much more than treasure hunting and finding valuable items. On top of these hobbyist activities, metal detecting can be done professionally to help with construction, archaeology, and looking for underground utilities.

Check this blog post to learn more about the varied purposes metal detectors can be used for.

If you need further assistance on which metal detector to choose for your specific needs, we're here to help you! Don't doubt contacting us on any of our social media profiles, phone numbers, or email addresses.

Can a metal detector find underground wires?
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